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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 3. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The peace Commission of 1865. (search)
ith marks of great interest and curiosity. Of course we did nothing voluntarily to create expectations; and seeing no prospect of negotiating for a settlement of the difficulties between the parties, under our instructions, we did nothing so well calculated to exasperate the difference, as would have been the case had false hopes of peace, wantonly created, been unexpectedly disappointed. But we were not insensible to the manifestations of interest in the question in Petersburg, or that Judge Joynes, on taking leave of us said, as he shook hands, that if we returned with any fair hope of peace, we would be thanked by every man, woman and child in the city. Passing through the lines. When we reached Petersburg an intense state of excitement was soon raised in regard to the Commission. This excitement was increased by unexpected delays in passing the Commissioners over the enemy's line. This delay was the cause of some wonder to ourselves, until, in subsequently passing over, w
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 17. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.26 (search)
in ravine, while the Federal troops were encamped at the Fair-Grounds and there was no pretence or form of civil government, the Ladies' Memorial Association was organized. The First organization. Some time in May, 1866, a call for a meeting was published in the local press, and there was a hearty response. The Virginia women who then assembled determined to unite in a permanent body, and this was the organization which they agreed upon twenty-four years ago: President—Mrs. W. T.. Joynes. Vice-Presidents—Mrs. S. B. Paul, Mrs. William Mahone, Mrs. W. S. Simpson, Mrs. T. H. Pritchard, Mrs. Charles F. Collier, and Mrs. John Miller. Recording Secretary—Mrs. Stephen Fenn. Corresponding Secretary—Mrs. John Wyche. Treasurer—Mrs. A. M. Keiley. The work continued. Time has brought about some changes. A few of those who composed the original body have died or else have removed from the city, among the latter notably Mrs. Keiley, the wife of Hon. Anthony M. Keile
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 24. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.29 (search)
J. J.; Bates, John Q., dead; Causey, C. H., dead; Causey, James C.; Crandol, T. J.; Cooper, Charles H., killed at Williamsburg, May 5, 1862; Cooper, James, dead; Davis, Robert A.; Davis, Louis F., died of wounds; Elliott, H. H., dead; Elliott, Robert E., dead; Ethridge, Leonidas; Edders, W. B.; Fitchett, William; Garrett, George, dead; Hawkins, Richard, dead; Hudgins, R. S.; Herbert, Thomas T., dead; Ham, Jacob C. died of wounds received May 21, 1864; Hudgins, Andrew J., dead; Ivy, William; Joynes, John L., dead; Johnson, Darden, killed by 44th Georgia Regiment, June, 1864; Jones, Charles, dead; Jones, Jesse S., promoted to captain, ended the war as major; Jones, Andrew Mac, dead; Lee, John; Lee, William, captured at Aldie, June 17, 1863; Meriam, George, dead; Mellen, George C., promoted to lieutenant, wounded at Kelley's Ford, March 17, 1863, dead; Mears, Edward, captured at Aldie, June 17, 1863, dead; Phillips, George W., captured in Mathews county, and killed by negro soldiers; Phi
private rooms...$7 to $15 per week. Slaves and other colored patients...$5 per week. For less than a week, (except in private rooms, $1 per day — provided that the aggregate shall not exceed the charge for a full week. For Surgical Operations, by agreement with the proprietors of the Bellevue Hospital, a small extra charge will be made, varying from $2 to $30, according to the difficulty and importance of the operation. All charges payable on the removal of the patient. no case of small Pox, or any other is factious disease, nor any case of Insanity, will be admitted. Attending Physicians--Profs. Tucker Conway and McCAW. Attending Surgeons--Profs. Gibson, Peticolas and Wellford. Resident Physician--Dr. Thos. L. Hunter. Steward — F. M. Parrish. President--Dr. L. S. Joynes. Persons in the country, desirous of sending patients to the Infirmary, may address the President Steward, or any of the Professors of the College. ja 12--
Executive Department Richmond, September, 2d, 1861. the following persons have been appointed by the Governor Commissioners for superintending the election of His of President and Vice-President of the Confederate States, to wit: Accomac — W. H. B. Curtis, T A T Joynes, Edward O Finny. Albemarle — T J. Randolph, S. F. Lake, J. J. Bowcock. Alexandria County--Dr. H. S. Wander, James T. Ball, Anthony Frazier. Alexandria City — J. Morgan Johnson, W. N. Brown, J Buckingham. Alleghany — W. G. Holloway, Heay Roberson, Colonel S. Carpenter. Amelia — W F C Gregory, Edward W. Eggleston, R A Featherson. Amherst — Paurus Powell, W. A. Richardson, J. D. Davis. Appomattox — Thomas H. Flood, L. E. Chestham, Robert labell. Augusta — Jacob Baylor, Benjamin Crowford, Thomas J. Michie Barnour--Col. D. E. Auville, L. D. Morrell, James T. Hartman. Bath — William H. Terrill, S. A. Porter, A H. McClintie. Bedford — E D Buford, Wm A Wingfield, L. C. Art
Election in Petersburg. --The following is the vote of Petersburg on Tuesday last, for State Senator, to fill a vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Dr. J. Herbert Claiborne: East WardCentre Ward.South Ward.West Ward.Total. Collier807196127374 Joynes7237435139 Collier's majority235 The entire vote polled was but 513, the smallest recorded since the exercise of universal suffrage, as guaranteed by the Constitution of '51. This is accounted for by the very inclement weather, a snow storm prevailing all day, and a large number of voters absent in camp.
For Hire-- An excellent dining -room Servant, by the month, or for the remainder of the year. Apply, for two days, after Monday, to Edwards. Joynes, War Department. ap 10--3t*
Wanted-- An experienced colored to Hire Nurse, a middle aged woman preferred. Apply to Dr. Joynes, Franklin street, 80 door above 7th. my 6--4t*
upplies. Mrs Sally Watkins, shirts, drawers, lint, fruit, wines, &c. F J Moses, Sumter, S C, blackberry brandy, rose water, cayenne pepper, &c. Mrs H A Raffield, Sumter, S C, salve, &c. Two boxes hospital supplies, for Richardson & Co. Professor B Puryear, as the contributions of Miss E C Yancey and others in the vicinity of Randolph Macon College, 2 coops chickens, (80,) 2 jars butter, 6 pillows, sheets, &c. T--, of Richmond, $50. R O Morris, 190. E S Joynes, 10. Wm Shields, 20. J A Hopkins, 5. Charles Ellis, 25. Elder Jas Garnett, Culpeper, 27.50. Miss T A Garnett, Culpeper, 10. Frank E Garnett, Culpeper, 10. Joel Garnett, Culpeper, 10. A wounded soldier, 10. E Ruffin, Jr, 50. Thomas Sampson, 50. J G, 50. Miss M E Scott, Orange, 20. Miss Bettle C Alexander, Halifax, 25. Miss J L Coleman, Halifax, 25. Purcell, Ladd & Co, 100. D H London, 180. Mrs Henry Taylor, L
Election of Judge in the Petersburg District. --The election of Judge in the Petersburg District, to take the place of Judge Gholeon, elected to Congress has resulted in the choice of Mr. Joynes. The following is the votes; Joynes, 871; Goode, 618, Hopkins 497, Campbell, 418. Election of Judge in the Petersburg District. --The election of Judge in the Petersburg District, to take the place of Judge Gholeon, elected to Congress has resulted in the choice of Mr. Joynes. The following is the votes; Joynes, 871; Goode, 618, Hopkins 497, Campbell, 418.
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