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Watch-House cases --William, a slave, the property of Thos. Emmett, has been locked up to a wait examination before the Mayor, on a charge of setting fire to and burning the dwelling of John T. West. Also, Elizabeth Martin, a free woman of color, for assaulting a white man with a knife. Several negroes were arrested Saturday night, and duly punished yesterday morning, for smaller offences.
covered a specific proposition to which he never would have given his sanction. He was now prepared to vote for the resolution before the House, because it was free from the objectionable feature of that adopted by the House on Saturday. Mr. Martin, of Henry, thought that the adoption of the resolutions would remove from the House all cause of disagreement, and, therefore, favored the adoption of the resolution. Mr. Hackley had voted on a similar proposition on Saturday. He did not nimously — Yeas 108. Resolutions, &c.--The following resolutions of inquiry into expediency was read and referred; By Mr. D. Gibson, of affecting the act authorizing the Bank of the Valley to establish a branch in the city of Richmond; by Mr. Martin, resolved, that when this House adjourns on Saturday next, it will with the consent of the Senate, adjourn to meet again on the 11th day of February next; by Mr. Christian, of incorporating the Southern Express Company with power to transport p
Punished. --Elizabeth Martin, a turbulent free woman of color, was sent down for punishment yesterday for assaulting Charles Tyler, a while man.
elf Thomas Monks, claiming to hall from Worcester, Mass., was arrested on Friday night, in the neighborhood of 7th and Byrd streets, as a suspicious character, and for running away when the watchmen approached him. He declined to give any definite account of his business here, and the Mayor, thinking that Monks ought by all means to be provided with a cell, gave him a passport to the city jail. A bystander casually observed that he "didn't much blame the feller; he would run himself if he seen the night-watch coming after him." Elizabeth Martin, the free negro woman who was punished with "twenty" day before yesterday, for assaulting Charles Tyler, received another dose of "thirty" yesterday for using vulgar and abusive language to Mrs. Catherine Tyler. Thornton, slave of Edw'd. Green, was properly punished for indecent exposure in the Second Market: and Marcus, slave of Warner Shelton, of Hanover, was awarded thirty lashes for threatening to assault Benj. Osborn, a white man.
Mayor's Court, Saturday. --Huge McCarty, drunk, was left off. Jas. Doin, drunk and pointing a loaded musket at James McGes, admonished and 1st off. Albert, slave of Wm. Greanor, whipped for striking John G. Mosby with a stone. Wm. Roberts, free, ordered twenty lashes for assaulting Elizabeth Martin. Wm. Bolton, for abusing and threatening C. E. Weaver, gave security. Ann T. Hughes, charged with keeping a disorderly house, continued till the 29th. Edward Cunningham, acquitted of stealing $4.75 from Wm. Whipple. Adam Weaver, for threatening Benj Bolton, case continued to the 29th. Donald McCrady was required to give security for assaulting A. W. Trabus and threatening to kill Mary Trabue. The disturbance recurred on the basin.