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The Daily Dispatch: December 2, 1861., [Electronic resource], The supply of Wood — no chance for the speculators — the members of the conference Visiting the Navy-Yard — the weather. (search)
False pretences. --It is to be regretted that we have in this community any of that class of beings known as sharpers, who feather their nests by deceptive practices, and take advantage of every opportunity to fleece an unsuspecting stranger; but we suppose this is one of the luxuries peculiar to the metropolis of a great nation. Frank Livingston was arraigned before the Recorder on Saturday to answer a charge of obtaining money from Captain Kilpatrick and J. G. Hawthorn, of South Carolina, by false pretences. The prisoner desired to have some witnesses summoned in his behalf; and the investigation was, therefore, postponed until to-day. If he proves his innocence, we shall be gratified to record the fact as an item to the credit of Richmond morality; but, if otherwise, he will have to stand the consequences of a felonious proceeding.
False Pretences. --Frank Livingston, charged with obtaining money from Captains F. Kilpatrick and Jas. G. Hawthorne, by false pretence, was arraigned before the Mayor yesterday. It appeared from the testimony that he represented himself to be a lieutenant in the 14th Louisiana regiment, and had so registered himself on the book at the Exchange; that an intimacy sprang up between himself and Captains Kilpatrick and Hawthorne, and to relieve him of temporary embarrassment, until be could pricers, finding they had been victimized, concluded that it was best to put a stop to such sharp practices, and therefore made the complaint which led to his arrest. There are certain papers in the hands of the Mayor, which go to show that "Private Livingston" was attached to Col. Zoulakowaki's Louisiana regiment, and that he was charged with uttering disloyal sentiments and with at tempting to perpetrate a fraud upon the Farmers Bank of Virginia, With a view to give it a thorough investigation,
Continued. --The case of Frank Livingston, who is charged with obtaining money by false pretences, has been further continued by order of the Mayor.
at a slave named Henry Cooper, the property of John A. Belvin, the particulars of which we have already published. There was no provocation for the offence beyond the negro's proper refusal to take Langdon to ride in his hack, except upon condition that the fare be paid in advance. For this he was deliberately shot at in a public street, and only escaped death by the narrowest chance. Lang don was remanned, to be further examined before the Hustings Court for felonious shooting. Frank Livingston, formerly a private in Col. Zoulakowski's regiment, from Louisiana, charged with obtaining money by false pretences, was brought into Court yesterday, but no further investigation of the case was had, owing to the absence of important witnesses. Continued to the 23d instant. A fine of $20 was imposed upon Thomas Phillips for keeping his bar-room open after 10 o'clock, P. M. Several negro delinquents were put through in the usual way, and a woman of unsteady habits was committ
e of doing the same thing in future, being armed with the deadly Mississippi rifle and sabre bayonet. Captain Wm. J. Dabney, of the Game-Point battery, wants twenty-five men. The battery is located where provisions are abundant and the duties of the soldier clash but little with the individuality of the man. Among the several companies of cavalry now being enlisted in Richmond, none have come under our observation which seem to possess more of the elements of vitality than Captain Frank Livingston's, whose rendezvous is on 10th street, between Main and Cary. Good inducements are offered to those who wish to serve the country. Messrs. Jno. T. Rogers and Wm. F. Atkinson are raising a battery of heavy artillery, and have established a rendezvous corner of 9th and Main streets, where the usual bounty and clothing are given to accepted soldiers. Parties wishing to join the Goochland Light Dragoons can do so by addressing Capt. A. M. Hobson, Pemberton P. O., Goochland cou
rison, two of whom are under sentence of death. The arrests from March 15th embrace the following names: Committed 14th March.--James Rush, Parkersburg, Va. Committed 15th March.--J W Hughes, Richmond, suspicion; John Hancock, Richmond. Committed 17th March.--Jas King, Richmond suspicion. Committed 20th March.--Julius Roth, R T Sale, Lt G T Twells, Wm Thom, J Y Phillips, Richmond, disloyalty. Committed 21st March.--J. C. Humphreys, R F Humphreys, J P Pritchard, Frank Livingston, Richmond, disloyalty. Committed 22d March.--Thomas Hancock, Richmond, suspicion. Committed 24th March.--Samuel Zeigler, alias Greenwall, Harper's Ferry, suspicion; D S Cates, 4th Tennessee regiment. Committed 25th March.--Wm L Schofield, Texas, Thos Robertson, Ga, spies. Committed 26th March.--W W Ritch, Washington, N C, supposed to be a spy; E S Baker, Richmond,--; Alex Morris, Gordonsville, disloyalty; Chas Brown, New Orleans,--; Price Lewis, New York, spy. C
im to give $500 security to be of good behavior. A person known as Capt. Frank Livingston was arraigned, charged with blaring a gold watch by false presences frothe Tavern. Mr. Angel. clerk of the Columbian, testified that the negro let Livingston have the watch on the representation that he was going to visit Cindy. Mr. Jte being introduced as a witness on behalf of the Commonwealth testified that Livingston had pawned the watch with him for a loan of $250, and that shortly after it passed into his possession be learned how Livingston came in possession of it, and on the application of the owner he had restored the time-place to him.--The charge och was dismissed; but on failing to give $500 security for his good behavior, Livingston was committed to the city jail. The original charge on which Livingston was Livingston was arrested, viz:--obtaining a uniform coat from E. H. Ivory by false pretences — was not called up. It appeared that, like many others he had only gotten the coat on ti
Miscellaneous. --Seventeen Yankee prisoners were received at the Libby on yesterday--ten belonging to Storeman's cavalry, were captured on the Rapiden. Eight hundred from Atlanta, Ga., were expected last night from Lynchburg. Several thousand will — probably arrive to day from Guinea Station A C Garey, of Harrison co, sent to Castle Thunder as a hostage, was discharged by order of General Winder yesterday. Ransom Washington and Riddick Wilson, free negroes, have been lodges in the Military prison on the charge of guiding the Yankees during their recent around Richmond. Robert S. Parker, for assigning soldiers to desert, and Frank Livingston for being a spy, have been lodged in Castle Thunder for trial. John Orrell, a burglar, who recently escaped from the city jail, has been re-arrested and conducted to his old quarters.
this city yesterday morning. The following cases came up for settlement: A writ of habeas corpus was awarded upon the petition of John F. Brown, praying to be discharged from military service, and the Court decided to hear the case on Thursday. A similar writ was awarded to John S. Horton. Matthew Wood, a minor, was discharged, under petition accompanying a writ of habeas corpus, from the army. A writ of habeas corpus was awarded Zebulon Boon, who prayed to be discharged from the military service upon grounds of illegal detention. Frank Livingston, James Johnston, and Michael Roseberry, appeared, on their petitions for a writ praying to be discharged and claiming to belong to no military organization. Their cases were continued until to-day. T. H. Ellett's petition for a writ of habeas corpus, with a view to his discharge from the army, was partially heard and continued until this morning. The Court adjourned to meet again this morning at 11 o'clock.
Ellett, who applies for a discharge from Captain Hayward's company of cavalry on the ground that he had furnished a substitute. It appears that he left Captain Hayward's company and joined Captain Hayward's company and joined Captain Mayo's company, (Mayo's Guard,) and Capt. Hayward had him arrested. The case was argued by Mr. John S. Caskie for the petitioner, and Mr. Raleigh T. Daniel for the Government. The Court took time to consider of its decision, and continued the case until Friday. G. W. Yarbrough was discharged from the military service on the ground that he was a mail contractor. Martin Laughnane was discharged from the military service on the ground that he had been subsequently transferred by the War Department to the general service. The cases of Frank Livingston, Michael Roscherry, James Johnson, and Julius Jobe, who ask to be discharged under writs of habeas corpus, were continued until to-day, and that of Wm. L Forrester was continued until Friday.
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