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Quirk. Pettus Rifles, Capt. Marmaduke Bell. Mississippi College Rifles, Capt. John W. Welborn. Crystal Springs Southern Rights, Capt. J. C. Davis. Adams Light Guard, No. 1, Capt. Robert Clarke. Adams Light Guard, No. 2, Capt. S. E. Baker. Quitman Invincibles, Capt. John F. McGowan. Monroe Guards, Capt. F. M. Rodgers. Benton Relief Rifle Guards, Capt. B. G. Lawrence. Rough and Readies, Capt. H. E. Williamson. Burt Rifles, Capt. E. R. Burt. Beauregard Rifles, Capt. A. S. Lee. Agency Rifles, Capt. John M. Ware. Quitman Guards, Capt. Samuel A. Matthews. Lexington Guards, Capt. L. R. Page. Wilkinson Rifles, Capt. C. Posey. Jasper Grays, Capt. J. J. Shannon. Meridian Invincibles, Capt. W. F. Crumpton. Claiborne Rangers, Capt. J. Taylor Moore. Clayton Guards, Captain Vaughn. Rankin Rough and Readies, Capt. E. J. Runnels. Panola Vindicators, Capt. Geo. P. Foote. Buena Vista Rifles, Capt. T. L. Rogers. In the month of August, 1861, th
Sailed. Steamship Yorktown, Parrish, New York, merchandize and passengers, Ludlam & Watson. Steamship City of Richmond, Mitchell, Phila., merchandize and passengers. C. P. Cardozo. Steamer Belvidere, Keene, Baltimore, merchandize and passengers, D. & W. Currie. Schr. Baltimore, Phillips, Rappahannock river, light. Schr. Clara Belle, Mitchell, Rappahannock river, light. Propeller Echo, Tindall, Petersburg, mdze., A. S. Lee.
hem in erecting a suitable drill-room. A petition was presented from the Junior Volunteers, asking the privilege of drilling in Old Market Hall every other evening, from 3 1/2 to 5 o'clock. The Committee on Claims reported in favor of paying the Virginia Towing Company $140.97, for removing the ship Wellington from the channel of the river at Warwick's Bar; and against paying Webb & Wade $294, the amount of damage done 147 barrels of herrings stored by them in the lumber-house of A. S. Lee, on the Dock, caused by overflow. The annual report of the Superintendent of Streets, of amount of drafts drawn on certificate from his office since the 1st of March, 1860, with the exception of that portion relating to hands and carts, which dates from the 10th day of January, 1860, to the 10th day of January, 1861, inclusive; also, report of the Engineer of the city, for the fiscal year ending February 28th, 1861, was presented, and laid on the table. The Council granted the us
, Macfarland, Marshall, Masters, Moffett, Moore, Nelson, Osburn, Patrick, Pendleton, Porter, Preston, Price, Pugh, Robert R. Scott, Sharp, Sitlington, Staples, Alex. H. H. Stuart, Chapman J. Stuart, Summers, Tarr, Tayloe, Waller, White, Wickham, Willey, and Wilson.--75 The question recurring on Mr. Sutherlin's amendment, it was opposed by Mr. Scott, of Fauquier, on the ground that it was already provided for. The vote was then taken, and the amendment rejected. Mr. Johnston, of Lee, offered to amend the 6th resolution, by striking out the word"the" before the word"Union" in the 4th line.--The word having been put there by mistake, it was stricken out by general consent. Mr. Carlile offered an amendment to the resolution, viz; to strike out from the second and third lines "lamenting the wrongs that have impelled some of the States to dissolve their connection with," and insert"caused by some of the States having cast off their obedience to." Voted down by a lar
ewly-organized company of volunteers, formed at Springfield Hall, Church Hill. The members meet nightly for the purpose of perfecting themselves in drill, and as soon as the occasion requires, design tendering their services to the Governor. In the meantime, we learn that they will petition the County Court to place the company at once in effective service by assigning the command to special patrol duty, in order that the entire community bordering on the city limits may be kept in a state of protection from midnight prowlers, incendiaries, and such vermin, who are thought, and not without reason, to infest the suburbs. The roll-book of the corps now embraces forty odd names. A call for additional volunteers will be made at Springfield Hall next Friday night, which, we have no doubt, will be liberally responded to. At a company meeting held Tuesday night the following officers were elected: Captain, A. S. Lee; First Lieutenant, Joseph J. English; Second Lieut., J. E. Satterwhite.
Hdq'rs Virginia Forces, Richmond, Va., may 8th. General Orders No. 12. Col. John B. Magruder, of the Provisional Army of Virginia, is assigned to the command of the Virginia Forces in and about this city. He will execute the duties assigned to his predecessor by General Orders No. 3, current series. Col. Magruder will select from his command a suitable officer to perform the duties of Assistant Adjutant General. By order of Major General Lee. my 9--3t R. S. Garnett, Adl't Gen'l.
Headqr's Virginia Forces.Richmond, Va. may 5, 1861. General Orders No. 9. Commanding and Mustering Officers will not permit requisitions from officers under their authority, for arms and ammunition, to be sent direct to the Headquarters of the Virginia Forces. Such requisitions, in all cases, must pass through them for their approval. The will satisfy themselves that the arms and ammunition called for are absolutely necessary, and state the fact on the requisition; and will see that the requisition itself specifies accurately the quantity, description and calibre of such arms and ammunition, as well as of those on hand: and whether their arms are rifled or not. No requisition can be filled unless these facts are known. At present, there are only smooth-bore muskets in the Armory for issue. By order of Maj. Gen. Lee. my 7--3t R. S. Garnett, Adj't Gen'l.
Headquarters Virginia Forces,Richmond, Va., may 6th, 1861. General Orders No. 8. The practice of sending dispatches or other communications, written or verbal, by individuals, when such communications can be sent with promptness and facility by mail, is attended with unnecessary expense to the State, and is prohibited. Special messengers must only be resorted to when the necessity and emergency of the case require it, and it all such cases the necessity for the use of the messenger must be reported by the officer sending him. By order of Major Gen'l. Lee. my 7--3t R. S. Garnett, Addj't. Gen'l.
mond (of Marion), James Neeson (of Marion), R. E. Cowan (of Preston), D. J. Saunders, Thomas Boldeman, G. W. Thomas, V. Bargamin, John Knute (of Wheeling), H. K. Ellyson, D. J. Burr, Thomas U. Dudley, W. Fleischmanns, H. A. Dudley, Andrew Jenkins, M. Downey, W. W. Snead, Geo. W. Gretter, Thomas L. Johnson, Paulus Powell (of Amherst). This committee will proceed to Manassas in the early train this morning. Committee to Procure Accommodations.--B. W. Haxall, John D. Harvey, James Blair, A. S. Lee, H. Hancock, Thos. W. McCance, Thos. W. Doswell, W. J. Riddick, P. B. Price, Geo. Watt, Emanuel Straus, M. Downey, Edwin A. Smith, John Gibson. Geo. S. Lownes, Wm. H. Lyons, John H. Knowles, Samuel J. Rutherfoord, C. Crew, H. Spotts, Thos. Vaiden, (Manchester,) John Enders, John L. Tate, F. W. Redford. C. Burnett, R. A. Mayo, Thos. G. Bell, C. Bates, Jos. Allen, John Hatcher, (Manchester,) Geo. S. Palmer, Caleb Jacobs, Thomas Jones, R. O. Haskins, L. Libby, M. Milhiser, Lewis H. Frayser,
The Daily Dispatch: August 1, 1861., [Electronic resource], General Toombs' Brigade--Second Georgia Regiment. (search)
Care of Disabled soldiers. --At a recent meeting of the Committee for Reception and Accommodation of Sick and Wounded Soldiers, Mr. John Enders was elected Treasurer. Two valuable additions have been made to the committee, which now is as follows: John D. Harvie, Chairman; B. W. Haxall, Secretary; H. A. Dudley, Assistant Secretary and Keeper of Register; Jas. Blair, A. S. Lee, H. Hancock, T. W. McCane, Thos. W. Doswell, W. J. Riddick, P. B. Price, Geo. Watt, E. Straus, Ed. A. Smith, John Gibson, W. H. Lyons, John H. Knowles, Samuel J. Rutherford, C. Crew, A. Spotts, Thos. Vaden, John Enders, Jos. Tate, F. Redford, C. Burnett, R. A. Mayo, T. G. Bell, Charles Bates, Joseph Allen, John Hatcher, Geo. S. Palmer, Caleb Jacobs, Thos. Jones, Robt. O. Haskins, Luther Libby, M. Milhiser, L. H. Frayser, C. R. Barksdale, Chas. Campbell, T. C. Eppes, D. N. Jones, H. T. Pairo, W. Goddin, Chas. Beble, W. F. Taylor, Jordan Martin, and J. H. Johnson. Members of the committee who a
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