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secession letter from a captain in Watson's Battery of Artillery, written yesterday morning. He had not time to mail it. It is written to a friend in Natchez, Mississippi, in which he makes use of the following language: I am thoroughly disgusted with the service. Gen. Polk acts more like a priest than a soldier. I don't meet a man once a month who knows any thing about military. I have not seen a field officer who can drill a regiment, or a General who can review a brigade, but McCown, who is an old artillery captain. We are still in Missouri, but expect orders to-day to join Bowen's brigade, at Feliciana, Ky. P. S.--Our pickets have just come in, bringing us the information that five steamers, with Federal troops, and two gunboats, are landing within two miles of us. We are all ordered under arms. Yours truly, Dan. If Dan or his friend would like the original, I will send it to them at the end of the war. I have his name and address. I have also a letter f
rson, Virginia, Coast of North Carolina. 40. Simon B. Buckner, Kentucky, Kentucky. 41. Leroy Pope Walker, Alabama, Alabama. 42. Albert G. Blanchard, Louisiana, Norfolk. 43. Gabriel J. Rains, North Carolina, Yorktown. 44. J. E. B. Stuart, Virginia, Army of Potomac. 45. Lafayette McLaws, Georgia, Yorktown. 46. Thomas F. Drayton, South Carolina, Coast of South Carolina. 47. Thomas C. Hindman, Arkansas, Kentucky. 48. Adley H. Gladden, Louisiana, Pensacola. 49. John Porter McCown, Tennessee, Kentucky. 50. Lloyd Tilghman, Kentucky, Kentucky. 51. Nathan G. Evans, South Carolina, Coast of South Carolina. 52. Cadmus M. Wilcox, Tennessee, Army of Potomac. 53. Those having a * affixed are dead, or have resigned since the commencement of the war. Philip St. George Cocke, Virginia, died in Virginia. 54. R. F. Rhodes, Alabama, Army of Potomac. 55. Richard Taylor, Louisiana, army of Potomac. 56. Louis T. Wigfall, Texas, Army of Potomac. 57. James
st Division was commanded by Major-General Sterling Price after March 22d, and the Second by Major-General Samuel Jones. It had three divisions after May, and a strength of over twenty thousand. On June 20th, Van Dorn was replaced by Major-General John P. McCown, who had commanded the Third Division, and he in turn by Major-General Price, on July 3d. The transfer of the Army of the Mississippi to Chattanooga at Confederate generals--no. 10 Louisiana Paul O. Hebert commandedin December, 1862. In March, 1863, Van Dorn's cavalry division was designated a corps in the Army of Tennessee. On May 8, 1863, he was shot and killed by Doctor Peters, at Spring Hill, Tennessee, the result of a private quarrel. Major-General John Porter McCown (U. S. M.A. 1840) was born in Tennessee, in 1815, and served in the Mexican war, being brevetted captain for gallant conduct at Cerro Gordo. He resigned from the service in May, 1861, and entered the Confederate army, taking cha
; its recommendations have been conservative, and of late years have been adopted by Congress to a very great extent. Aid Confederate generals--no. 18 Tennessee William A. Quarles, wounded in Hood's charge at Franklin. Op George G. Dibrell, leader of Cavalry opposing Sherman's March. Alfred E. Jackson commanded a District of East Tennessee. George Maney, active organizer and leader of Tennessee. Bushrod R. Johnson, conspicuous in the West and in the East. John P. McCown; at Belmont, in 1861. later led a division. John C. Brown led a division in the Army of Tennessee. William H. Jackson led a brigade of Forrest's Cavalry. has been given to veterans and widows entitled to pensions, by cooperation with the Pension Office in obtaining and furnishing information for the adjudication of claims. The Grand Army has been assisted in carrying out its purposes by its allied orders, the Woman's Relief Corps, the Sons of Veterans, the Daughters of Veteran
The Photographic History of The Civil War: in ten volumes, Thousands of Scenes Photographed 1861-65, with Text by many Special Authorities, Volume 10: The Armies and the Leaders. (ed. Francis Trevelyan Miller), General officers of the Confederate Army: a full roster compiled from the official records (search)
May 14, 1864. Heth, Henry, Oct. 10, 1862. Hindman, T. C., April 14, 1862. Hoke, Robert F., April 20, 1864. Huger, Benj., Oct. 7, 1861. Johnson, B. R., May 21, 1864. Johnson, Edward, Feb. 28, 1863. Jones, David R., Oct. 11, 1862. Jones, Samuel, Mar. 10, 1862. Kemper, J. L., Sept. 19, 1864. Kershaw, J. B., May 18, 1864. Lee, Fitzhugh, Aug. 3, 1863. Lee, G. W. Custis, Oct. 20, 1864. Lee, W. H. F., Apr. 23, 1864. Loring, W. W., Feb. 17, 1862. Lovell, Mansfield, Oct. 7, 1861. McCown, John P., Mar. 10, 1862. McLaws, L., May 23, 1862. Magruder, J. B., Oct. 7, 1861. Mahone, William, July 30, 1864. Marmaduke, J. S., Mar. 17, 1865. Martin, Will T., Nov. 10, 1863. Maury, D. H., Nov. 4, 1862. Polignac, C. J., April 8, 1864. Pender, W. D., May 27, 1863. Pickett, George E., Oct. 10, 1862. Price, Sterling, Mar. 6, 1862. Ransom, R., Jr. , May 26, 1863. Rodes, Robert E., May 2, 1863. Smith, G. W., Sept. 19, 1861. Smith, Martin L., Nov. 4, 1862. Smith, William, Aug. 12, 1
dier-generals, Felix K. Zollicoffer, B. F. Cheatham, Robert C. Foster 3rd, John L. T. Sneed and William R. Caswell; adjutant-general, Daniel S. Donelson; inspector-general, William H. Carroll; surgeon-general, B. W. Avent; chief of artillery, John P. McCown; assistant adjutant-generals, W. C. Whitthorn, James D. Porter, Hiram S. Bradford and D. M. Key, with assistants for all departments; and on the 28th of June following he appointed Bushrod R. Johnson, colonel and chief of engineers, and made tes, and the following-named general officers of Tennessee were commissioned brigadier-generals by President Davis: Gideon J. Pillow, Samuel R. Anderson, Felix K. Zollicoffer and B. F. Cheatham. These were soon followed by the appointment of John P. McCown, Bushrod R. Johnson, Alexander P. Stewart and William H. Carroll to the same rank. On the 13th of January, 1861, Gen. Leonidas Polk, recently commissioned major-general in the Confederate States army, established his headquarters at Memphi
commander of the department. On the 14th he telegraphed General Floyd: If you lose the fort, bring your troops to Nashville, if possible. Roger Hanson in his report said that up to the time (1 o'clock p. m. of the 15th) when we were ordered back to the trenches, our success was complete and our escape secure, but our success was misleading and defeated the wishes of General Johnston. Columbus, Ky., was still held by the Confederate troops, as well as New Madrid and Island No.10. Maj. John P. McCown was detached from Columbus, on the 26th of February, 1862, and ordered to New Madrid, Mo., and placed in command. General Beauregard dispatched General Polk on the same day that the place must be watched and held at all cost. Three days earlier Major-General Pope, of the Federal army, had assumed command of the army of the Mississippi, then concentrated at Commerce, Mo. This was made Pope's base of operations against New Madrid. In a week he was in motion, and on the 3d of March
land. The Federal army occupied Nashville, and after months of preparation General Rosecrans began his advance on the 26th of December. The Confederate center was at Murfreesboro under General Polk, the right wing at Readyville under Maj.-Gen. John P. McCown, the left at Triune and Eagleville under General Hardee. The right and left were withdrawn, and the forces concentrated at Murfreesboro ready to receive the attack made by Rosecrans. Rosecrans' plan of movement was for Major-General McScott, constituted Smith's brigade, commanded during the battle by Col. A. J. Vaughan, Lieut.-Col. W. E. Morgan commanding the Thirteenth regiment. Hardee's corps included the divisions of Maj.-Gens. John C. Breckinridge, P. R. Cleburne and J. P. McCown. The Eleventh Tennessee, Col. George W. Gordon, was a part of the command of Brig.-Gen. James E. Rains, McCown's division. Brig.-Gen. Gideon J. Pillow was assigned to the command of Col. J. B. Palmer's Second brigade of Breckinridge's divis
of the service in the army of the Confederate States. General McCown, in one of his reports from New Madrid Bend, bears thi the consciousness of duty well performed. Major-General John Porter McCown Major-General John Porter McCown was born Major-General John Porter McCown was born in Tennessee in 1815, and graduated at West Point in 1840, with commission as second lieutenant of Fourth artillery. He serl, March, 1862. At the time of the battle of Belmont, General McCown was sent up the east bank of the Mississippi with a focapturing cannon, small-arms, and thousands of prisoners. McCown's infantry and Wheeler's cavalry are spoken of in the repo ordered to that point and assigned to the division of General McCown, serving in Hardee's corps. In the brilliant charges with immense loss in killed, wounded, prisoners and guns, McCown's division bore an illustrious part. But, as in all greatMadrid Bend. He retreated from that point by order of General McCown, his commanding officer, when it became evident that h
The Daily Dispatch: January 16, 1862., [Electronic resource], List of the General officers in the armies of the Confederate States. (search)
uart, Virginia, Army of Potomac. 45.Lafayette McLaws, Georgia, Yorktown. 46.Thos. F. Drayton, South Carolina, Coast of South Carolina. 47.Thomas C. Hindman, Arkansas, Kentucky. 48.Adley H. Gladden, Louisiana, Pensacola. 49.John Porter McCown, Tennessee, Kentucky. 50.Lioyd Tilghman, Kentucky, Kentucky. 51.Nathan G. Evans, South Carolina, Coast of South Carolina. 52.Cadmus M. Wilcox, Tennessee, Army of Potomac. 53.*Philip St. Geo. Cocke, Virginia, died in Virginia. 836--Joseph R. Anderson, Lloyd Tilghman. Class of 1837--Braxton Bragg, Wm. H. T. Walker, John C. Pemberton, Arnold Elzey, Henry H. Sibley, Jubel A. Early. Class of 1838--Wm. J. Hardee, James H, Trapier. Class of 1839--Alex. R. Lawton, John P. McCown. Class of 1840--Richard S. Ewell, Paul O. Habert, Richard B, Garnett. Class of 1841--Robert S. Garnett, Samuel Jones. Class of 1842--Earl Van Dorn, Gustavus W, Smith, Mansfield Lovell, James Long street, Daniel H, Hill, Richard H. And