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c or private school within the limits of Virginia, for two years after leaving the University. The following Districts will be vacant at the close of the present Session: 3. Norfolk county and Princes Anne. 5. Sussex, Southampton and Greensville. 6. City of Petersburg and Prince George. 7. Dinwiddie, Amelia and Brunswick. 8. Powhatan, Cumberland and Chesterfield. 9. Lunenburg, Nottoway and Prince Edward. 15. Campbell and Appomattox. 17. Hanover and Henrico. 19. Gloucester, Mathews and Middlesex. 22. Caroline and Spotsylvania. 23. Stafford, King George and Prince William. 26. Fauquier and Rappahannock. 27. Madison, Culpeper, Orange and Greene. 29. Louisa, Goochland and Fluvanna. 30. Nelson, Amherst and Buckingham. 31. Jefferson and Berkeley. 32. Hampshire, Hardy and Morgan. 34. Shenandoah and Page. 36. Augusta. 37. Bath, Highland and Rockbridge. 38. Botetourt, Allegheny, Roanoke and Craig. 39. Carroll, Floyd, Grayson, Montgomery and Pulaski. 42. Scott, Le
uctors of the election to be held on the 23d inst.: Jefferson Ward — Commissioners — Joseph Brummel, Anson Richards, E. A. Smith, Jno. J. Wilson, and N. B. Hill. Conductor — Reuben T. Seal. Place of voting — First Market-House. Madison Ward.--Commissioners — Jas. H. Grant, R. R. Howison, T. W. McCance, and T. R. Price. Conductor — Thomas U. Dudley. Place of voting — City Hall. Monroe Ward.--Commissioners — Thos. Barham, T. M. Jones, Thos. Boudar, Charles A. Powell, and Felix Mathews. Conductor — Andrew Jenkins. Place of voting — R. A. Lacy's Carpenter Shop, Broad street. Eliza Ann Johnson, free negro, was tried for remaining in the Commonwealth contrary to law. The jury found her not guilty. Frederick Thompson and Wm. Freeman, confined in jail awaiting the action of the Grand Jury, not having been indicted, were ordered to be discharged. An attachment was awarded against Lawrence S. Marye, to show cause why he should not be fined for hi
of prisoner's wife being searched, a considerable amount of money and also of jewelry were discovered. None of it was identified by Mr. Thompson. An alibi was established for Jerry, and he was let off, the goods taken from his wife's house being delivered to his master. Anderson, slave of T. O. Burton's estate, was ordered 30 lashes for stealing a $35 coat from Henry, slave of Mary Anderson, at the Bellevue Hospital. He was also sent to jail as a runaway. Randolph, slave of Felix Mathews, and Nelson, slave of R. B. Tyler, underwent an examination for stealing $200 worth of clothing from Alexander McGort, the greater portion of which was found in their possession Randolph was ordered 39 issues, and Nelson 25. Iverson, Petrach, and John, slaves of Mrs. Clopton, and Ned, slave of Mrs Sarah James all lads, were charged with assaulting Peter Dunnavant, a white boy, and dispossessing him, of sundry newspapers. The latter were afterwards recovered as they were trying to s
assisted by watchman Hicks, arrested yesterday a negro fellow named Macklin, slave of A. J. Jennings, charged with having in his possession a side of upper leather and one sheepskin supposed to have been stolen. Macklin's room was afterwards searched by the officers, when there was found some ten or fifteen thousand dollars' worth of dry goods and clothing, which was recognized as having been stolen from Mr. Jacobs's store, on Main street, about two weeks since. Some of the most costly articles were packed away in a large sole leather traveling trunk, which of itself would command six or eight hundred dollars, independent of its contents. The same officers also arrested a negro fellow named Abraham, slave of Felix Mathews, who had in his possession a ham of bacon supposed to have been stolen. Abe, like his white namesake, the occupant of the White House at Washington, is represented to be a hard case, and has a city-wide reputation for stealing what he can put his hands on.
The offence was fully proved; but the Recorder, in consideration of Mr. youth, and a promise that he would go where he belongs and sin no more, released him. Robert, slave of St. Chair Hartman, charged with receiving fourteen bed quilts and one oil cloth, knowing them to have been stolen, was ordered to receive thirty-nine lashes, well laid on. [The quilts were stolen from a Confederate hospital.] Tom, slave of J. Phillips, was ordered ten lashes for trespassing upon the premises of Felix Mathews; a boy named Thomas, slave of Robert Mitchell, charged with throwing stones in, the street, was ordered to be whipped; Solomon, slave of Mrs. Martha Sledd, was ordered thirty-nine stripes for stealing a pot of butter, valued at forty-five dollars, from William L. Stanley, at the Second Market on yesterday morning. J. C. McGee was fined ten dollars for buying watermelons at the Second Market to sell again. --One hundred dollars' worth of melons, purchased by McGee, were conflicted.
Robberies. --On Tuesday night, the store of Felix Mathews, at the upper end of Broad street, was broken into and robbed of eight boxes of manufactured tobacco. The night before, Mrs. Goode's henhouse, on Ninth street, French Garden Hill, was forcibly entered and robbed of nineteen fowls. Other parties living in the neighborhood lost poultry at the same time. A lady, in the Second Market, yesterday morning, while passing through the crowd, had her pockets picked of a porte monnaie, containing between three and four hundred dollars. A couple of boys were subsequently arrested upon suspicion, but no money was found upon their persons, and they were released. The commission house of Messrs. John J. Wilson & Co., on Twelfth street, beyond Cary, was robbed of one barrel of cheese, eleven fine turkeys, and about two thousand dollars worth of bacon and lard, on Tuesday night. The cheese and turkeys were purchased late that evening for the "Soldier's New Year's Dinner" by