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ned bricks, 1,886 feet pine boards, taken by the army, for which pay is promised. A pew in our meeting-house, not leased. Thirty-two dozen of tile, sold for £ 3. 4s. Of the estate belonging to Sir William Pepperell, viz.: a pew in our meeting-house, No. 16, not leased. Of the estate belonging to one Clewly, in Halifax, left in the hands of Ichabod Jones, of Boston, his trustee: two pieces of land leased to Paul Wyman, one year, for £ 10. Joshua Symonds, Committee of Safety, &c. Samuel Kidder, Committee of Safety, &c. Stephen Hall, Jun., Committee of Safety, &c. Ebenezer Hall, Committee of Safety, &c. Medford, Aug. 26, 1776. Dr. Simon Tufts, that skilful physician and polished gentleman, was persuaded to accept the agency of Colonel Royal's affairs during an absence which was meant to be short. The breaking out of hostilities so near to him as Lexington was too much for the colonel's courage ; and, through very fear, he started for he knew not where. He arrived safely
d to read the Scriptures in the congregation. What reason our ancestors could give for not reading the word of God in the sabbath services, we cannot imagine. In 1720, Mr. Holmes says:-- Why this practice should be discontinued by any of the disciples of Jesus, I see no reason. I am persuaded it cannot be alleged to be any part of our reformation from Popish superstition. 1759: Chose Brother Ebenezer Brooks a deacon, unanimously. March 24, 1767: Brothers Isaac Warren and Samuel Kidder were chosen deacons. March 7, 1763: Deacon Benjamin Willis, Deacon Jonathan Bradshaw, Deacon Ebenezer Brooks, Dr. Simon Tufts, Captain Caleb Brooks, Stephen Hall, Esq., Samuel Brooks, Esq., Mr. Samuel Angier, and Mr. Hugh Floyd, were chosen a Committee to treat with Rev. Mr. Turell, relating to the singing of Tate and Brady's Version of the Psalms in the congregation, instead of the common version now sung, and are to make report at the next May meeting. This Committee report to r
Patten15 E. Hall16 Nathan Tufts17 Samuel Tufts, 2d18 Benjamin Teal19 Timothy Tufts20 Henry Fowle21 James Tufts22 Richard Hall23 Isaac Hall24 Thomas Seccombe25 Benjamin Hall26 Minister's Pew27 Isaac Royal28 Timothy Newhall29 Peter Jones30 Nathan Tufts, jun.31 Timothy Hall32 Hezekiah Blanchard33 Thomas Patten34 Joseph Thompson35 Henry Putnam36 Seth Blodget37 Willis Hall38 Jacob Hall39 John Leathe40 Samuel Jenks41 Andrew Hall42 Isaac Warren43 Isaac Greenleaf44 Samuel Kidder45 Simon Tufts46 Ebenezer Blanchard47 Edward Brooks48 It is specially recorded, that, at the raising of this meeting-house, which took place July 26 and 27, 1769, there was no one hurt. That such an exemption was remarkable, at that period, may be explained by the fact, that probably our fathers did not put themselves into that condition which generally secures catastrophies. An authentic record from another town, under date of Sept. 13, 1773, may make this matter clear: Voted t
hn B. Fitch. And. Blanchard and A. Winship. Timothy Dexter. Caleb and Simon Blanchard. Jane Hall. Ebenezer Hall, jun. John Blanchard & James Floyd. Tab. Blanchard & J. Gleason. Ebenezer Hall, 4th. Samuel Coverly. Richard Hall. Parker and Watson. Joseph Pratt. J. Pratt and M. Tufts. Jos. P. Hall. Stephen Hall. Thomas Hadley. James Convers. Jonas Dixon. Duncan Ingraham. John C. Jones. John Walker and Jos. Tysick. Joanna Kidder. Samuel Kidder. Abner Peirce. Thomas Learned. William Lowder. John Leathe. Jude Symonds. David Osgood. Josiah Polly. Jonathan Porter. Isaac Pratt. Thomas Hewes. Benjamin Reed. Peter Tufts. James Tufts. G. Williams & Dan. Farrington. William Bucknum. Sam. Hall and John Greenleaf. J. Bannister & Lucy Pritchard. Jeduthan Richardson. Joshua Symonds. John Symmes. Josiah Symmes. Ebenezer Symonds. Thomas Savel. Daniel Symonds. Samuel T
es and hay-rack, $1751,632 Alfred Brooks — Buildings, $350; fruit-trees, $100450 Noah Johnson — Buildings, $445; hay and grain in barn, $40; ox-wagon and farming-tools, $42527 James Wyman — Fruit-trees30 Moses Pierce — House25 John V. Fletcher — House, $25; fruit-trees, $2045 Joseph Swan — Fruit-trees20 P. C. Hall-Fruit-trees, $920; ornamental trees, $50; fruit, $801,050 Jonathan Porter — Fruit-trees, $75; fruit, $35110 William Roach — Fruit-trees25 Dudley Hall — Fruit-trees25 Samuel Kidder — Buildings, $50 ; fruit-trees, $400; ornamental trees, $50500 Thatcher R. Raymond — Fruit-trees, $100; ornamental trees, $100; fences, $10210 John A. Page — Fruit-trees, $150; ornamental trees, $50; fences, $50250 ----Russell — Ornamental trees150 Orchard (East of Andover Turnpike)40    $18,768 Loss of property in West Cambridge, $23,606. In Waltham, $4,000. The other report of facts, in their relation to science, fills forty pages of the little pamp
ted with them in petitioning the Grand Lodge of the State to grant them the requisite authority for assembling as a legal lodge. A dispensation was granted; and, the proper time of probation having nearly elapsed, they will soon (in September, 1855) receive a charter, which will confirm them in the rights and privileges of a regularly constituted lodge. The original petitioners were Messrs. George Hervey, John T. White, E. G. Currell, C. E. Merrill, Cleopas B. Johnson, William Crook, Dr. Samuel Kidder, A. H. Gardner, Elisha Stetson, James Ford, and T. R. Peck. The lodge is now in a flourishing condition, and has every prospect of further success and extended usefulness under its efficient organization, which is as follows:-- Worshipful George Hervey, Master. Elisha Stetson, Senior Warden. E. G. Currell, Junior Warden. C. B. Johnson, Senior Deacon. C. E. Merrill, Junior Deacon. Hiram Southworth, Treasurer. S. C. Lawrence, Secretary. Lewis Keen, Senior Steward.
e to all widows, householders, that have been six years inhabitants. 1703.--A terrific storm occurred in England. Bishop Kidder, Bishop of Bath and Wells, was killed, with his wife, by the falling of chimneys upon them while in bed in the palace at Wells. He was kinsman of the Kidders of Medford. Mrs. Samuel Kidder, now of Medford, is a descendant of Rev. John Rogers, the martyr. In 1712, a day-laborer in Medford was allowed two shillings; for a team, one day, five shillings. The Re go and ask Mr. Hall to step here a moment. She went; and soon Mr. Hall appeared, leaving behind him Joshua Symonds, Samuel Kidder, Stephen Hall, jun., and Ebenezer Hall. The stranger asked an interview alone for an instant. They went together inat twenty-four pounds. In the same year, good oak wood sold at one pound per cord. 1794.--Joseph Kidder, son of Deacon Samuel Kidder, strayed from home into the woods back of Pasture till. He was three years old; and, being weary, he fell asleep
died Nov 21, 1808, leaving--  1-13Gardiner, b. Aug. 20, 1748.  14Rebecca, b. Sept. 25, 1750; m. Benjamin Floyd, Apr. 30, 1770.  15Mary, b. Oct. 11, 1752; m. Samuel Kidder, May 19, 1778.  16Jonathan, b. June 9, 1754.  17Catharine, b. May 23, 1756; m. E. Thompson, May 21, 1778.  18Hannah, b. Mar. 3, 1758; m. Francis Tufts, June, Feb. 13, 1718. He d. Jan. 21, 1724; and his widow m. Philip Cook in 1775. His children were--  9-10Mary.  11Samuel, b. 1720.  12James.  13Francis. 9-11Samuel Kidder m., 1st, Mary Tompson, March 20, 1744, who d., aged 42, Mar. 30, 1766, leaving--  11-14Samuel, b. Sept. 17, 1746.  15Elizabeth, b. Dec, 6, 1750.   He m., 2d1770; d., unm., Apr. 6, 1811.  17Rebecca, b. Sept. 11, 1772; m. Abijah Usher, Dec. 20, 1795.  18Mary, b. Apr. 28, 1774.  19James, b. Apr. 30, 1776. 11-14Samuel Kidder, jun., m. Mary Greenleaf, May 19, 1778, who d. Apr. 1, 1830, aged 78. He d. Dec. 16, 1821, leaving--  14-20Mary, b. Apr. 1, 1779; m. Benjamin Abbot,
Holden, 52. Hosmer, 293, 302. Howard, 17. Howe family, 528. Hutchinson, 31, 200. Hutton, 538. Indians, 72, 80. Ingraham, 439. Johnson, 6, 15, 31, 44, 67. Josselyn, 1. Justices of the Peace, 169. Kenrick, 528. Kidder family, 528. Kidder, 112, 225, 483. Knox, 529. Labor in Vain, 7. Lands unappropriated, 105, 107. Laribee, 530. Lawrence family, 529. Lawrence, 104, 233, 302. Lawyers, 308. Leathe, 265, 530. Le Bosquet, 485. LetterKidder, 112, 225, 483. Knox, 529. Labor in Vain, 7. Lands unappropriated, 105, 107. Laribee, 530. Lawrence family, 529. Lawrence, 104, 233, 302. Lawyers, 308. Leathe, 265, 530. Le Bosquet, 485. Letter, 495. Lexington Fight, 151. Libraries, 294. Light Infantry, 189. Lightering, 392. Lincoln, 30. Locke, 530. Lyceums, 295. Lynde, 44. Magoun, 48, 360. Manners and Customs, 452. Manning, 36. Mansor, 530. Map, 421. Markham, 36, 42. Martin, 36. Mather, 205. Mayhew, 36. Maverick, 2. McClure, 49. Medford a Town, 119. Melvin, 44. Methodist Society, 270. Michelson, 42. Middlesex Canal, 295. Mills, 392. Moore, 36. Mystic Church, 2
Lucius R. Paige, History of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1630-1877, with a genealogical register, Chapter 15: ecclesiastical History. (search)
ore 1658June 30, 166475 John BridgeBefore 16581665 Nath Resigned July 14, 1774. SparhawkBefore 1658June 28, 1647 Edward CollinsBefore 1658April 9, 168986 Gregory StoneBefore 1658Nov. 30, 167282 Thomas ChesholmAfter 1658Aug. 18, 1671 John CooperAfter 1658Aug. 22, 169173 Walter HastingsAfter 1658Aug. 5, 170574 Nath Resigned July 14, 1774. SparhawkAfter 16581686-7 Samuel CooperMarch 22, 1705Jan. 8, 1717-864 Nath Resigned July 14, 1774. HancockJune 7, 1705April 12, 171980 Samuel KidderJan. 22, 1718July 4, 172458 Joseph CoolidgeJan. 22, 1718Dec. 17, 173771 Nath Resigned July 14, 1774. SparhawkAug. 5, 1724Nov. 8, 173467 Samuel BowmanAug. 5, 1724174667 Samuel SparhawkApril 12, 1734April 4, 177475 John BradishMay 5, 1738July 17, 174160 Sam Resigned July 14, 1774. WhittemoreNov. 24, 1741178490 Henry Prentice Resigned July 14, 1774.Nov. 24, 1741Oct. 18, 177884 Aaron HillJuly 14, 1774Oct. 16, 179262 Stephen SewallMay 18, 1777July 23, 180471 Gideon FrostJune
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