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; and also, with having rendered treasonable aid and comfort to the enemy." No testimony was heard yesterday, and, by consent of all parties, the case was continued until the 14th instant. The parties were admitted to bail in the sum of $500 each, with Volaska Vaiden and L. H. Liggott sureties for their appearance. Isabella Piggott, one of the defendants, being only seven years of age, the charge against her was dismissed. Hearing on a Writ of Habeas Corpus.--The case of Wm. F. Simms, who is claimed as a member of Capt. Taylor Martin's company, came up before Judge Meredith yesterday afternoon, and upon application of the party by counsel the case was continued until Monday morning next, at 9 o'clock, to enable Simms to have the testimony of Col. Shields, who is deemed an important witness in the case.--The Attorney for the Government required that the party suing out the writ should meanwhile be held in military custody, and he was therefore remanded to Castle Thunder.
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Castle Thunder items. --Since our last report, the following commitments have been made to Castle Thunder: J. Crane, Fifth Louisiana, and Thomas Quinn, Fourteenth Louisiana, charged with robbing a paroled soldier. Andrew Redford, Fifteenth Virginia, and Thomas Jordan, a detailed conscript at the navy-yard, charged with attempting to escape to the enemy. A member of the First Michigan cavalry, named Walter Terrell, was committed upon suspicion of being a spy. Also, the following runaway negroes, who were recaptured from the Yankees: Peter, slave of George Timberlake, of Richmond; Charles, slave of C. W. Maupin, of Louisa county, Virginia; Lindsey, slave of Mrs. Bettie Roberts, of Nelson, county, Virginia; Taylor Martin, slave of Daniel Kennedy, of Charlottesville; Jack, slave of John H. Coleman, of Albemarle, and Tom, slave of Charles Boswell, of Fluvanna, Virginia.