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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
Parting, Co. I. Sergeant Alfred Y. Pettis, Private Barnaby Pope, det'd Div Teamster, Private Sidney W. Herron, Morgan Woodward, det'd Div. Teamster, Geo. B. Hall, det'd Brig. Q. M. Department. Co. K. Corporal Chris. Deishler, det'd Div. Prov. Guard, Private John Steel, det'd Div. Prov. Guard, Private Redden R. Allford, [53] Sixth Alabama Regiment. Field and Staff. Sergeant-Maj. William E. Lightfoot, Com'y Sergeant Daniel R. Caldwell. Co. A. Private Wesley Jones, Det'd Blacksmith Brig. Co. B. Sergeant William R. Kirkland, Private William I. Gamble, Corporal Alfred Whitehead, Private Alexander W. Black, Ambulance Driver, Jessee A. Corbett, Henry L. Crim, James M. Davis, Thomas J. Galloway, John F. Jackson, Det'd Div. Provost Guard, Henry W. Jackson, Ambulance Driver, Isaiah A. Moore, Francis D. M. Trainck, John White. Co. C. Sergeant Edward S. Collier, Private Francis Collins, Robert L. Harris, Thomas J. Ha
Railroad meeting. --A large meeting of citizens of Caswell and Alamance counties, North Carolina, was held at Yanceyville, North Carolina, on Tuesday last, to take in to consideration the contemplated railroad from Milton to the Company Shops, on the North Carolina Central Railroad. Col. Jones, of Danville,Va.,delivered a speech of considerable length on the advantages and beneficial effects of railroads, exhibiting facts in railroad statistics instructive and truly encouraging to the friends of the Milton Railroad. At a rough guess he placed the cost of the contemplated road at $600,000, and glancing at the wealth of Caswell, which he estimated at $8,000,000, he thought this county could well afford to take $250,000, if not $300,000, of the stock. He cited the example of other North Carolina counties of less wealth through which railroads now passed, and could not believe that the people of Caswell would be found less enterprising and mindful of their own interest. I
Marshals. --Col. Geo. Little has been appointed U. S. Marshal of North Carolina, vice Wesley Jones, resigned. ThosH. Trainer is now announced as being appointed U. S. Marshal for the Eastern District of Virginia.
Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.secession flag Raising. Hanover Academy, Hanover Co., Va., April 5, 1861. The third was a great day up here for the students. The Easter holidays afforded us an opportunity of procuring a long-wishedfor secession flag. As soon as recitations were over, we flocked to the pole, and amid three hearty cheers, our flag was hoisted by Miss Jones, sister of the Principal, Mr. J. M. Boyd, A. M., then made a few, but appropriate remarks in behalf of the Faculty, and was responded to by a few young gentlemen of the school. A. Student.
The Daily Dispatch: July 5, 1862., [Electronic resource], List of casualties in the recent battles before Richmond. (search)
itchell, Isham W Mitchell, John Smith. Wounded: Elijah Belvin, mortally; Sergt M F Searborough, severely; Atlas H Jones, seriously; James W Powell, James H. Grady, W. H. Pace, Jas Belvin, John Pully, Baldy Pierce, Calvin Pierce, Wesley Young, Wesley Jones, Joseph Rowland, Wm Buffalow, Wm A Jones, Andison Williams, Perry Loyd, Wm T Massingale, Jackson Ellis, Augustus Hicks, H. C Hodge, Henry Perry, Lewis Browning, Green Sanderford, Lt Jz Terrell, severely, in the ankle; Young B. Clifton, Jacob F Gregary, Private T H McDonald, Slightly wounded: Sergts R. E Cobb, J F. Maull, Corpl E W Nobles, Privates J W Cox, J. J. Howell, J A Logall, J A Oliver, J. P Puteguat, R W Woodward, W. H. Templin. Severely wounded: J W Carter, J D Campbell, J M Jones, J R Smith, W P Clanghten. There were 28 horses of the battery killed and disabled. D. V. Bates, Orderly sergt. Casualties in the Thirteenth Virginia regiment, Elicy's brigade; June 27th. Company A--Killed: Capt Cook, Corp Thomas S
ecent battle at Chancellorsville, and, as usual, were in the thickest of the fight. The following embraces a list of casualties sustained during the action: Killed--Geo. E. Alderslade, Jas. Murphy, Wm Norman. Wounded--Lieut. McGraw, Wesley Jones, James Farray, James C. Gay, T. J. Campbell, arm amputated; John Moon, seriously; Robt. Eddins, John Eddins, and Enoch Hill, slightly. A number of the battery horses were killed. The following are the casualties in Eubank's Battery, Lieu Capt T F Owens, Lt H C Woodhouse, Lt Chas Beale, Corp'ls James Moreland, C B White, James Moors; Privates Wm Walker, Nat Ward, J W Williamson, T Moreland,--Bracey, Robert Randolph, J Griffin, F Bryant, James Murray, L Whitehurst. Company I--Capt Jones--Killed: J A Butler. Wounded: Sergt L E Lifacy, Wm H Butler, A D Howard, D A Lucy, J W Woodruff. Missing: A J Kirkland. Company K--Capt Clements--Wounded: Geo Schools, Dennis Heffron, James Crowder, R H Pettaway,--Hight, Peter Eanes. Miss
The Daily Dispatch: May 11, 1863., [Electronic resource], Gen. Jones's expedition to the Northwest. (search)
Gen. Jones's expedition to the Northwest. Mention has already been made of the movements of the forces of Brig.-Gen. Jones, in command of our cavalry in the Valley of Virginia. The command left Harrisonburg on the 21st of April, and proceeded Brig.-Gen. Jones, in command of our cavalry in the Valley of Virginia. The command left Harrisonburg on the 21st of April, and proceeded to Greenland, in Hardy county, where they effected the capture of about ninety Yankees. At this point the command was divided Col. A. W Harman, with the 12th Virginia regiment and the Maryland battalion, moving in the direction of Oakland, on the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, and Gen'l Jones to Chest river tunnel and Rowlesburg, where he inflicted some injury upon the road, but did not succeed in destroying the immense trestle work on Cheat river At Oakland, Col. Harman surprised and captured s From Morgantown Col. Harman moved up to Fairmont where a junction was formed with the portion of the expedition under Gen. Jones--At the latter point they captured four hundred out of six hundred of the enemy, two hundred escaping. The fine suspen
olition General who commands at Winchester, caused a number of well known citizens of Woodstock, Va., to be seized and retained as hostages for a notorious scoundrel and renegade Virginian named J. H. Smurr, who had at one time been sent to Richmond as a prisoner and lodged in Castle Thunder. Smurr, by his knowledge of the Valley and its people and their sentiments, was enabled to inflict much misery on his fellow-citizens, and richly deserved, if he has not received, condign punishment. Gen. Jones, our commander in the Valley, has seized on the following men and sent them to Richmond, to be retained in custody as hostages for the safe return of the citizens of Woodstock arrested by order of Milroy, viz: P. M. Jeffries, Wetzel county, Va., Duckett Gartree, Western Virginia; Rev. J. H. Jones, Ritchie co.; John Coleman, do.; Wm. White, do.; Patrick Croughan, do.; Henry Parker, Parkersburg, Va.; Wm. F. Sinsel, Taylor co., Va.; John Rooney, Patterson, Va.; A. C. Garey, Harrison co., Va.;