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Not ready for trial. --The case of Fontain Rowe, charged with stealing $75 from Antonio Silva, was called in the Mayor's Court, but continued on account of the absence of James McCabe, an important witness, for whom a subpŒna was issued.
Kelly, Company F, 7th Va Reg't. Orderly Sergeant. G. W. Sappington, Co H, 2d Va Reg't Sergeants. Andrew Kelley Co. F; 37th Va Regiment. Abednego Hodges, Co K, 42d Va Regiment. Wm MCanley, Co E, 42d Va Regiment. James McCabe, Co E, 2d Va Regiment. J L Paxton, Rockbridge Artillery Regiment. John M. Evans, Co E, 42d Va Regiment. Tucker Randolph, Co. F, 21st Va Regiment. Wm B Colston, Co E, 2d Va Regiment. Sergeants. Andrew Kelley Co F, 37th Va Regiment. Abednego Hodges, Co. K, 42d Va Regiment. Wm MCanley, Co E, 42d Va Regiment. James McCabe, Co E, 2d Va. Regiment. J L Paxton, Rockbridge Artillery Va Regiment. John M Evans, Co E, 42d Va Regiment. Tucker Randolph, Co F, 21st Va Regiment. Wm B Colston, Co E, 2d Va Regiment. Corporals. Samuel Ewart, Co D, 42d Va. Regiment. M M. Teal, Co K, 42d Va. Regiment. William A Aven, Co G, 37th Va. Regiment. James Wright, Co F, 4th Va
r, and was introduced to the Court as Dobson's aider and abetter. The evidence was pretty conclusive against Dobson, who was committed to appear before a called Court on the 27th of October. There being some conflict in the testimony against Burns, his case was continued until this morning. Mrs. Ann Riley, rise Dobson, who did some pretty tall swearing on behalf of her son Tommy, was committed until the 10th of November, to await the action of a grand jury on the charge of perjury. James McCabe, alias Johnson, was arraigned as the companion of Daniel Broderick and others in the murder of Patrick Kelley and William Downes, at a house of ill repute on 17th street, on the 9th of last May. Two females, who have been detained in jail for six months as witnesser, were brought into Court to testify in the case, but the examination was postponed until to day. James, slave of James Dorning, was ordered to be punished on the complaint of Michael Murray, who alleged that Jim stole $50
The Daily Dispatch: October 22, 1862., [Electronic resource], The opinion of the Northern press on Lincoln's proclamation. (search)
ase was continued. Cornelius, slave of Wm. Hoe, of King George county, came to town with his master to sell some wheat, and got lost. He was a little nigger, and was arraigned as runaway or lost. The latter appeared to be the most probable, and he was sent to jail to await the call of his master, who had advertised for him as a lost darkey. The subject was both small and young. Geo. Washington, a venerable Ethiopian, slave of Maria Bond, was committed for going at large. Jas. McCabe, alias Johnson, arrested as one of the murderers of Kelley and Downes on the 9th of last. May, on 17th street, was brought up for examination. The case was continued, at the suggestion of the Mayor, on account of the absence of witnesses. W. W. Bingham charged with stealing Lizzie, slave of Sarah man of Macon, Ga., was arraigned for examination. It was in evidence that Bingham hired the girl in Georgia to wait on his child, with a knowledge on the part of her mistress that he was
-Henry, slave of John Hitchcock, having been found by the watchmen Monday night with a quantity of brandy in his possession, for which he could not account, was whipped. The fluid was ordered to be confiscated, but to whose use the reporter did not learn. Richard, slave of Joseph Hierholzer, arrested as a runaway, exhibited to the Court a pass signed by Robert W. Oliver. Defendant committed till tomorrow morning, and Mr. Oliver ordered to be summoned to attend his examination. James McCabe, alias Johnson, arrested as an accomplice of Duff and Broderick, in the murder of Kelley and Downes, was acquitted, and committed to jail in default of $500 security for his good behavior. Johnson was drummer at the Newport Barracks, Ky., but left there in 1861, and joined our army. For several months past he had been doing nothing. John Rommell was fined for allowing a nuisance to exist on his lot in Pink Alley, near the 2d market house. Charles, slave of Adams & Robinson, wa
The Daily Dispatch: March 6, 1863., [Electronic resource], The Expedition from New Orleans moved off. (search)
Hustings Court, Thursday, March 5th. --Present: Judge Wm. H. Lyons. John McKinley was held for receiving a barrel of whiskey, stolen by some unknown parties from Joseph Brummel, of this city. The article was valued at $840. The jury, after hearing the evidence, returned a verdict of not guilty, and the defendant was discharged from custody. James McCabe, who was implicated in the transaction to the extent of being the party from whom McKinley purchased the liquor, had his case continued until the next term, and was remanded to jail. James H. Sanders was tried for stealing a $200 gold watch and sundry articles of wearing apparel, the property of Joseph F. Redford. The evidence was entirely circumstantial, but bore rather hardly against the accused. The jury, however, acquitted defendant, and he was discharged. Judge Lyons refused to grant a new trial to William R. Warden, convicted of getting lard from John O. Taylor by false pretences, and sent to the Penitenti