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'Brien, in leg; Anthony Welder, in thigh; James Willis, in knee — all prisoners. Missing--Privates Samuel Hart, John Kelsey, Edward L. Marsh-supposed to be prisoners. Company F.--Killed--Privates James Flynn, James Nelson, Michael Dowling, Henry Hilliard, Wm. Mackay. Wounded--Capt. Hugh McQuaide, severely, taken prisoner. Privates John McIntire, Patrick McGann, Martin O'Neill, Thomas Murphy, Wm. Fielding. Missing--Sergeant Donahoe, Corporal Moloney, Privates Timothy Sullivan, Michael Kennedy, Joseph Sheppard, Patrick Coyle, Lawrence Mooney, John Holland. Company G.--Wounded--First Lieut. Thomas S. Hamblin, in the leg. Privates Edward Sweeney, Benjamin Taylor, (all taken prisoners,) Henry Lansing. Missing--Henry Hedge, Thomas H. Kerr, Patrick McGinn, William H. Millett, Charles J. Rydecker, George Wright, (all supposed to have been taken prisoners.) Company H.--Killed--Private John Orman. Wounded--Norton Schermerhorn, slightly; Luthur L. Mills, both arms shot off
ing those persons to hand me the petitions, they refused to do so, stating, at the same time, that they were detectives of the police, and had orders from Superintendent Kennedy to bring myself and the petitions to his office in Broome street, against which I protested, both to them and said James B. Taylor, that I had been dishons refused, and I was taken by them to the Superintendent's office, with the assurance that all necessary information with regard to my arrest, would be given by Mr. Kennedy at his office. Upon our arrival there, a person, apparently in authority, inquired of these men whether they had obtained those papers, and after looking over e, he also, on my requesting him, refused to return me the papers or inform me on what charge I had been arrested. He also said if I would call in the evening, Mr. Kennedy would explain the matter to me. This I did not conceive it my duty to do, as I do not understand why any American citizen should be restrained of his liberty wh
Third avenue to Forty-second street, through Forty-second street to Fifth avenue, filing into Thirty-fourth street, where the regiment was drawn up in line in front of the mansion of Mr. Witthaus. At Forty-second street the regiment was joined by the members of the Liederkranz, who paraded for the purpose of giving them an escort on their route of march. The Liederkranz was accompanied by a fine band of music. The police arrangements were the most perfect that could be desired, Superintendent Kennedy and Inspector Carpenter being both present to supervise the duties of the police force. Shortly after four o'clock the regiment arrived, and the street was immediately cleared of all obstructions. Colonel Von Gilsa, Lieutenant-Colonel Duysing, Major Holmsted, and Adjutant Kleinschmidt were mounted, while the staff and line officers marched on foot. Every evolution gone through with by the regiment was the signal for an outburst of enthusiasm. The front presented by the regiment w
, leg; Benson Sherman, Co. F, Seventy-fifth New-York, thigh; Jas. Mitchell, Co. F, Seventy-fifth New-York, thigh ; John Evenden, Co. F, Seventy-fifth New-York, knee, slightly; Adam Michael, Co. C, Seventy-fifth New-York, thigh; John W. Riley, Co. B, Seventy-fifth New-York, back; M. V. B. Van Etten, Co. A, Seventy-fifth New-York, thigh ; H. W. Prescott, First Maine battery, thumb; John Thompson, First Maine battery, both arms amputated; Byron Herman, Co. D, Seventy-fifth New-York, thigh; Michael Kennedy, Co. F, Seventy-fifth New-York, thigh; D. S. Devoe, Co. A, Seventy-fifth New-York, thigh ; W. H. Tibbs, Co. A, One Hundred and Sixtieth New-York; Corp. Saml. P. Hitchcock, Co. G, Seventy-fifth New-York, knee; James H. Henry, Co. K, Seventy-fifth New-York, chest; George Derby, Co. F, Seventy-fifth New-York, thigh; Bela Burbank, Co. H, Seventy-fifth New-York, leg amputated Patrick Mulholland, Co. E, Seventy-fifth New-York; Peter Richards, Co. A, Twelfth Connecticut, finger, slightly. O
The Daily Dispatch: December 16, 1861., [Electronic resource], The orders for the arrest of Mason and Slidell. (search)
Arrests. --The watchmen made several arrests on Saturday night, among them the following: Wm. Leftwich, charged with shooting at Peter Padraette, with intent to kill, and attempting to shoot Simon Coffee; Michael O'Brien, drunk and disorderly, and "breaking the house" of Simon Coffee; and Michael Kennedy and James Broderick, charged with fighting in the street. A boy named Joseph Keller was arrested yesterday for committing a burglary at Dove's drug store. The Mayor will have a pretty large docket this morning.
were most fortunately preserved. On State street, on either side, the flames spread destruction from Market to Cumberland. Cumberland street to Meeting, inclining its elongation, Horibeck's Alley, to King street, is in ruins. Church street, from the corner of Market to Cumberland street, is also burned. Linguard street, with its sundry little tenements and many occupants, was completely destroyed. Meeting street, on the east side, from the Ice House near. Market street to Mr. Kennedy's tailoring establishment, opposite the Mills House, and from the Theatre, on the west side, to the Mills House, is in ashes. This range included the Circular Church, Institute Hall, Theatre, Apprentices' Library, Palmetto Savings Institution, Art Association, Charleston Savings Institution, and the flue residences of Dr. Rodriguez, Dr. DeSaussure, and Dr. North. The Mills House most fortunately escaped with little damage. Queen street was laid in ashes from Digben's stables, north
Miscellaneous Offences. --The utter inability of mankind to sustain even a decent part in an encounter with Richmond whiskey was painfully illustrated at the Mayor's Court, yesterday. Michael O' Bryan, charged with being drink and breaking in the house of Charles Palmer, was remanded for trial.--Michael Kennedy and James Broderick, arrested for fighting in the street, were committed in default of surety for their good behavior.--John Monroe, charged with assaulting William Anderson, was required to give security to keep the peace.--Daniel Workman, charged with cutting Daniel Sullivan, was arraigned, and Sullivan testified that they were going about drinking whiskey, and that he (Sullivan) was very drunk; and that, without provocation, Workman drew a knife and cut him on the head and throat. Contradictory testimony in regard to the circumstances was introduced, and the Mayor determined to deliver the prisoner up to the officers of his company, now under marching orders.--Some o
Mayor's Court. --This tribunal seems to have fallen into "sere and yellow leaf." Yesterday the few cases brought to the attention of his Honor were continued. We subjoin a list of the criminals and the offences charged against them. John H. Gatewood and C. H. Althizer, accomplices in a murder; M. La Truitte and W. Duke, having no visible means of support; Peter Kennedy, for threatening and instigating Michael Kennedy to set fire to the house of Geo. W. Graff; John Doyle, breaking open Patrick Holland's trunk and stealing $75 in bankable funds.
Charged with Larceny, --John Conroy was before the Mayor yesterday to answer the charge of stealing $200 from Michael Kennedy the night before. When the case was called the complainant failed to appear, and the accused was admitted to bail to answer next Wednesday. Kennedy afterwards came in, and was held to bail for his appearance. Charged with Larceny, --John Conroy was before the Mayor yesterday to answer the charge of stealing $200 from Michael Kennedy the night before. When the case was called the complainant failed to appear, and the accused was admitted to bail to answer next Wednesday. Kennedy afterwards came in, and was held to bail for his appearance.