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William Tecumseh Sherman, Memoirs of General William T. Sherman ., volume 1, Chapter 1: early recollections of California. 1846-1848. (search)
land. Nothing could be more peaceful in its looks than Monterey in January, 1847. We had already made the acquaintance of Commodore Shubrick and the officers of the Independence in Valparaiso, so that we again met as old friends. Immediate preparations were made for landing, and, as I was quartermaster and commissary, I had plenty to do. There was a small wharf and an adobe custom-house in possession of the navy; also a barrack of two stories, occupied by some marines, commanded by Lieutenant Maddox; and on a hill to the west of the town had been built a two-story block-house of hewed logs occupied by a guard of sailors under command of Lieutenant Baldwin, United States Navy. Not a single modern wagon or cart was to be had in Monterey, nothing but the old Mexican cart with wooden wheels, drawn by two or three pairs of oxen, yoked by the horns. A man named Tom Cole had two or more of these, and he came into immediate requisition. The United States consul, and most prominent man
utenant Pierce Horne, (acting Adjutant,) slightly. Enlisted men killed, four; wounded, thirty-eight, (two since dead;) and missing, fifteen. Seventh Georgia Regiment.--Killed, Lieutenant F. S. Watson. Major E. W. Hoyle, mortally wounded; Adjutant Maddox, Captain R. B. Hicks, Lieutenant Bellinger, Lieutenant White, and Lieutenant Wynn, slightly wounded. Enlisted men killed, thirteen; seriously wounded, fifty-three ; slightly, forty-eight. Eighth Georgia Regiment.--Enlisted men killed, fona and re-formed it in the thick wood through which the advance had been made, and discovering troops not more than forty yards in front, and being necessarily uncertain as to whether they belonged to our army or that of the enemy, I directed private Maddox, company K, Fifth Louisiana, to advance and challenge, Who are you? to which the reply was, Friends. Hearing this reply, I demanded, What regiment? and was answered, Third Vermont; whereupon the order was given to commence firing. After t
him. Though generally all behaved well, I will particularly mention the following as having attracted my attention by distinguished gallantry: Captains J. V. Moody, Parker, and Woolfolk; Lieutenant Elliot, commanding Rhett's battery; Lieutenants Gilbert and Fickling, Rhett's battery; Lieutenant Parkenson, Parker's battery, severely wounded in the leg; Lieutenant Sillers, Moody's battery; Sergeants Conroy and Price; and Corporals Gaulin and Donoho, Moody's battery. I would also mention Lieutenant Maddox, of Colonel Cutts's battalion of artillery, who had two guns under my command, and behaved with great gallantry. My Adjutant, Lieutenant W. H. Kemper, Alexandria artillery, was of great assistance to me, and exhibited gallantry and coolness in an eminent degree. Enclosed is a list of casualties. I am, sir, very respectfully, Your obedient servant, Stephen D. Lee, Colonel of Artillery C. S. A., commanding Battalion. Signal reports — Report of J. L. Bartlett. [Harpe
risoners. Reached the village of Chaptico the same day about eleven P. M., and arrested a Mr. C. C. Spaulding, merchant, who for some time has been engaged in violating the blockade. Found in his money drawer letters implicating him. Also found in his storehouse several boxes mysteriously directed in large letters to O. K., of which he could give no account whatever. At two A. M., of the fourth instant, started for Leonardtown, fourteen miles distant. On the way searched the house of a Mr. Maddox, situate on the banks of the Wicomico River. Discovered nothing. Reached Leonardtown about daylight, and arrested a Mr. E. Lee Spaulding, brother to C. C. Spaulding. Found in his safe nineteen hundred dollars in Southern money, taken in payment for bill of goods sold to a party of whom he knew nothing, not even so far as his name. He had made no entry of this, nor of many similar sales, upon the book, and gave the man no receipt. He had packed the goods in small bundles, at the reque
Latham J S Lamkin W A Lindesey W Lewis W E (col) Lafond F H Loftus J Lynn J F Lucas J W Lohman J Mannic J L Mathews J F Meagher J Malone J Milstein J T Mason J Muldowny J Moore J R Mister J J Mahone J J Maggiore P T Morien W W Martin W A Makowica W Martin Cpt W P Moore W P Moran J Meem Dr A R Montgomery mr Myers G C Mathews G G Munn G Morris B P Motzier C F Murphy C Minor A Morgan G W Maddox G W Moran T Mosely T F Martin T Manrice T Mannel H Mires H Morris G W Monntz H L Marx H Martin W H Moore S D Meredith S Mikels S Moore S L Mason S F 2 Mabsun F Marier F Morian R C Murkland Rev Ss Mitham R Morse R Moss R Moore E C 2 Monaghan D Marr D Moor P Moriarty M Monaghan M McMahon C McGruder B F McCrone&Munn McLaughlin P McKoom P McCennen D McKay R McCarty H McCulough T 2 Mc
erstood that he was to be taken directly through to Fort Lafayette, New York. Arrival of prisoners. Last Saturday evening the propeller Reliance came up from the flotilla, bringing with her three prisoners--one a Confederate officer, Captain Maddox. It appears that they had gone over to Maryland from Virginia, at Herring creek, near Piney Point, for the purpose of recruiting for the Secession army, and the officers of the Reliance going ashore there on Friday evening, were informed of the circumstance by an old lady living near the river.--Captain Maddox was found in bed, from which he was ruthlessly extracted and transferred to the propeller, with his colleagues, who were together brought here and placed in confinement. The Reliance reported all quiet down the river. Confederate signals. From Piney Point to Fort Washington there is a regularly established line of signals on the Maryland shore of the Potomac. A steamer cannot move at night but she is telegraphed by
chbourg, R R Johnson, G W Williams, A L Jacobs, Samuel Humfreys Septimus Harvier, Thos N Davis, A D Moses, Patrick Brody. H J McLaurin, D H Baggett. J W Hodge. Total killed, 6; wounded and missing, 8; wounded, 19--38. Company D, Giat Rifles, Capt Smith--Killed: Privates John Carr, R Wilson, T B Bennett. Wounded: Lieut E H Acker, Corpl W D Bennett, Privates W D Acket. W B Bennett, R H Bradley, J C Bruce, S J Gary, N H Hamilton, N Hamilton, N McWhorter, J J Riley, G Timbs, J Whilt, W Maddox, H Kelley. Missing: Sergt Kohler, T V Green, Thos Green, Corpl J H Wilson. Total killed, 3; wounded, 15; missing, 4--23. Company E, Bozeman Guards, Capt. Arnold.--Killed: R H Fowler, Sergt W A Bagnall. Wounded: Corp'l T D Babb, A P Owens, Privates H S Coker, H C Peden, J P Rice, M W Thompson, J S Hiett, G W Davis, John Davenport, T P Voght, T C Perkins, J B Patterson, L E Parlor. C J Davenport, J R Godfrey, J J Fowler, J D Howard, J W Ramsey. Missing: J A Terry, J H Kraff, Austin E
Errors --The name of the woman who was before C. S Commissioner Watson last Friday, on charge of harboring a deserter, John H Maddox, is Elizabeth Cook, not Mosby, as published Mrs. Cook is well known to the residents of Manchester.
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." Wendell Phillips is announced to speak at Cooper Institute on Wednesday evening, October 26th, on the Presidential election. It will be his first and only address in New York during the Presidential campaign. The Republican procession in Washington on Saturday night burnt the McClellan flag hanging from the Democratic Club-House. Rev. Mr. Bitting, and Messrs. Foster and Peyton, of Alexandria, who have been put on the trains on the Manassas road, have been released, and Messrs. Maddox, Metcalf and Murray, of Salem, and J. H. Hathaway, have been arrested and put on the trains. A lady in Berkshire, New York, presented her husband with their twenty-first child last week. --The babies are all living, but the father is almost caved in. A watchmaker of Annapolis has the silver watch given to George Washington by his grandfather. The number of blockade-runners captured or destroyed off Wilmington since August 1, 1863, is fifty. More than ten thousand refu