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George Ticknor, Life, letters and journals of George Ticknor (ed. George Hillard), Chapter 14: (search)
of some, like the Tatistcheffs, the Duc de Montmorency, etc., of whom she had only heard. My English was without accent, and, as I was presented at the request of her son, she took me to be an Englishman. The Downshires, however, knowing me only as an American, began, after a few moments, to talk about America by way of making conversation. But we had not got far before old Lady Mornington broke in upon us: By the way, talking of America, there are more letters come from Mary Bagot; Lady Mary, wife of Sir Charles Bagot, then Minister at Washington, a granddaughter of Lady Mornington. and she says it is worse and worse there; that the more parties she gives the more she may; that she never saw such unreasonable, ill-bred people as those Americans, etc., etc. It was not easy to stop her. But the embarrassment was soon apparent. Lady Downshire, who was a little formal, became very stiff and red, and her daughters, the Ladies Hill, who were very frolicsome, found it hard to stifl
George Ticknor, Life, letters and journals of George Ticknor (ed. George Hillard), Chapter 21: (search)
change again to another ratio. The whole, of course, seems incomprehensible, without the exercise of volition and thought. . . . . But he is a very interesting man, ardent, eager, and of almost indefinite intellectual activity, bold and frank in expressing all his opinions and feelings. . . . I dined at Lord Holland's, in his venerable and admirable establishment at Holland House. The party was small, but it was select. Lord and Lady Holland, and Mr. Allen; Colonel Fox, and his wife Lady Mary, the daughter of the present king; Earl Grey, who has such preponderating influence now, without being Minister; Lord Melbourne, the Premier himself; Mr. Labouchere, Henry Labouchere, afterwards Lord Taunton, travelled in the United States in 1824-25 with Hon. Edward Stanley,—the late Earl of Derby,—Hon. Stuart Wortley, and Evelyn Denison,—afterwards Speaker of the House of Commons and Lord Ossington,—when they all were often at Mr. Ticknor's house. another of the Ministry, who was in
George Ticknor, Life, letters and journals of George Ticknor (ed. George Hillard), Chapter 22: (search)
. . . . I could not help imagining how things looked when he was there, and the great Marquis of Rockingham, and when Burke and Fox sat there, as they often did, with the late Lord Fitzwilliam. I had many strange visions about it, and little heeded poor old Mr. Lowe. . . . We lounged slowly home through the grounds and gardens. . . . After lunch, Lord Fitzwilliam said he should go to hear a charity sermon two or three miles off, and asked who would go with him; but all declined except Lady Mary and Mr. Thompson, it being understood that Dr. Dundas would read the evening service in the chapel after dinner. Instead of going to church we made a party at half past 3, to see the stables and the establishment for young horses at one of the lodges. They were well worth the trouble. . . . . After dinner. . . . the party distributed itself through the gallery and the library rooms, to the number of about thirty. A little before nine o'clock the groom of the chambers came as usual an
George Ticknor, Life, letters and journals of George Ticknor (ed. George Hillard), chapter 26 (search)
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