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e also missing, with about fifty privates. The most of the fighting was done by the One Hundred and Thirty-second, losing in all about eighty. Lieutenant and Acting Quartermaster of company A, Arnold Zenetti, killed. Company A.--Sergeant Richter, Corporal John Dennman, Corporal Christian Wullen, Lewis Strab, Edward Thaller. Company B.--Corporal James Folley, Sergeant James Dekeb, B. Schmidt, Thomas Clinton, Luther Cook, Arthur Corcoran, William Edwards, William Elmer, John Hargan, Michael Kane, James Smith. Company C.--First Lieutenant Joseph Grasing. Company G.--Second Lieutenant W. A. C. Whyan. There are among the missing other names I was not able to secure. From the strength with which the enemy attacked Bachelor's Creek, it was evident they were taking steps looking toward the capture of the place. Deserters stated their force to be fifteen thousand to twenty thousand. Should this be their purpose, they have no small task before them. Our gunboats can be used in
y them excited these apprehensions. We are glad to state, however, that not a single piece was injured, as the enemy were not at Frederickshall at all. They struck the railroad some three miles below that point. The remains of Captain Albert Ellery, who fell in one of the fights on Tuesday night, were interred in Hollywood Cemetery. They were followed to their last resting-place by the battalion of which he was a member, and Smith's battalion band. Among the pall-bearers, we noticed Marshal Kane and Doctor Charles Magill. The death of Dahlgren. Richmond, March 5, 1864. The most important blow which has yet been struck the daring raiders who attempted to enter this city on Tuesday last, was wielded by Lieutenant Pollard, of the Ninth Virginia cavalry, on Wednesday night, about eleven o'clock, in the neighborhood of Walkertown, in King and Queen County. Lieutenant Pollard, with the greater portion of his own company, had been watching the movements of the enemy all d
agement of Saturday, December thirteenth; also Adjutant Geo. W. Remington and all officers and men-each vied with the other in sustaining the reputation of the regiment won at Bull Run, Yorktown, Williamsburgh, Fair Oaks, Malvern Hill, Charles City Cross-Road, Groveton, Chantilly, etc. The following is a correct list of the casualties that have occurred: Privates, Wm. Williams, company B, back; Charles Miller, company B, arm; Wm. Osborne, company C, hand; H. S. Briggs, company F, head; Michael Kane, company G, foot; Ira Austin, company I, foot. I have the honor to be, etc., M. B. Houghton, Major Commanding Third Michigan Volunteers. Report of Colonel Morgan. New-York City, December 24-29, 1862. your Excellency: Knowing that you will experience anxiety concerning the conduct and fortune of this regiment, I send you a brief narrative of the part which we took on that occasion. At two o'clock A. M. of the eleventh instant, we received orders to be in readiness to mar
ion, Third corps, army of Northern Virginia, at the battle of Gettysburg, July 1st to 3d. (332, 343) Casualties, 22 killed, 139 wounded. (620, 621) Mentioned in Gen. C. M. Wilcox's report. (775) Roll of honor, battle of Gettysburg: Sergts. Edmund Clark, Company A; Robert Gaddes, Company C; L. L. McCurdy, Company D; James R. Strickland, Company E; C. P. Ragsdale (color-bearer), Company F; Privates Z. Haynes, Company B; C. G. Bush, Company G; J. Sprowl, Company H; Michael Duff, Company I; Michael Kane, Company I. No. 45—(1061) Assignment as above, July 31, 1863, Col. Y. L. Royston commanding. No. 48—(400, 412, 819) Assignment as above; casualties, 1 killed, 6 wounded, October 10-21, 1863. No. 49—(685, 900) Assignment as above to December, 1863. No. 60—(1145) Commended by Gen. R. E. Lee in general orders, No. 14, February 3, 1864. No. 67—(1025) In Perrin's brigade, Third corps, army of Northern Virginia, May, 1864. No. 80—(754) Sergt. John H. Deaton,
Wm. Keller, 2d Serg't., 5.00; John W. Carrol, Corp., 5.00; John Boyle, Corp., 5.00; James M. Brown, 1500. John H. Bizer, 5.00; Stephen Burke, 5.00; Robert Bristol, 5.00; Robert J. Qumming, 5.00; James Currien, 5.00; Edward Carr, 5.00; Wm. Clyne, 5.00; Peter Coriners, 5.00, Edward Daily, No. 1, 5.00; Edward Daily, No. 2, 5.00; Patrick Deary, 5.00; John Evans, 5.00;John Fossie, 5.00; Stephen Foley, 5,00; James T. Hays, 5.00; Thomas Harris, 5.00; Peter. J. Hackett, 5,00; Henry Kelly, 5.00; Michael Kane, 5,00; Patrick Larkin, 5.00; Leonard Miller, 5.00; John McCarty, No. 1, 5,00; John McCarty, No. 3,5.00; Robt. Morgan, 5.00; Stephen Mulcachie, 5.00; Chas. Murray, 5.00; James O'Conner, 5.00; John O'Donnel, 5.00; Joseph Perkins, 5.00; John C. Johnson, 5.00; James Kiley, 5.00; Michael Sullivan, 5.00; Samuel Wayts, 5.00; Thomas Williams, 10.00; Daniel Whitney, 6.00; Joseph Nichols, 5.00; Henry Fraeling, 5.00 Archie Scott, 5.00; James Shaughnessay, 5.00; John Devlin, 5.00; Benjamin White, 5.0