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weeks; CAeSAR, servant of George, d. 25 July, 1777; experience, a mulatto, brought up by George, bap. 23 Nov. 1783. See Wyman, 268. 16. Nehemiah, s. of Gershom (8), adm. to Camb. ch. 13 Aug. 1738, whose w. Martha—maiden name Bowman—was adm. Camb. ch. 30 Dec. 1739. Nehemiah, and Martha his wife, from First Church in Camb.—by letter—were adm. to the Pct. ch. 28 Jan. 1753. He was Pct. committeeman and assessor, 1770-72. He d. 12 Sept. 1798, a. 81—she d. 1 July, 1790, a. 75 (g. s.). Mary King who lived at Nehemiah's, d. 18 Aug. 1750, a. 15 yrs. He had Samuel, b. 17 May, bap. 1 June, 1740; Martha, b. 1, bap. 7 Nov. 1742, m. Henry Lucas, 12 Feb. 1767; Elizabeth, b. 14, bap. 17 Feb. 1744, funeral 4 Aug. 1775; Joseph, b. 21, bap. 22 Sept. 1745, d. 23 Dec. 1749, a. 5; William, b. 14, bap. 17 Apr. 1748; Sarah, b. 14, bap. 18 Feb. 1750, m. James Foster, 26 Jan. 1773; Joseph, b. 23, bap. 29 Dec. 1751, funeral 18 Aug. 1775; Nehemiah, b. 3, bap. 10 June, 1753; Mehitable, b. 28 Apr., b
o pay such taxes, one Mathew Ellis, was imprisoned by the constable of the town. The said Ellis, however, was not willing thus to suffer deprivation of his religious liberty, and was granted an appeal from the judgments of the local courts by the King in council. What the final results of this case was, doth not appear, but it is probable that the custom of taxing those who were members of the Established Church of England did not long continue. But members of that Church, if they still desir and his sister, with the family connections of Mrs. Dudley Hall, children and grandchildren, were the more prominent members of the parish and my constant supporters. The young ladies of the church, Miss Nellie Wilde, Miss Caroline Train, Miss Mary King, and others, gave me patient and ready help in the Sunday-school under Mr. Gardiner P. Gates, our efficient superintendent. Those were the early years of the war, anxious years for us all, and for many of the people in Medford, as elsewhere