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Edward L. Pierce, Memoir and letters of Charles Sumner: volume 1, Chapter 7: study in a law office.—Visit to Washington.—January, 1854, to September, 1834.—Age, 23. (search)
rt, where I write these lines. The case before the court is an important one, between Amos Binney and the Chesapeake Canal, 8 Peters' Reports, p. 201.—Key, Walter Jones, and Webster on one side, and Coxe and Swann on the other. Key has not prepared himself, and now speaks from his preparation on the trial below, relying upon a quickness and facility of language rather than upon research. Walter Jones, 1775-1861. An eminent lawyer, for many years residing and practising his profession at Washington.—--a man of acknowledged powers in the law, unsurpassed, if not unequalled, by any lawyer in the country,—is in the same plight. He is now conning his ing his points,—a labor which, of course, he should have gone through before he entered the court-room. And our Webster fills up the remiss triumvirate. He, like Jones, is doing the labor in court which should have been done out of court. In fact, politics have entirely swamped his whole time and talents. All here declare that
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 27. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Hanover county heroes. [from the Richmond, Va., Dispatch, October 15, 1899.] (search)
ry. Major Franklin Terrell. Edmund Anderson, Second Cold Harbor, 1864. B. F. Harris, Sharpsburg, 1862. Samuel Harris, Sharpsburg, 1862. A. J. Harris, Richmond, 1862. Stephen C. Sydnor. John E. Oliver. R. H. Nelson. Charles Hall. ——Upshur. John Farmer. James Murphy, Second Cold Harbor, 1864. Woolfolk's battery. Joseph R. Terrell, Gettysburg, 1863. Thomas B. Moody, 1863. Marye's battery. Woodson Sullivan, Cold Harbor. Aleck Pate, Cold Harbor. Walter Jones. George Smith, Staunton. Elisha Wicker, Staunton. David Wright, Martinsburg, W. Va. Second Howitzers. Lieutenant H. St. C. Jones, Sailors' Creek. Pamunkey artillery. Robert P. Anderson, Drewry's Bluff. Morris's artillery. Lieutenant Henry W. Toler, Somerville Ford, 1863. Infantry. Company K, fifty-sixth Virginia. Captain Dabney C. Harrison, Fort Donaldson. Lieutenant Edmund Langan, Cold Harbor. Lieutenant James Jones, Abingdon. Corporal A. M. Martin,
he way to the coast. They will be intercepted and disarmed. Officers not with Maj. Sibley on the vessels arrested and on parole : Col. Waite and staff, Col Morris, Adjt. Nichols, Maj. Vinton, Lt. Gerrard, Surgeon Abadie, Asst. Surgoon G. R. Smith, Col. Roffman Maj Sprague, Maj McCline,Capt. Lee,Capt. Bowman, Lt. Wipple, Maj. Cunningham, Lt. Whistier, Lt.Hunter. Officers Resigned --Maj. Larkin Smith, Capt. Blair,Capt. Reynolds, Capt. Trevett, Lt. Cone, Lt. M. L. Davis, Haskell, Walter Jones, Dr. Anderson, Lt. Jas. Major, Lt. Washington. The capture and resignation of these officers will deprive the Department at Washington of the services of about thirty five of the most efficient men in the service, and cripple its power to do us mischief. The terms of the surrender are that all the arms and company property are to be turned over to the Confederate authorities. Private property to be respected. Officers to be released on parole. Men to elect whether they will j
shington, Oct. 14. --The Commissioners appointed to the World's Fair at London organized to day by electing Secretary Seward chairman, and the Superintendent of the Census Bureau, Mr. Kennedy, secretary. Of the thirteen commissioners, Edward Everett only was absent, and he sent a letter of excuse. A committee was appointed to wait on the President, with a request that he send a national vessel to England to convey such goods as American contributors may desire to exhibit. Gen. Walter Jones, an aged and distinguished retired lawyer, died here to-day. Officers Reinstated. Washington, Oct. 14. --The War Department has ordered Gen. Sherman, commanding the Department of the Cumberland, to reinstate all the officers of the 24th Illinois regiment, who were illegally discharged by Gen. Fremont, through the instrumentality of Col. Hecker. It is further directed that the charges which the directly interested parties may have to make — the one against the other — be
The foundry building at Shenandoah City, the property of a Northern company, was destroyed by fire on Wednesday evening last, by Federal marauders. They seem unsparing in their acts of villainy. The colored firemen, of Montgomery, Ala., recently gave a ball for the benefit of the volunteers from that city, the proceeds of which amounted to one hundred and fifty dollars. A man named Smith was brought before the Mayor of New Orleans on Thursday last, charged with being an Abolitionist. The charge was proven, and Mr. Smith was sent to the workhouse for six months. The funeral of Gen. Walter Jones took place in Washington city on the 16th, from the residence of Mr. Miller, on F street.
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