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J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, XXVII. June, 1863 (search)
d there, and burnt the bridges which the brigade had been guardingl This is sottishness, rather than generalship, in our local commanders. A regiment was sent up when firing was heard (the annihilation of our weak guard left at the bridges) and arrived just two hours too late. The enemy rode back, with a hundred mules they had captured, getting under cover of their gun-boats. To-day, it is said, Gen. Elzey is relieved, and Gen. Ransom, of North Carolina, put in command; also, that Custis Lee (son of Gen. R. E. Lee) has superseded Gen. Winder. I hope this has been done. Young Lee has certainly been commissioned a brigadier-general. His brother, Brig.-Gen. W. H. F. Lee, wounded in a late cavalry fight, was taken yesterday by the enemy at Hanover Court House. Gen. Whiting's letter about the Arabian came back from the President, today, indorsed that, as Congress did not prohibit private blockade-running, he wouldn't interfere. So, this is to be the settled policy of the go
J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, chapter 29 (search)
8 I am glad to copy the following order of Gen. Lee: General orders no. 73.headquarters army opeace. But the absence of dispatches from Gen. Lee himself is beginning to create distrust, and . E. Johnston, General. We get nothing from Lee himself. Gen. Cooper, the Secretary of War, an be here in a few weeks? Perhaps so-but, then, Lee may not have quite completed his raid beyond thstern Virginia, has delayed 2000 men ordered to Lee, assigning as an excuse the demonstrations of tngs of the people in New Orleans. July 18 Lee has got over the Potomac with a loss, in crossird Knoxville-and I suspect their destination is Lee's army. But we have a dispatch from Beaureg. A letter from the Commissary-General to Gen. Lee states that we have but 1,800,000 pounds of bliterate the memory of a dozen victories. Even Lee's great name is dimmed somewhat in the estimatigot some twenty locomotives in Mississippi. Lee has retreated as far as Culpepper Court House. [36 more...]
J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, XXX. September, 1863 (search)
ower to delegate the authority to appoint. Gen. Lee is still here (I thought he had departed), no neither were greeted with cheers. I suppose Gen. Lee has lost some popularity among idle street wa Lee. September 4 There is a rumor that Gen. Lee (who is still here) is to take the most of hiay be, however, that this is a ruse, and if so, Lee is preparing for another northern campaign. quarter? September 5 It is believed that Lee, with a large portion of his army, will proceedrcements thither. But I fear for Virginia when Lee is away! Meade must have a large army left behrhaps we shall soon have reports from it. Gen. Lee, it is said, takes two corps d'armee to Tenne. C., yesterday, that he had heard nothing of Gen. Lee's orders to march a portion of his army to Te may be very true; but, nevertheless, 18,000 of Lee's troops (a corps) is already marching thitherwy by having read to them an order from Brig.-Gen. Custis Lee (son of Gen. R. E. Lee), an order to t[1 more...]
J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, chapter 32 (search)
e defense of the capital. In the absence of Custis Lee, Col. Brown, the English aid of the Presidenecretary Seddon permit this? October 13 Gen. Lee's cavalry are picking up some prisoners, sevethe innumerable brood of blockaderunners. Gen. Lee has sent down between 60Q and 700 prisoners ceating toward Washington City, hotly pursued by Lee. They were near Manassas, the first battle-fieleat of the enemy. It is to be yet seen whether Lee captured more prisoners than Meade captured. It is said we lost seven guns. But how can Lee achieve anything when the enemy is ever kept informe that river. What if Meade retreated to entice Lee away from Richmond, having in preparation an exially increase our salaries. October 21 Gen. Lee telegraphed last night that our cavalry had rCapt. Warner says he is now feeding them. Gen. Lee writes on the 19th inst., that it is doubtfuls Meade has superior numbers. If he remains, Gen. Lee will advance again, provided he can get quart[16 more...]
J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, XXXII. November, 1863 (search)
des. letter from Gen. Howell Cobb. dispatch from Gen. Lee. State of the markets. letter from A. Moseley. vicinity, and a bad state of things generally. Gen. Lee has written three letters to the department, datednkets may be had in the same way. November 3 Gen. Lee writes that he will endeavor to protect the workme his best regiments of cavalry, be revoked. In Gen. Lee's recent campaign beyond the Rappahannock, our los fixing a maximum of prices. Every night troops from Lee's army are passing through the city. Probably they hawas under the necestity of reading a dispatch from Gen. Lee, announcing the surprise and capture of two brigadue day! November 11 No news. I saw, to-day, Gen. Lee's letter of the 7th instant, simply announcing theilding in the ports of France. I have written Custis Lee, the President's aid, that but one alternative no by the blockaders. That makes two this week. Gen. Lee dispatched the President, yesterday, as follows:
J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, chapter 37 (search)
ven in his office. The last dispatch from Gen. Lee informs us that Meade, who had advanced, had eir prisoners in our hands. It is cruelty to Gen. Lee! It is already rumored that Gen. Butler hontinued, he cannot supply half enough meal for Lee's army. He has abundance in Georgia and South Meade would order a general advance, to check Gen. Lee. What all this means I know not, unless it be corn left North Carolina nearly a week ago for Lee's army, and about the same time 400,000 pounds . If this be so, it is very good policy. Gen. Lee is still here, but will leave very soon. m the railroads. The belief prevails that Gen. Lee's army is in motion. It may be a feint, to prom the South. This gives rise to a rumor that Lee will fall back, and that the capital will be beesident himself only acted in accordance with Gen. Lee's suggestions, noted at the time in this Diarross. A copy of this was immediately sent to Gen. Lee. It is said that Gen. Longstreet is march[11 more...]
J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, chapter 38 (search)
between Mr. Memminger and Mr. Seddon. famine. a victory in Louisiana. Vice-President Stephens's speech. victory of Gen. Forrest. capture of Plymouth, N. C. Gen. Lee's bill of fare. April 1 Cloudy all day, with occasional light showers. No war news; but the papers have an account of the shooting of an infant by someflour for her family, white and black. Mr. Secretary Benjamin sent over, to-day, for passports to the Mississippi River for two secret agents. What for? Gen. Lee has made regulations to prevent cotton, tobacco, etc. passing his lines into the enemy's country, unless allowed by the government. But, then, several in author they are dying like sheep. April 7 A bright spring day. We look for startling news from the Rappahannock in a few days. Longstreet will be there. Gen. Lee writes that the fortifications around Richmond ought to be pushed to completion: 2000 negroes are still at work on them. April 8 Bright and warm — really a
J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, chapter 40 (search)
Received a, letter from Custis. He is at Gen. Custis Lee's headquarters on ordnance duty. A prett It is believed here by the croakers that Gen. Lee has lost much of his influence, from the mome be the speediest way of relieving Richmond. Gen. Lee, however, knows best. At the conclave of changed his base-disappearing from the front of Lee in the night. He is supposed to be endeavoringutler on the south side. A. dispatch from Gen. Lee says Gen. Hampton has defeated Sheridan. as strong as ever. This is true generalship in Lee. But Grant can get more men. June 15 Cleamarch have been ruined; but our army is intact: Lee's losses altogether, in killed and wounded, notthe contest on the south side of the river. If Lee's army were broken, I doubt whether it would evmand by order of the President. At all events, Lee is at Petersburg. Sheridan's raiders are neervice, at hard labor on the fortifications, Custis Lee's brigade of clerks, who were assured, when [7 more...]
J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, chapter 46 (search)
meditating an evacuation of the city. Gen. Custis Lee was at the department to-day, after the cgovernment is to be removed to Lynchburg. Gen. Lee has induced the President and Secretary of Wa in the departments, and it is whispered that Gen. Lee was governed in the matter by the family of tany misfortunes, and openly declare in favor of Lee as Dictator. Another month, and he may be unfortunate or unpopular. His son, Gen. Custis Lee, has mortally offended the clerks by putting them dee had but 8000 reliable men. The Georgians in Lee's army are more or less demoralized, and a rewae an abandonment of the cause. It is said Gen. Lee is to be invested with dictatorial powers, soin the picture. It is still believed that Gen. Lee is to be generalissimo, and most people rejoi in position, favor the scheme. To-morrow Gen. Lee's army is to be feasted with turkeys, etc. const Sherman now, who is still in Georgia! Gen. Lee writes that Grant is concentrating (probably [2 more...]
J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, chapter 47 (search)
g among the people. Nearly all desire to see Gen. Lee at the head of affairs; and the President is C., petition the government to send a corps of Lee's army to save their State and Georgia from deve emergency. I have not seen it, but believe Gen. Lee has some such understanding with the Presidenrich having bought exemptions or details! Gen. Lee writes on the 8th instant, that the troops saspreads that Richmond is to be evacuated. Gen. Lee writes for the Secretary's sanction to send other have the odium than that it should fall on Lee! The Commissary General approves Lee's measureeasily manage Congress, by a few letters from Gen. Lee. But will the potency of his cabinet feed Lend they may be depleted by spring; and if so, Gen. Lee may be able to make another grand campaign win secret session has passed a resolution making Lee generalissimo. It is again said Mr. Seddon reating the office of commander-in-chief (for Gen. Lee), and recommending that Gen. Johnston be rein[33 more...]
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