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into cannon, and seized by Gen. Butler at New Orleans, were sold at auction in Boston, Massachusetts. The Bishop of Oxford, England, addressed a letter to the archdeacons in his diocese, directing them to instruct their clergy as follows: You are earnestly desired to make your supplications to Almighty God, who is the author of peace and lover of concord, that he will promote peace among our brethren in America, and inspire their hearts with Christian unity and fellowship. John R. Lee, Acting Master of the United States steamer E. B. Hale, with a party from that vessel ascended Todd Creek, Ga., and destroyed a salt manufactory in successful operation on the plantation of H. H. Floyd. A band of guerrillas under the lead of Joe Thompson, (many of whom had taken the oath and given bond,) entered Paris, Ky., cut down the flag-pole, took the Sheriff and the clerks of the Circuit and County Courts prisoners, forced the keys of the jail from the jailer, set at liberty a
surrendered. The rebels captured about one hundred guns, a large number of horses, a quantity of commissary stores, a number of tents, and eight or ten thousand rounds of cartridges.--(Doc.166.) A series of skirmishes occurred along the Rapidan River, in the vicinity of Orange Court-House, Va., between a reconnoitring party of National troops under the command of General Bayard, and a force of rebels, resulting in the retreat of the latter. Yesterday Jeff Davis sent a letter to General Lee, of the rebel army, inclosing an order dated this day, which recapitulated, first, the order of President Lincoln, issued on the twenty-second July, wherein the commanders of the armies of the United States were directed to seize and use any property within the rebel States which might be necessary or convenient for their several commands; second, the order issued by General Pope on the twenty-third July, directing commanders of army corps, divisions, brigades, and detached commands, to a
tal Quartermaster, June 6, 1862. Captain, Jan. 14, 1863. Discharged, Dec. 3, 1863. Lee, David. First Lieutenant, 19th Mass. Infantry, Aug. 22, 1861. Killed in action at Fair Oaks, Va., June 30, 1862. Lee, Edward D. Second Lieutenant, 27th Mass. Infantry, Mar. 15, 1862. First Lieutenant, Adjutant, Nov. 16, 1862. Died of disease at Portsmouth, Va., Apr. 17, 1864. Lee, James H. Second Lieutenant, 4th Mass. Heavy Artillery, Aug. 23, 1864. Mustered out, June 17, 1865. Lee, John R. First Lieutenant, Regimental Quartermaster, 1st Mass. Infantry, May 25, 1861. Resigned, Aug. 3, 1861. Lee, John W. Captain, 31st Mass. Infantry, Feb. 20, 1862. Mustered out, Nov. 18, 1864. Lee, Lathrop. Second Lieutenant, 46th Infantry, M. V. M., in service of the U. S., Oct. 15, 1862. Discharged (disability), Dec. 5, 1862. Lee, Timothy F. Second Lieutenant, 9th Mass. Infantry, June 11, 1861. Dismissed, Nov. 2, 1861. (Letter War Dept., A. G. O., Washington, Dec.
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, Index of names of persons. (search)
A., 88 Leavitt, W. W., 88 LeBarnes, J. W., 309 Lebarron, F. L., 88 Lecain, W. H., 309 Lee, A. M., 309, 538 Lee, A. T., 428 Lee, B. F., 428, 472 Lee, C. F., 7th Mass. Inf., 309 Lee, C. F., 57th Mass. Inf., 309, 538 Lee, C. F., 55th Mass. Inf., 309 Lee, C. J., 309 Lee, D. W., 309 Lee, David, Navy, 88 Lee, David, 19th Mass. Inf., 309 Lee, E. D., 309 Lee, Eliot, 583 Lee, F. L., 219, 675 Lee, G. P., 90 Lee, H. C., 187, 219, 428, 538 Lee, Henry, Jr., 675 Lee, J. H., 309 Lee, J. R., 309 Lee, J. W., 309 Lee, L. F., 90 Lee, Lathrop, 309 Lee, R. G., 90 Lee, T. F., 309 Lee, W. R., 187, 219, 428, 538 LeFavor, G. W., 309 Legg, Edwin, 309 Leighton, G. E., 472 Leighton, W. H., 472 Leland, B. F., 309 Leland, Francis, 384 Leland, Horace, 583 Leman, A. N., 309 Lemoyne, George, 309 Lemoyne, W. J., 309 Leonard, A. W., 310, 491 Leonard, C. S., 472 Leonard, Edwin, 499 Leonard, Ezra, 90 Leonard, George, 90 Leonard, J. A., Jr., 472 Leonard, James B., 310 Leo
ck, 22 years of age, of medium being and spare, is smart and brisk in his movements, and polite, having been accustomed to waiting on officers in the army and management of horses, and is also a good hand on a farm. Kilen is 24 or 25 years of age, of bright brown color, well formed, but in stature, full head of hair, good set of teeth, and has been accustomed to washing and ironing, and waiting on ladies. These slaves were purchased by me from Mr. John Taliaferro, near Orange C. E, Va., where they were raised, and may be attempting to get back in that direction, or are trying to make their escape to the lines of the Yankees some either direction. I will give the above reward of $500 for both, or $250 for either of them, if confined in any jail in the State, so that I get them, or delivered in this city to Lee & Sowman, or to Jos P. Winston, near Liberty, in Bedford county, Va. where the above reward will be paid by Mr. Waston, or if here by me. Wm. Winston Jones. ap 25--6t*
Three hundred dollars reward. --Ranaway, on the 6th March, my negro man John. He is 25 years old, 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high, very stout built; has a round face, high forehead, full head of hair, and of good countenance, very black, and is a blacksmith; had on when he left jeans pantaloons, blue jacket, and a pair of boots; he was raised is Powhatan county by Philip St George Cocke. I purchased him of John E. Sedgwick in December last. I will give the above reward for him if delivered to Lee & Bowman, Richmond, Va, or to me at Wytheville, Va. He is supposed to be making his way to the county of Powhatan. John G. Crockett. ap 2--20t
Three hundred Dollars Reward. --Ran away, on the evening of the 1st instant, our Boy, Armistead, aged about twenty years; black, five feet nine or ten inches high, and has a smooth scar immediately on the left eyebrow. We will pay the above reward for his apprehension and delivery to our agents, Lee & Bowman, Richmond, or secured so we get him. T. B. Rice, Farmville. W. E. Lee, Farmville. oc 3--2w