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ere made, which usually accompany such acts. Thus Medford lost a large tract of excellent land, and became separated territorially from many long-cherished and valuable friends. The last record of town-officers, elected at the annual March meeting, which we can insert, is that of 1850; and it is as follows:-- John Sparrell, Moderator. Jos. P. Hall, Town-clerk. James O. Curtis,Selectmen. Chas. Caldwell, Timothy Cotting, George W. Porter, Treasurer. Horatio A. Smith,Assessors. Samuel Joyce, Henry Withington, John T. White,Overseers of the Poor. Benj. R. Teel, Alex. Gregg, Timothy Cotting,School Committee. Horatio A. Smith, Benj. R. Teel, Hosea Ballou, 2d, Henry Withington, J. M. Sanford, Chas. S. Jacobs, Alex. Gregg, Surveyor of Highways. John T. White,Constables. Elisha Tolman, Amos Hemphill, John T. White, Collector of Taxes. Eleazer Davis,Field Drivers. Willard Butters, Thos. Gillard, Pyam Cushing,Fence Viewers. Peter C. Hall, Nathan W. Wait, John
on Street.Horatio A. Smith, Galen James, and Milton James.Caldwell & Wyatt.$1040.00. 1837.Primary, Park Street.Galen James, James W. Brooks, James O. Curtis, & Saml. Joyce.Oakman Joyce and John Sables.3454.64. 1840.High & Grammar, High Street.Oakman Joyce, D. Lawrence, and James O. Curtis.Charles Caldwell & Wm. B. Thomas.7568.77.8. 1851.Primary, Salem Street.Geo. T. Goodwin, Henry Taylor, and M. E. Knox.J. J. Beaty and I. H. Bradlee.3375.41. 1852.Everett, Salem Street.Robert L. Ells, Samuel Joyce, and Henry Taylor.James Pierce.7166.57. The town proceeded immediately to the building of a new schoolhouse, on the spot where the Park-street house was b April 8, 1852: A committee was appointed to sell the old alms-house, and devise a plan for a new one. This committee consisted of the following gentlemen: Samuel Joyce, Elisha Stetson, Caleb Mills, John A. Page, and Franklin Patch. The committee performed their duty acceptably, and were directed to build according to the mod
rn at Marshfield, Dec. 31, 1806, was apprenticed to Thatcher Magoun at the age of seventeen. The house at the corner of Pleasant street and Riverside avenue now occupied by Mrs. Cudworth was built for Mr. Ewell and afterward sold to Mr. William Cudworth. On giving up business in Medford Mr. Ewell went to Quincy and then to East Boston, continuing in the same business. From 1831 to 1860 many of the houses on Ship street were built by Mr. Oakman Joyce, who came to Medford with his brother Samuel Joyce from Marshfield; and bought land along the street between Mr. Magoun's and Mr. Lapham's. For his brother Samuel he built the house afterward occupied by Roland Jacobs. Next below this he built his own in 1831, with timber cut from his wood-lot in Marshfield and brought here in a vessel. His reputation as a carpenter and builder is sustained by the quality of the houses he built. This may be seen in those on either corner of Pleasant street and Riverside avenue, and in many others i
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 9., Female Union temperance Society. (search)
ood died in 1869. She is spoken of as Our oldest member and one of the first to put her name to the Constitution. Mrs. Samuel Joyce and Mrs. Ira Barker were charter members and continued in active service as long as the society existed. Mrs. JoycMrs. Joyce was elected president in 1856 and held the position for over forty years. In March, 1874, her birthday was celebrated for the first time by the society, and thereafter, every year while she was able to receive her friends, the occasion was a gala ds. Caleb Stetson. 1849.Mrs. George Fuller. 1850-1.Mrs. Luther H. Angier. 1852-5.Mrs. James O. Curtis. 1856-1898.Mrs. Samuel Joyce. Vice-Presidents. 1846-8.Mrs. George Fuller. 1849-51.Mrs. Henry Withington. 1852.Mrs. Ebenezer Waterman. 1853.Mrs. Henry Withington. 1854-5.Mrs. Samuel Joyce. 1856-8.Mrs. James O. Curtis. 1859-1865.Mrs. Timothy Cotting. 1866-1873.Mrs. George Richardson. 1874-84.Mrs. Albert C. Rogers. 1885-95.Mrs. George Richardson. Secretaries. 1846.Mrs. James O
Thompson. 1830Dudley Hall. 1830John King. 1831Capt. Martin Burridge. 1834Nathaniel H. Bishop. 1845Edmund T. Hastings, Jr. 1845Nathaniel Whiting. 1847John H. Bacon. 1847Robert Bacon. 1850George E. Adams. 1851Charles Hall. 1855S. B. Perry. 1859George L. Stearns. 1860James Bean. 1863Peter C. Hall. 1864Caroline B. Chase (Mrs.) 1864David W. Lothrop. 1865Francis Brooks. 1865;Joshua T. Foster. 1865J. Q, A. Griffin. 1865William B. Whitcomb. 1865Ellen M. Gill (Mrs.) 1866Mrs. Samuel Joyce. 1866Edward Kakas. 1866Francis Thieler. 1867S. R. Roberts. 1868Dr. H. H. Pillsbury. 1869William C. Child. 1869James W. Tufts. 1870Japhet Sherman. 1871George S. Buss. 1872Benj. F. Morrison. 1873William H. Northey. 1873Alonzo E. Tainter. 1873Charles Garfield. In 1841 Mrs. Lucy Bigelow, widow of Timothy, was made an honorary member, an honor shared, up to 1879, with five other women. Of the above only Mrs. Ellen M. Gill is now living (August 22, 1918). Enfeebled by age, h