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Johnston,H Lieutenant Nathaniel K. Reed,C Lieutenant Ferdinand C. Poree,C Sergeant W. H. H. Richards,B Corporal George E. Coy,B Corporal Thomas Courtney,B Private James M. Brown,B Private Andrew Cole,B Private Martin Hassett,B Private George Toowey,B Sergeant Luther H. Marshall,C Private William McCutcheon,C Private Charles B. Richardson,C Private George Sutherland,C Sergeant George H. Moule,D Sergeant John E. Ring,D Corporal Charles D. Moore,D Private James Boyce,D Private William Kenny,D Private Horace F. Davis,E Sergeant Murty Quinlan,F Sergeant Thomas A. Warren,F Corporal Michael Mealey,F Private J. Sullivan,F Sergeant John Leary,G Sergeant Willard A. Hussey,H Private John Battles,H Private John Higgins,H Private Paul Jessemaughn,H Private William F. Kavanagh,H Private John Welch,H Private John Wilson,H Sergeant Samuel Ryan,I 31st Massachusetts. Captain Edward P. Hollister,A Captain Samuel D. Hovey,K Lieutenant Luther C. Howell (Adjutant)
dy, Bernard, 464 Kennedy, Daniel, 464 Kennedy, James, 382 Kennedy, John, 382 Kennedy, Kelab, 382 Kennedy, Paul, 382 Kennedy, T. H., 464 Kennedy, Timothy, 382 Kennedy, William, 528 Kenner, H., 528 Kennett, C. H., 464 Kenney, A. C., 528 Kenney, David, 528 Kenney, G. W., 178 Kenney, Patrick, 382 Kenney, S. C., 382 Kenney, T. S., 464 Kenney, Timothy, 464, 528 Kenney, W. H., 464 Kennison, W. W., 43 Kenny, A. J., 382 Kenny, Edward, 382 Kenny, John, 528 Kenny, T. F., 382 Kenny, William, 65 Kent, G. S., 382 Kent, George, 562 Kent, J. A., 528 Kent, Sylvester, 528 Kent, Timothy, 382 Keppert, H., 528 Kerr, W. D., 529 Kerrigan, Patrick, 382 Kersbaw, J. B., 110, 143 Kesland, Jacob, 464 Kettelle, F. S., 562 Kettler, A., 529 Keyes, E. D., 51, 56 Keyes, G. E., 382 Keyes, J. C., 529 Keyes, J. H., 383 Keyes, Marshall, 383 Keyes, Michael, 383 Kice, Thomas, 529 Kidder, E. J., 120, 383 Kiely, Martin, 529, 544 Kiernan, Charles, 464 Kierstead, I. N., 465 Kilbur
Arrests by the city police. --Mary Green, a white woman, was yesterday arrested for receiving a ton of pig-iron stolen from the Confederate States. Thos. Hatcher was arrested for stealing a quantity of steel from the Confederate carbine shops. Wm. Kenny, Pleasant Jones, and Charles Jones, free negroes, were arrested on the charge of breaking into a freight car at the Central Depot and stealing 400 pounds of bacon. The above parties were locked up in the cage, and will be brought before the Mayor this morning.
olen iron, the property of the Confederate States. A large number of witnesses were examined, whose evidence was sufficiently strong to determine His Honor to send the parties on to the Hustings Court for further investigation. Thos Hatcher was sent on the Hustings Court on the charge of stealing a lot of steel from the carbine factory of the Confederate States. A witness testified that Hatcher had acknowledged taking the steel, but that he had been driven to it from necessity. Wm. Kenny, Pleasant Jones, and Charles Jones were charged with stealing four hundred and thirty pounds of bacon from a freight car at the Central Depot on Saturday night. The car was broken into while in motion and the bacon thrown out. After a tedious examination, during which a house full of sable witnesses were permitted to expatiate for an hour from the witness' stand, the prisoners were bailed to appear for further examination before the Hustings Court. Mary Riley, James Ormsby, and Rosann