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street, May 23, 1854 Mrs. Merrill, by David Merrill, in E. Boston, Oct 21, 1855 Galen Walker, by Jas. McGee, in State Prison, Dec. 15, 1856 Solon Tenney, by Charles L. Cater, in State Prison, Dec. 27, 1856 Jerry Agin, by Tom. Mead, in Stoddard street, Oct. 8, 1857 John Hilton, by Henry L. Sutton, on Fort Hill, Oct. 17, 1857 Ezekiel W. Hodgsdon, by McNulty and Joyce, in East Boston, Oct. 18, 1857 William R. Chapman, by James H. Gould, in Friend street, Feb. 26, 1858 Fanny May, by Joseph G. Fernandez, in Hanover street, Oct. 30, 1860 Murder Michael Orphin, by John Fitzgerald, on Fort Hill, Mar. 13, 1861 Barney Ford, by Mike Sullivan, in North street, Nov. 22, 1862 Nathan Breed, by Horace Davis, in West Lynn, Dec. 22, 1862 James M. Sawyer, by Edward Owens, in Winter street, Aug. 24, 1863 Frank Converse, by Edward W. Green, in Malden, Dec. 14, 1863 Abraham Lincoln, by J. Wilkes Booth, in Washington, D. C., Apr. 14, 1865 Morris Folay, by W
storekeeper in Boston, and the victim was Miss Fanny May, a young lady of seventeen, whom he had meore in Hanover street. The Herald says: Miss May was the first to arrive at the store, and shef the parties in the store to be talking with Miss May, and the next thing that was noticed was the report of a pistol, and Miss May was heard to scream and then to stagger back and fall to the floor. apparently murdered woman and her murderer. Miss May was lifted into a chair, and it soon appearedere fired, the first of which was directed to Miss May. He fired two across the room in rather a pro he discharged with suicidal intentions. Miss May is a second cousin of the wife of Mr. Hernandware of an improper intimacy existing between Miss May and her husband, and though as a wife she hashave been as man and wife for two years with Fanny May. She has been the cause of this. If Mr. Halive long. I have been ruined in business by Fanny May. You will find some friends left when I am g
Among the passengers who arrived at New York Monday, were Rev. Bishop Kip, of California, and Col. Pickens, U. S. Minister to Russia. Brevet Major General W. S. Harney left Washington Monday to take command of the department of the West, headquarters at St. Louis. Joseph Hernandez, who tried to kill Fanny May and himself on Tuesday, is now in a fair way to recover. The St. Louis (Mo.) Democrat states that a total of 80,000 buffalo robes have been received in that city during the present year. Rev. Z. G. Henderson died at Pensacola, Fla., on the 19th ult. The Winans, of Baltimore, are about building another "cigar" steamer. Thanksgiving in Wisconsin, November 29th. This is the twelfth State.