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caught. --It will be recollected that one night about a week ago the smoke house of Major William Allen, on Leigh street, between 7th and 8th, was broken into and robbed of a quantity of sausage, lard, bacon, beef tongues, &c. Yesterday officer Davis and Capt. James B. Pleasants, of the night watch, received information that Robert Patterson, a white man living over Russell's stable on Wall street, was the thief, and immediately went in search of him. They found him and a woman named Amanda Logan in a room in the third story over the stable mentioned, and in the room, on search, found the sausage, lard, and most of the stolen articles. As Davis was bringing Patterson down the stairs, the latter jumped out of the 2d story back window and tried to escape by running. Davis followed him out of the window and pursued him and shot at him as he went up the alley leading to the Exchange Hotel. The bullet missed him, but came close enough to him to warn him that the alley was no safe pl
Mayor's Court. --The following cases were disposed of yesterday: Robert Patterson and Amanda Logan were charged with breaking and entering the smoke-house of Col. Wm Allen, on Leigh street, between 7th and 8th. Most of the stolen property was brought into Court by Capt Pleasants, of the watch, and day officer Davis. Col. Allen stated that on Tuesday night last his premises were for the fourteenth time invaded by burglars, who on this occasion broke into his smoke-house and carried off sixty pounds of sausage, a number of beef tongues, and some bacon. He had brought to Court one of the sausages dropped by the thieves in getting over the wall of his garden. It would be seen that the sausage was like those found in Patterson's possession by the officer, which he recognized as his property. Capt. Pleasants stated that he had found Patterson and the woman Logan in a room together over Russell's stable, and in the same room found Col. Allen's sausage, &c. Patterson j
Hustings Court. --This Court was mostly engaged with civil business yesterday. Miles R. Bohannon, charged with forgery, and Amanda Logan, charged with receiving stolen goods, were admitted to bail.
over to the proper owner yesterday morning, after the case was gotten through with. The Mayor, at the close of the examination, announced his intention to send the prisoner on to the Hustings Court, but at the earnest solicitation of Mr. Gary, who intimated his purpose to sell her, the punishment was committed to thirty lashes, well laid on. Margaret was also whipped for harboring Henrietta. Melinda Brown, Emma Tally, Sarah Pitt, Emma Smith, Virginia Wode, Mrs. Dr. Elizabeth Wilson; Amanda Logan, Nora Euright, Margaret Lynch, and Gracey Smith, were charged with keeping house of ill repute, where all sorts of lewd practices are indulged in. The accused are occupants of the upper part of a house on Wall street, between Main and Franklin, Over Russell's stables, and were represented by the witnesses as women of the most abandoned character, "continually cursing and swearing, and exhibiting themselves in a state of nudity to persons living in the neighborhood." In the same house, in
Hustings Court --Judge Lyons presiding.--The following cases were tried in this Court yesterday: Amanda Logan, indicted for receiving a lot of sausage, bacon, lard, &c, which she knew to have been stolen from Major William Allen, was tried, convicted, and sentenced by the jury to six months imprisonment in the city jail. Robert Patterson, convicted of petit larceny on Friday in receiving certain goods which he knew to be stolen from Major Wm. Allen, was sentenced by the Judge to one year's imprisonment in the penitentiary. Thos Collier, indicted for forging a certificate of deposit for $1,200 on L P Leath, of Petersburg, was tried and convicted, and his punishment assessed at one year's imprisonment in the penitentiary. Coliyer was recommended by the jury to Executive clemency. Patrick McGowan, indicted for stealing a lot of bacon from Lucian Peyronet, was then put upon trial; but at the close of this report no disposition had been made of the matter. Th