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ms. Adams, Samuel, boards with J. C. Magoun, at W. H. Adams, Charles, b. F. H. market, h. Central. Adams, Henry, h. Bow. Adams, Solomon, schoolmaster, h. Dane. Agen, Patrick, laborer, h. Prospect. Allen, Hiram, twine manufacturer, h. Cambridge. Allen, Samuel R., clothing, h. Milk. Allen, Alfred, h. corner of Central and Summer. Allen, Henry W., accountant, h. Summer. Allison, William, ship master, h. Beacon. Andrews, Samuel G., printer, h. Summer. Arnold, Leonard, sash and blind maker, h. Cambridge. Atwill, John B., grocer, h. Elm. Ball, Ebenezer W., b. merchant, h. Elm. Bartlett, Thomas, nail manufacturer, h. Cambridge. Bacon, Clark, b. gold beater, h. Broadway. Bartlett, Dr. Joseph E., h. corner of Broadway and Mt. Vernon. Bailey, Joshua S., baker, h. corner of Perkins and Mt. Pleasant. Bancroft, George, b. attorney, h. Summer. Bailey, Albert, b. reporter, Transcript, h. Church. Barber, Relief R., female supervisor, McLe
of Walnut hill, now partly occupied by Tufts College. John and Elizabeth Tufts had thirteen children. Of these, John, Jr., lived for some time in the so-called Caleb Leland house in Elm street. He had descendants living in town till recent years; Benjamin lived in the Hawkins house in Washington street just beyond the abutment, and carried on a milk farm there. He has descendants still living in: town. Oliver lived in the old Lee house, and carried on his farm till his death in 1883. Leonard, who lived in Charlestown, was the father of James W. Tufts, who was at one time an apothecary in Somerville avenue, near the Bleachery. Mr. Tufts has since become well-known as a manufacturer of soda-water apparatus. Asa lived in Boston, and was the father of Mrs. Franklin Henderson and the late William Sumner Tufts. Joseph Tufts was the third son of Peter of Winter Hill, and was born in 1760. He married a daughter of James and Tabitha (Binford) Tufts, of Medford, and had eleven chil
ar Cambridgeport. Cleaves, Edwin, h. Church. Cole, Erastus E., bridge builder, h. Perkins. Coles, physician, h. Mount Vernon. Cook, Arnold, yeoman, h. Cook Lane. Converse, Christopher C., b. grain dealer, h. Broadway. Connoly, Owen, laborer, h. Medford. Cook, Mrs. Catharine, h. Cambridge. Cook, Samuel, b. accountant, h. Cambridge. Cobb, Bailey, h. Chestnut. Covell, Reuben, b. fish dealer, F. H. market. Collins, Thomas G., carpenter, h. near Beech. Conant, Leonard, b. F. H. market, h. near Central. Corrigen, Henry, gardener, h. Beech. Conant, George F., Spring hill. Crane, Luther, b. paper manufacturer, h. Perkins. Critchett, Thomas, b. inspector, h. Broadway. Crimmins, Thomas, laborer, h. Medford. Crombie, William C., b. pianoforte maker, h. Dane. Crosby, Josiah L., b. bonnets, h. Elm. Crowe, William B., carpenter, h. Joy. Cummings, Aaron, b. plane maker, h. Joy. Cutter, Edward, yeoman, h. Broadway. Cutter, Fitch, ye
. corner Cambridge and Medford. Hills, William H., carpenter, h. Dane. Hitchins, Augustus, yeoman, h. Cambridge. Hinds, Lewis H., McLean Asylum. Hodgden, Phineas S., carpenter, Laurel. Hodgden, L., carpenter, h. Laurel. Holton, Leonard, b. truckman, h. Broadway. Holt, Chauncey, brickmaker, h. Broadway. Holt, Charles, b. auctioneer, h. Franklin. Holbrook, George, b. accountant, h. Broadway. Holt, John, b. silversmith, h. Prospect hill. Hook, Edwin, b. wheelwright, Samuel, brickmaker, h. Derby. Littlefield, Mrs. Martha, h. Cambridge. Leland, Caleb W., h. Elm. Leland, Warren S., yeoman, h. Elm. Leland, Thomas J., b. provision dealer, h. Elm. Leland, John, b. carriage maker, h. Cambridge. Leonard, F. E., b. hardware, h. Bow. Lillie, Thomas, b. carriage-smith, Spring hill. Littlefield, Rufus. mason, h. Prospect. Learned, Gearfield, b. publisher, h. Sycamore. Lane, Josiah, h. near Beacon. Little, Nicholas, h. Beech. Litt
Tufts, Charles, home of, III.—15. Tufts, Daniel, II.—22. Tufts, Edmund, Printer, son of Joseph, I.—25; II.—24; III.—21. Tufts, Elizabeth, wife of Ebenezer Smith, I.—24. Tufts, Captain, Francis, IV.—22. Tufts, Hannah, daughter of Peter, II.—22. Tufts, Isaac, II.—22. Tufts, Isaac, son of Timothy and Anne Adams, II.—25. Tufts, Isaiah, son of Nathaniel, I.—22, 23. Tufts, James, son of Peter, I.—21. Tufts, James, of Medford, II.—23, 24. Tufts, James W., son of Leonard, II.—24. Tufts, Joel, son of Peter of Winter Hill, II.—22. Tufts, John, of Charlestown and Maiden, I.—21. Tufts, John 2nd, son of William, I.—23 Tufts, John 2nd, son of Nathaniel, I.—23. Tufts, John, son of Peter of Milk Row, II.—21. Tufts, John, son of Peter of Winter Hill, II.—23. Tufts, John, Jr., son of John and Elizabeth, II.—23. Tufts, Jonathan, of Medford, I.—21. Tufts, Jonas, II.—25. Tufts, Joseph, son of Peter of