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nd at the same time ordered his comrades to fire. Four balls struck Sanders and he fell to the floor. A fatal shot was now about to be made from a rifle, when Sanders's sister threw up the muzzle. They gathered his pistol, and immediately left. You readily imagine the scene — all transpiring in the room where were a sister, a wife, and two children. The villains next went one and a half miles to the house of David Kilgore, who went with them as a pilot. Thence they went two miles to Henry Martin's, took one gun ; thence half a mile to the house of a widow, whose name is Skaggs; there they gathered blankets, quilts, one revolver, one gun, and one horse; thence four miles to Henry Bager's, where they took one gun. One mile further they came up to the house of Captain S. Mason, and attempted to rush in ; the door being fastened, they ordered it opened, and cursed the Captain and bade him surrender. The Captain retreated to a dark part of the house with a preparation of eight loaded
Marshall, L. M. 393 Marshall, William, 2d Mass. Inf., 393 Marshall, William, 22d Mass. Inf., 393 Marston, J., 43 Marston, John, 393 Marston, W. H., 393 Martin, A. P. 50, 54, 75, 92, 93, 99, 104, 115, 144, 149, 150 182. Martin, A. T. B., 469 Martin, C. G., 535 Martin, C. M., 535 Martin, D. R., 393 Martin, E. A., 393 Martin, Edward, 535 Martin, Francis, 393 Martin, G. A., 27th Mass. Inf., 535 Martin, G. A., 59th Mass. Inf., 393 Martin, George, 393 Martin, H. F., 535 Martin, Henry, 315 Martin, James, 393 Martin, John, 2d Mass. Inf., 393 Martin, John, 2d Mass. Inf., 393 Martin, Lysander, 469 Martin, Michael, 16th Mass. Inf., 469 Martin, Michael, 28th Mass. Inf., 393 Martin, Patrick, 2d Mass. Cav., 535 Martin, Patrick, 21st Mass. Inf., 393 Martin, R. H., 493 Martin, S. A., 469 Martin, Solomon, 393 Martin, Thomas, 1st Mass. Cav., 469 Martin, Thomas, 1st Sergt., 2d Mass. Cav., 393 Martin, Thomas, 2d Mass. Cav., 535 Martindale, J. H., 54, 78, 228 Marv
eavy Artillery, Aug. 25, 1864. Mustered out, June 17, 1865. Martin, George T. Second Lieutenant, 38th Mass. Infantry, Aug. 16, 1862. First Lieutenant, Apr. 14, 1863. Resigned, Aug. 12, 1863. Martin, George T. First Lieutenant, 4th Mass. Heavy Artillery, Aug. 16, 1864. Died of disease, Mar. 13, 1865. Martin, George W. Second Lieutenant, 1st Mass. Cavalry, Nov. 13, 1864. First Lieutenant, May 26, 1865; not mustered. Mustered out, June 5, 1865, as Second Lieutenant. Martin, Henry. Second Lieutenant, 1st Co. Mass. Sharpshooters, July 19, 1862. First Lieutenant, Sept. 19, 1862. Mustered out, May 29, 1863. Martin, John W. Second Lieutenant, 1st Mass. Cavalry, Feb. 16, 1864. First Lieutenant, Nov. 13, 1864. Mustered out, June 26, 1865. Martin, John W. First Lieutenant, 24th Mass. Infantry, Nov. 14, 1864. Resigned, Dec. 18, 1865. Martin, Knott V. Captain, 8th Infantry, M. V. M., in service of the U. S., Apr. 30, 1861. Mustered out, Aug. 1, 186
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, Index of names of persons. (search)
all, E. M., 473 Marshall, G. E., 221, 678 Marshall, I. N., 316 Marshall, J. A., 317 Marshall, J. H., 317, 542 Marshall, J. J., 317 Marsters, G. W., 96 Marston, F. M., 573 Marston, F. W., 430, 473 Marston, H. P., 317 Marston, Ward, 164 Marthon, Joseph, 96 Martin, A. P., 221, 317, 542 Martin, B. F., 317 Martin, E. D., 96 Martin, G. M., 96 Martin, G. T., 38th Mass. Inf., 317 Martin, G. T., 4th Mass. H. A., 317 Martin, G. W., 317 Martin, H. A., 430, 542 Martin, H. F., 96 Martin, Henry, 317 Martin, J. W., 1st Mass. Cav., 317 Martin, J. W., 24th Mass. Inf., 317 Martin, K. V., 317 Martin, Oramel, 385, 430 Martin, Sylvanus, 317 Martin, W. H., 189, 430, 473, 542 Martine, A. H., 96 Martine, W. L., 96 Martins, W. F., 317 Marvin, A. P., 605 Mason, A. J., 317 Mason, A. P., 678 Mason, Albert, 317, 431 Mason, Augustus, 385 Mason, C. H., 96 Mason, Charles, 317, 542 Mason, E. B., 317, 385 Mason, E. J., 317 Mason, G. E., 385 Mason, H. C., 221, 317, 542 Mason, J
d-hearted ladies visited us in our vile prisons, and beheld our wretched condition, they involuntarily burst into tears. They gave us all they were permitted to bestow — their sympathy and tears. Among the prisoners were, from Maysville, Ky., Hon. R. H. Stanton, Isaac Nelson, W. B. Casto, Mr. Thomas, John Hall, A. D. Hunt, and George W. Forrester, proprietor and editor of the Maysville Express; also, Lt. A. O. Brummel of the Confederate Army, from Richmond, Va.; Colonel Ferguson and Henry Martin, from Western Virginia, and quite a number of other officers from that State, who were in rags. I cannot attempt to enumerate the names of other gentlemen. Judge J. R. Curry, Judge of the Harrison County Court; Perry Wherret, Clerk of the same court, and W. B. Glave, Sheriff of the same county, and myself, were arrested at Cynthiana, its county seat. We were first taken to Newport (Kentucky) barracks, and taken to Newport (Kentucky) barracks, and there confined in the cells, withou