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The Photographic History of The Civil War: in ten volumes, Thousands of Scenes Photographed 1861-65, with Text by many Special Authorities, Volume 10: The Armies and the Leaders. (ed. Francis Trevelyan Miller), General officers of the Confederate Army: a full roster compiled from the official records (search)
21, 1864. Johnson, Edward, Feb. 28, 1863. Jones, David R., Oct. 11, 1862. Jones, Samuel, Mar. 10, 1862. Kemper, J. L., Sept. 19, 1864. Kershaw, J. B., May 18, 1864. Lee, Fitzhugh, Aug. 3, 1863. Lee, G. W. Custis, Oct. 20, 1864. Lee, W. H. F., Apr. 23, 1864. Loring, W. W., Feb. 17, 1862. Lovell, Mansfield, Oct. 7, 1861. McCown, John P., Mar. 10, 1862. McLaws, L., May 23, 1862. Magruder, J. B., Oct. 7, 1861. Mahone, William, July 30, 1864. Marmaduke, J. S., Mar. 17, 1865. Martin, Will T., Nov. 10, 1863. Maury, D. H., Nov. 4, 1862. Polignac, C. J., April 8, 1864. Pender, W. D., May 27, 1863. Pickett, George E., Oct. 10, 1862. Price, Sterling, Mar. 6, 1862. Ransom, R., Jr. , May 26, 1863. Rodes, Robert E., May 2, 1863. Smith, G. W., Sept. 19, 1861. Smith, Martin L., Nov. 4, 1862. Smith, William, Aug. 12, 1863. Stevenson, C. L., Oct. 10, 1862. Stuart, J. E. B., July 25, 1862. Taylor, Richard, July 28, 1862. Trimble, Isaac R., Jan. 17, 1863. Twiggs, D. E., Ma
pelo. With Price at Iuka, September 19-20, 1862, it began its long roll of battles, and was highly commended by Brigadier-General Martin and by General Price. Both its colonel, J. F. Dowdell, and its lieutenant-colonel, A. A. Greene, were wounded i it was, was killed at Iuka. In the battle of Corinth, October 3-5, 1862, it lost heavily and its brigade commander, General Martin, was killed. Brigaded under General Moore, the winter of 1862-63 was spent in Mississippi. It took part at Chickasawar Records. Vol. XVII, Part I—(123) Report of Gen. Sterling Price, of battle of Iuka, speaks of regiment as being in Martin's brigade. Says Col. James F. Dowdell and Lieut.-Col. A. A. Greene were wounded, the latter severely. (132-133) GeneralGeneral Martin's report of same engagement speaks in high commendation of the cool gallantry and daring of Col. James F. Dowdell; also of Lieutenant-Colonel Greene, who was severely wounded, and Major Slaton, who acted bravely and nobly. He gives casualtie
I, Part 2—(677, 847) Mentioned by Colonel Prather and Gen. W. T. Martin. (943) In Hagan's brigade, Wheeler's corps, Bragg's ry in engagement at Russellville, December 10th.—From Gen. W. T. Martin's report of the Knoxville, Tenn., campaign. No. 56valry regiment: Vol. XXIII, Part –(277) Mentioned by Gen. W. T. Martin as skirmislling with the enemy, April 21, 1863, on Mibrigade, Martin's division, November 30, 1863. (548) Gen. W. T. Martin's report of engagement near Talbott's Station, Decemborders, Missionary Ridge, November 1st, to report to Gen. Will T. Martin. (891) December 31, 1863, Russell's brigade, Morganeverely. No. 74—(642) April 30, 1864, Morgan's brigade, Martin's division, Wheeler's corps. (650, et seq.) June 30th, undII, Part 2—(943) Capt. M. L. Kirkpatrick, Hagan's brigade, Martin's division, Wheeler's cavalry, July 31, 1863. (960) Augus(453) November 30, 1863, in Gen. John T. Morgan's brigade, Martin's division, Wheeler's cavalry. No.
Col. O. M. Roberts, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 12.1, Alabama (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Battles of the Western army in which Albama troops were engaged. (search)
, Jan. 25. Col. Johnson; loss 30 w.—Federal; loss so w. Alabama troops, 4th Cav. Florence, Ala., Jan. 26. Col. Roddey; loss 30 m.—Federal, Col. A. O. Miller; loss 10 w. Alabama troops, Roddey's Cav. Fair Gardens, Tenn., Jan. 27. Gen. Martin; loss 65 k, 100 m.— Federal, total loss 100. Alabama troops, Martin's Cav. Tunnel Hill, Ga., Jan. 28. Gen. Jos. Wheeler; loss 32 w.—Federal; loss 2 w. Alabama troops, Wheeler's Cav. Tunnel Hill, Ga., Jan. 28. Gens. Stewart and HindMartin's Cav. Tunnel Hill, Ga., Jan. 28. Gen. Jos. Wheeler; loss 32 w.—Federal; loss 2 w. Alabama troops, Wheeler's Cav. Tunnel Hill, Ga., Jan. 28. Gens. Stewart and Hindman. Alabama troops, Stewart's and Hindman's Inf. Chickamauga Cr., Ga,, Jan. 30. Gen. Jos. Wheeler.—Federal, total loss 28. Alabama troops, parts of 1st, 3d, 10th Conf. Cav. Sherman's expedition from Vicksburg to Meridian, Miss., Feb. 3 to Mar. 5. Gen. L. Polk; total loss 200.—Federal, Gen. Sherman, 20,000; loss 21 k, 68 w, 81 m. Alabama troops, 17th, 27th, 30th, 31st, 35th, 54th, 55th Inf.; 2d, 4th, 11th, 52d Cav. Champion Hill, Baker's Cr., and Bolton Depot, Miss., Fe
. The Fifty-first was ordered upon its organization, to Tennessee, where at first it was attached to General Forrest's command, and, subsequently, was transferred to the command of General Wheeler, then chief of cavalry. Afterward it fought in Martin's division. It was in constant, active and arduous service, often far in front of the Confederate forces, on the flanks or in the rear of the enemy, or raiding the enemy's territory and destroying his supply trains. It was in daily conflict witost important services for the Democratic party, in which he is prominent, was performed in the exacting campaign of 1892, when he served as chairman of the campaign committee. In recent years he was a member of the law firm of Shelley, Butler & Martin, Washington, D. C., his associates being Gen. M. C. Butler and J. H. G. Martin. Brigadier-General Edward Dorr Tracy was a son of Georgia and an adopted son of Alabama. He was born in Macon, Georgia's beautiful Central City, in the year 1833,
Colonel Charles E. Hooker, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 12.2, Mississippi (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Biographical. (search)
ship to Col. John M. Stone, who had once before served the State acceptably in that capacity. General Lowry is one of the most highly esteemed citizens of Mississippi, to whose interests he has always been true in war and in peace. Major-General Will T. Martin, one of the dashing cavalry leaders of the war, entered the Confederate service as captain of a company of cavalry. On November 14, 1861, he was commissioned as major of the Second Mississippi cavalry, attached to the Jeff Davis legio Falls Church, Va. He surprised a body of the enemy at Doolan's, capturing prisoners, wagons and horses. For this he was mentioned favorably in reports of Gens. G. W. Smith and Joseph E. Johnston. Just before the Seven Days battles at Richmond, Martin, who was now lieutenant-colonel of the Jeff Davis legion, accompanied Stuart in that daring raid in which he made the entire circuit of McClellan's army, bringing in prisoners, booty, and much information of great importance to General Lee. Gen.