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such good judgment as to be within reach of any new combination of Bragg — from whom he was now cut off-or, failing that, to keep his rear open through Virginia, to Lee's army. Meantime, Grant massed troops in Chattanooga, sufficient in his judgment to crush Bragg; and, learning of the latter's detachment of Longstreet's corps,treet-said thoughtful critics-then are combination and suicide convertible terms! Neither was public feeling much cheered by the aspect of the war in Virginia. Lee and Meade coquetted for position, without definite result; the former-weakened by Longstreet's absence-striving to slip between Meade and Washington; the latter aiming to flank and mass behind Lee, on one of the three favorite routes to Richmond. The fall and winter wore away with these desultory movements; producing many a sharp skirmish, but nothing more resultful. These offered motif for display of dash and military tact on both sides; that at Kelly's Ford, on the Rapidan — where the Fed
; but finally-unable to wait the junction of S. D. Lee, to give the battle he felt essential-Forres Polk been in command of two divisions more-had Lee been able to swoop where he only hovered-or haday, his advance crossed the river, only to find Lee quietly seated in his path. Then commenced thapassed down the Valley of the Rappahannock. Lee's calm sagacity foresaw the enemy's course, and position near the North Anna. Blundering upon Lee's lines, throwing his men blindly against workson near Cold Harbor on the last day of May. Lee also moved down to face Grant, throwing his woree. It was asserted that Grant could now crush Lee and capture his stronghold at a single blow; thn was one of choice, not of necessity; and that Lee's movement to cover Richmond from his erratic acould have had no other intention than to sweep Lee from his front; and either by a crushing victoren exaggerated statements of the damage done to Lee and of his dire strait; and the fact of Grant's[7 more...]
tween the Rapidan and the James! In that time, Lee, by the junction of Breckinridge and all the fr0 men! We may, therefore, consider that General Lee, in the summer campaign of 1864, kept at ba, some southern claims, still further to reduce Lee's army. While Grant was engaged in his pertinacious failures to flank Lee, General Sheridan-whose fame as a cavalry leader was already in the iderable proportions toward Richmond. Flanking Lee upon the right, he proceeded over the North andeing entirely uncovered by the drain of men for Lee's army, he could carry them with ease. In thisheer weight; for it was known only that part of Lee's forces had crossed the river, and the line watood side by side, with the bronzed veterans of Lee's hundred fights. Women sat quiet, the shells followed the very same line that had earned General Lee the wildest enthusiasm of the people, even trol of the military power of the Confederacy. Lee had fallen back to his proper base-so had Johns[4 more...]
ng — no despairing cry among the southern people. They looked at the coming end steadily and unflinchingly; and now, for the first time, they began to speculate upon the possible loss of their beloved Capital. It was rumored in Richmond that General Lee had told the President that the lines were longer than he could hold; that the sole hope was to evacuate the town and collect the armies at some interior point for a final struggle that might yet sever the bonds, ever closing tighter and tightices and informed them that Richmond would be evacuated that night; and counseled they had best go home and prepare to meet the dreadful to-morrow. The news spread like wildfire. Grant had struck that Sunday morning-had forced the lines, and General Lee was evacuating Petersburg! The day of wrath had come. Hastily the few remaining necessaries of the several departments were packed, and sent toward Danville, either by railroad or wagon. Ordnance supplies, that could not be moved, wer
wing rations rumors and reality the first gray jacket returns General Lee re-enters Richmond woman, the Comforter Lincoln's Assassination perfect idleness-still for a time the rumor gained credit that General Lee had turned on his pursuer, at Amelia Court House, and gained a dh 13,000 men; and, finally, on the 9th of April, Richmond heard that Lee had surrendered. Surely as this result should have been looked forw assumed tangible form — there was no longer any room to doubt. General Lee, weakened by desertion and breaking down of his men-by General Ee of the pontoons. By some strange intuition, it was known that General Lee was among them, and a crowd collected all along the route he wou Still this fact had been considered a certain one from the date of Lee's surrender; and it bore none of the crushing weight that had made texpected. Even the wild and maddened spirits, who refused to accept Lee's cartel, and started to work their way to Johnston, could have had