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especially towards the "Mexican negro" aforesaid. J. P. Carr was sent to jail for want of surety for his good behavior, on the charge of having been drummed out of his regiment for bad conduct. John C. Pride and Michael Gleason were arraigned on the charge of feloniously shooting Jesse, a slave to Coleman P. Dodson. The case was continued till to-day week for further evidence, and the parties gave sureties in $700 each for their appearance on that day to answer the charge. Thomas Kane, charged with robbing Dr. T. H. Edwards of $110, was sent on to a called court of Hustings, to be held next Monday, and committed to jail in the meantime. James, a slave to James Fisher, was ordered 15 lashes for misconduct; and Joe, a slave to Jefferson Powers, 30 lashes, for stealing several articles from Henry, a slave to A. D. Chalkley. Virginia Sephus, a free negress, charged with stealing $15 from St. S. S. Moncure, was discharged for want of sufficient evidence to inculpa
tings Court met twice yesterday in special sessions, two called Courts having been set for that day. Present a both sessions — R. D. Sanxay, presiding, James Bray. Charles E. Andrew, William W. Timberlake, and E. A. J. Clopton, Aldermen. Thomas Kane was examined upon the charge of a felony, by him committed, in that he did, on the 26th day of September, 1861, in this city, rob Dr. Thomas H. Edwards of the sum of $110 in bank notes. The Court sent Kane on for trial before Judge Lyons, and Thomas H. Edwards of the sum of $110 in bank notes. The Court sent Kane on for trial before Judge Lyons, and refused to admit him to bail and recognized the witnesses to appear at Court and give evidence against him. Edward Barry, another of the principals engaged in the robbery of Dr. Edwards, was examined, and sent on for trial before Judge Lyons. He, too, was refused bail, and the witnesses against him recognized to appear and testify before his Honor. The Court then adjourned.
Hustings Court. --Judge Lyons presiding. The Grand Jury (John Parcell, foreman) yesterday brought in true bills of indictment against the following persons: Henry Cooper and George Rigley, for grand larceny; Opie Staite, for forgery; Julia Kagan, for grand larceny; Thomas Kane, for grand larceny; Edward Barry, for grand larceny; George Black, for grand larceny; John A. R. H. Armistead, for grand larceny; Auguste Zalin, for stabbing; Charles Pendergrass, alias Williams, for grand larceny; Jas. Davis, for grand larceny. James Davis was subsequently tried for stealing money from a soldier, and the jury, being unable to agree, was placed in the custody of the Sergeant for the night. The Attorney for the Commonwealth entered a nolle prosequi on three pending bills of indictment against Charles Smith, for felony. The habeas corpus case of Edward S. Gentry was continued to next term.
Arrested by Detectives. --Thomas Kane, a member of company, G, 15th Virginia regiment, was arrested yesterday and committed to Castle Thunder on the charge of deserting from his comrades and forging a pay account.
The Daily Dispatch: November 12, 1863., [Electronic resource], Retreat of the Yankees from Green Brier. (search)
In the Circuit Court of Richmond, Nov. 11, 1863: Commonwealth vs. James Hampton, nolle prosequi, and accused discharged from custody. Commonwealth vs. Francis Kelly, nolle prosequi: Commonwealth vs. Bennett G. Burley,nolle prosequi. Commonwealth vs. Mary. Woodward, nolle prosequi. The Grand Jury found true bills against Jno. McQuade, alias Henry Russell: John Powers and Joseph Laurance, Wm. Macdonald, Edward Barney, Elias Vanderlip, John A. Whitman. These parties were all indicted for escaping from the custody of officers, or from the penitentiary. True bills were also found against Thomas Wilson, Jas. Lawrence, Jno. Parker, John Powers, Jas. Morris, John Westerfield, John Moore, alias Jas. Malone, Jno. Boyd, Wm. Elliott, Chas. Jelp, Jas. W. Wood, Thomas Kane, Wm. Tracey, alias Wm. Smith, and John W. Brown, for conspiring to escape from the penitentiary.
ll, the jury returned a verdict of one year additional confinement, and one eighth of the time solitary confinement. Thos. Wilson, Jas. Lawrence, Jno. Powers, Jno. Moore, (alias Jas. Malone,) Jno. Boyd, Wm. Elliott, Chas. Jelfs, Jas. W. Wood, Thos. Kane, Jno. F. Parsons, Wm. Tracy, (alias Wm. Smith,) and Jno. W. Brown were then set to the bar. After a short retirement the jury found the following verdicts and assessment of punishments: Thos. Wilson, not guilty; Jas. Lawrence, one year addot guilty; Jno. Boyd, one year additional confinement, and one month solitary; Wm. Elliott, one year additional confinement, and one month solitary; Chas. Jelfs, not guilty; Jas. W. Wood, one year additional confinement, and one month solitary; Thos. Kane, one year additional confinement, and one month solitary; Jno. F. Parsons, one year additional confinement; Wm. Tracy, alias Wm. Smith, one year additional confinement, and one month solitary; Jno. W. Brown, one year additional confinement.
Mayor's Court. --The following is a summary of the cases which were before the Mayor on Saturday: Thomas Kane, John Kane, and John Camp, boys, were charged with bathing in the day time in Shockoe Creek, and exposing their persons to citizens in that neighborhood. Upon the first hearing of this case, His Honor announced his intention to require security for their good behavior; but after reflection reconsidered his decision, and discharged them with an admonition, --The practice of bathing in the city, and in the neighborhood of public places of resort, was one often indulged in by young men and boys, and one which the Mayor said should be put a stop to. He directed his officers to turn their attention particularly to this nuisance, and whenever they caught any person, no matter who he might be, indulging in the luxury in interdicted places, they must be brought before him. "Take their clothes," he said, "if you can't catch them, and let them go home naked." Garret Al