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Waitt, Ernest Linden, History of the Nineteenth regiment, Massachusetts volunteer infantry , 1861-1865, Chapter 39: capture of the regiment. (search)
ll. Clarence P. Crane. Charles J. Chamberlain. William P. R. Estes. Patrick Fitzgerald. Charles B. Mills. Michael Kelly. SergeantJames Gormley. SergeantJames Clark. Hugh Dernon. John Doherty. Daniel Corrigan. William Kelly. Edward C. Thompson. Thomas Hall. Michael O'Leary. James Skerrett. SergeantRobert J. Gamble. SergeantJames Clark. CorporalWilliam H. Lambert. CorporalElijah E. H. Mansur. CorporalGeorge E. Morse. Edward Golden. William Haywood. Thomas Hill. James McCarthy. John McMannus. Levi Woofindale. George B. Symonds. Michael Broderick. John P. Driscoll. Benjamin Lummus. John Restell, Jr. Joshua Very. James Shinnick. Charles Becker. SergeantJames S. Smith. William Blake. James Harvey. Edwin B. Pratt. CorporalWilliam P. Edwards. Stephen J. Younger. Benjamin F. Adams. John Lee (Co. F.) John Lee (Co. I.) Job Foster. William Richardson. James Beatty. Richard Doherty. Thomas Meagher. Edward Joy. James Smith. William Smith.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
orporal. Geo. W. Mordecai, 2d Corporal. David B. Clarke, 3d Corporal. Jos. J. Cocke, 4th Corporal. Jos. E. Maxey, 5th Corporal. L. B. Franklin, 8th Corporal. Privates. Jas. T. Attkisson, John T. Allgood, E. J. Bosher, C. T. Burnley, Jno. E. Chapman, J. T. Ellyson, N. Fitzgerald, Jas. A. Grigg, Wm. D. Hudson, W. N. Hall, Jas. M. Jessee, Jno. T. Jones, Peter L. Jones, Wm. R. Johnson, S. R. Lawrence, T. R. Leftwich, Wm. Lemon, Theo. Lewis, Wm. J. Mann, J. McCarthy, C. McCarthy, C. M. Miller, J. B. Mordecai, Wm. Neighbors, C. T. Palmer. H. H. Puryear, G. W. Semple, J. C. Taliaferro, D. O. Justice, J. D. Winston, L. W. Worsham, John Waldrop, W. G. Worsham, Wm. J. Wingo. [45] Report of arms-bearing men in battle, 9th April, 1865, viz: three commanding officers, twenty-two enlisted men; total, 25. L. F. Jones, Capt. 2d Co. Richmond Howitzers. The following note is taken from Contributions to a history of the Richmond Howitzer Batt
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
. Stephens, R. Tidwell, James Ward, H. S. Watts, H. J. Whitehead, Henry Kennedy, T. C. Darley, A. J. Edenfield, N. M. Edenfield, M. M. Flanders, J. Kersey, Z. Skinner, M. Turner, J. J. Warren, W. H. Agan, J. E. Burch, J. W. Heath, G. W. Holbrook, T. Jones, J. Marsh, J. M. Neely, J. Netherland, H. Shinely. F. M. Taylor, W. Netherland, G. Parker, G. C. Crawford, A. L. Howell, B. E. Howell, J. A. Holliday, J. P. Hodds, Private F. W. Hussy, J. H. Holmes, James McCarthy, Isaac McCarthy, John McKenzy, M. S. McWhorter, S. Morse, H. L. Meredith, A. Randolph, J. W. Rhodes, W. T. Rainey, H. Norris, Private T. C. Lassiter, J. A. Langston, B. W. Moore, A. J. Morris, J. W. O. Tyson, W. F. Phillips, Joel Reese, Uriah Reese, J. R. Stanford, D. Sills, B. B. Wilkerson. [193] Third Georgia Regiment. Non-Commissioned Staff. Ord. Sergeant J. W. Davis. Hosp'l Stew'd J. T. Hester. Sergeant D. Reeves, A. H. Conyers, J. H. Bow
Six persons drowned. --On Sunday, in Boston harbor, the pleasure boat Hiawatha, with a party of 13, capsized during a squall. Six persons were drowned, namely; George Neilson, Thomas Kelly, Dennis Flynn, James McCarthy. Thomas Wright, and Dennis McCarliff. Seven were resumed by a pilot boat.
Irison Items. --The following persons were sent to Castle Thunder yesterday: Robert K. Ratcliffe, a deserter from the Fayette Artillery, arrested by Sergt. Dillard; two brothers Tinsley and Howard, members of Scott's Partisan Rangers, arrested by the police Tuesday night, corner of Cary and 12th streets; James McCarthy, deserter from the Letcher Artillery; Lewis P. Owens, a conscript, sent from Fredericksburg by the Provost Marshal there.
Hustings Court. --The Hustings Court commenced its December term yesterday, the following Justices appearing on the bench: Recorder L. T. Chandler, and Alderman R. D. Sanxay, C. T. Wortham, R. J. Christian, W. W. Timberlake, J. M. Higgins, J. B. Royster and James McCarthy. The Court ordered that a writ of election be issued for Commonwealth's Attorney, to supply the vacancy occasioned by the death of Littleton Tazewell, Esq., on Thursday, the 21st instant; the same commissioners to serve as at the last election, except that William S. Wood is appointed in the place of J. B. Royster, who has been elected a magistrate. The remainder of the session was mostly devoted to hearing applications for licenses to sell liquor.