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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Index. (search)
en, Lt. F. M., 304. Macmurphy, Lt. A. M., 413. McNair, Lt. D. J. G., 213. McNally, Lt. N. A., 123. McNamee, Capt. J V., 402. McNeely, Capt. J. F., 424. McNeely, Lt. M D., 284. McNeil, Lt., James, 304. McNeill, Lt. N. A., 276. McNeill, Maj. N. M. K., 275. McQueen, Ass't Surg A. A., 185. McRae, Lt., 17. McRae, Gen., Wm.; Brigade of, 295. McVay, Lt. W. T., 394. McWhorter, Maj. R. L., 333. Maddox Lt. J. A., 109. Maffett, Lt. D. T., 334. Magness, Capt. J. J., 424. Mahone, Gen., Wm., VIII, 303; Division of, 303 Mahood, Lt. L. A., 16. Malone, Lt. J. H., 247. Mallory, A. D. C., Chas. H., 303. Maltbie, Col. R., 212. Mann, Ass't Surg. Chas. T., 177. Mann, Lt. E. J., 347. Manley's Battery, 64. Manly, Lt., Wm. H., 122 Manning, Col. P. T., 69. Manning, Maj. W. H., 230. Manson, Capt. J. R., 347. Market, Lt. J. M., 421. Markous, Lt., Frank, 186. Marks, Ass't Surg. T. M., 2. Marks, Lt. T. S., 424. Marine Corps, 4, 7, 459. Marlar, Lt., Joseph, 284.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 25. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Index. (search)
276. Lee, Gen. G. W. Custis, 38, 286. Lee, Gen. R. E, Surrender of, 300; Birthday of, observed, 354. Lee, Stephen D., 103. Lee, Gen. W. H. F., 277. Leigh, Benj. Watkins, 187. Lewis, R. B., 351. Lincoln, Abraham, 69, 380. Lyons, Capt. J. L., 184. McClellan, Gen. G. B., 154. McCrady, Col., Edward, 237. McDowell, Miss, Lillie, 281. McGowan, Gen., Samuel, 211. Magruder, Gen. J. B., 154, 217. McGuire, Dr., Hunter, 91. McIntire, Adj't D. N., 257. McLaws, Gen Fayette, 101. Mahone, Gen., Wm., 82. McLaughlin, Maj., M. McR., 257. McRae, Col. D. K., 153, 157, 164. McRae, Gen., Wm., 339. McRae, Capt., killed, 257. Malvern Hill, Battle of, 95, 160, 183, 208, 212. Manassas, Battle of, 4. Marshall, Col. E. G., 78. Marigny, Col. M,, 182. Maryland Campaign, The, 226. Mason, Hon. J. M., Tribute to, 186. Maury, Gen. D. H 45, 309. Mechanicsville, Battle of, 160, 249. Miller, Walter L., 60. Monocacy, Battle of, 174. Morris Island, 131. Six hundred Confed
Bluff, Smith's majority over Flournoy is 70; over Munford, 91. Imboden over Price, 39. For Congress: Gholson has a majority of 53 over Collier. A few votes were cast for Congress in the 2d district at this point. Of these, Godwin received 21; Mahone, 15; Parham 1. For the State Senate, 7th district, Adams has a majority of 70 over Jones, his highest competitor. In the first battalion, Va. artillery, Munford's majority over Flournoy is 17; over Smith, 23. Price over Imboden, 11. In the 32d Va. regiment, Lyons has a majority of 7 over Wickham. The following is the refugee vote taken at the Court-House in Petersburg, and at the Model Farm barracks: Second Congressional Distract.--Gen'l Wm Mahone, 39; Rev. Thos Hume, 24; R H Whitfield, 16; D J Godwin, 1. Third Congressional District--At Court-House: Jas Lyons, 2; W C Wickham, 1. At Model Farm: Jas Lyons, 3; W C Wickham, 21. Hanover Junction, May 28.--The following is the vote of the army at this place
neral Hoke and part of General Breckenridge's line he was repulsed without difficulty. He succeeded in penetrating a salient in General Breckenridge's line and captured a portion of the battalion there posted. Gen Finnegan's brigade, of Mahone's division, and the Maryland battalion, of Breckenridge's command, immediately drove the enemy out with severe loss. Repeated attacks were made upon Gen Anderson's position, chiefly against his right, under Gen. Kershaw. They were met with General; Cols Bryan Grimes, James Conner, Rufus Barringer, and Jno McCausland, to be Brigadier Generals. The following officers have been appointed to the following temporary rank: R H Anderson and Jubal A Early to be Lieutenant Generals; Wm Mahone and L. D Ramseur Major Generals; W. R Cox, T. H Toon, W. G Lewis, R. D Lilly, and — Tork, to be Brigadier Generals. From Bottom's Bridge. The enemy's column still remains at Bottom's Bridge, and have their artillery posted on the heigh
ill mention buggies, horses, cabrioles, wagons, jewelry, ladies' clothing, and almost every conceivable thing, including spades, picks, shovels, axes, water buckets, and a list "too tedious to mention." Among the prisoners captured are thirteen commissioned officers. I have thus rapidly sketched this brilliant little affair. All honor to the Floridains, Georgians, and Fitz Lee's cavalry, who participated in it. Surely, if ever a man deceived well of his country, it is Brig Gen. Wm Mahone, whose name is associated with the best fighting of Chancellorsville, the Wilderness, and Spotsylvania, C H, to say nothing of the three brilliant little affairs which have happened under his management around Petersburg during the last week. Lieut Gen. A P Hill and Marse Robert have again and again nominated him for a full Major Generalship; but the President still hesitates to give him more than a temporary appointment as such, which, as the oldest brigadier in the Army of Northern Virg
From Petersburg. Petersburg, June 30--12 M --General Mahone, assisted by cavalry, came up with Wilson's raiders near Reim's Sirtion, ten miles below here, yesterday, rough and routed them driving them four miles, capturing eleven pieces of artillery, two hundred prisoners, thirty-three ambulances, and thirty-five wagons, killing and wounding a large number of the enemy, and recapturing, five hundred stolen slaves. Our cavalry were in pursuit of them at the last accounts, and a large number of them ought to be captured. The enemy are retesting in great-disorder by the route which they came to Ream's. Our loss in infantry one killed and one wounded.