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, January 21, 1863. sir: I have to report to you the annexed list of casualties as resulting from a recent brilliant but disastrous encounter with the Alabama: John C. O'Leary, fireman, Ireland, killed; William Healy, fireman, Ireland, killed; Edward McGowan, fireman, Ireland,. severe wound in the thigh; John White, first cabin-boy, slight wound in the leg; Edward Mattock; Captain's Mate Delano, slight wound in the hand; Christopher Steptowick, seaman, Austria, slight wound in back; Patrick Kane, landsman, Ireland, slight wound in leg. Acting Master Partridge and five men are missing, all of whom we may hope have reached the fleet off Galveston. The wounded are in a favorable condition and will soon be able to return to duty again in the service of their country. Although destitute of medicines, owing to the rapid sinking of the Hatteras, and even of sufficient covering for the wounded, yet no difficulty was experienced in their proper treatment. An ample supply of medicin
Newman, Wm. M. Sutton, J. R. Chamberlayne, R. H. Lorton, John F Stagg, Jno. S. Blanton, D. J. B. Reeve, N. M. Lee, Chas. Bills, A. Smith, Geo. Bender, Ash Levy, J. H. Whiteford, J. H. Chamberlayne, Joseph Bucker, G. H. Baughman, Jacob Beck, S. M. Etting, Wm. Schell, J. Thompson Brown, H. J. Smith, David N. Walker, Thos. Howard, Shirley King, Thos. Whitworth, Nat. Tyler, G. Townsend, Sol. A. Myers. Patrick Shay, T. Marshall Hewitt, Pat. Kane, Thos. Boudar, Robt. Chandler, Hector Davis, Peter Doyle, Benj. Davis, Chas. H. Moore, Geo. Baughman, Jr., Jas M. Macon, Jr., Thos. M. Jones, Philip Haxall, C. G. McMury, Chas. R. Skinker, Jos. Marsh, E. M. Alfriend, E. Lorraine, Wm. H. Palmer, Wm. A. Wright, Ro. P. Pulliam, W. R. Bird, L. Sutter, Powhatan Weisiger W. B. Church, Wm. L. White, John Appleyard, A. J. Cheatham, Geo. L. Bidgood, Mat'w P. Taylor, E. G. Higginbotham, John
f Commonwealth's Attorney for the Hustings Court of the City, to be voted for at the approaching municipal election. Your fellow-citizens, J. Stewart Walker, Mark Downey, Geo.W. Hobson, R. Milton Cary, M. L. Randolph, M. C. Macon, Wm. B. Newman, J. R. Chamberlayne, John F. Stagg, D. J. B. Reeve, Chas. Ellis, Geo. Bender, J. H. Whiteford, Joseph Bucker, Jacob Beck, Wm. Schell, H. J. Smith, Thos.Howard, Thos.Whitworth, G. Townsend, Patrick Shay, Pat. Kane, Robt. Chandler, Peter Doyle, Chas. H. Moore, Jas. M. Macon, Jr., Philip Haxall, Chas. R. Skinker, E. M. Alfriend, Wm. H. Palmer, Ro. P. Pulliam, L. Sutter, W. B. Church, John Appleyard, Geo. L. Bidgood, E. G. Higginbotham, E. W. Blackburn, Jas. W. T. Banks, S. N. Davis, P. A. Blackburn, O. Jennings Wise, John A. Belvin, Chas. L. Hobson, E. G. Rawlings, D. T. Williams, P. A. Wellford, Wm. M. Sutton, R. H. Lorton, Jno. s. Blanton, N. M
Convicted. --John Burns, indicted for feloniously assaulting and beating Patrick Kane, has been tried before Judge Lyons, found guilty, fined $10, and sentenced to jail for two months.