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lry; but by a prompt and skilful fire, emptied several saddles, and relieved themselves from further annoyance. This summary embraces the operations of my division up to the evening of the 21st. Before closing permit me to name and do justice to my staff, whose assiduity in the performance of their duties, and untiring exertions throughout the day, deserve all the commendation I am able to bestow, viz.: Capt. Th. Vincent, Assistant Adjutant-General; Lieutenant Prime, Engineers; Lieutenant McMullan, Adjutant Second Infantry, and Acting Infantry General; Assistant Surgeon Woodward, medical direction, and Major Ritchie, New York Volunteers. My aide-de-camp, Lieutenant Wendell, Topographical Engineer, was quite ill during the day, and thereby prevented from being with me. Lieutenant Hawkins' Second infantry, my aids, were absent on detached service for supplies, &c., and had performed their duty, and were within two miles of Centreville when they met our army crowding the road. M
ith the other brigade, and information having been received from Gen. Reno that the column would be supported by the whole corps, the division was ordered to assault the position. Two 20-pounder Parrotts of Simmons's battery and two sections of McMullan's battery were left in the rear in position near the turnpike, where they did good service during the day against the enemy's batteries in the Gap. Scammon's brigade was deployed, and, well covered by skirmishers, moved up the slope to the leftas posted behind stone walls and in the edges of timber, and the fire of a battery which poured in canister and case-shot on the regiment on the right of the brigade. Col. Crook's brigade marched in columns at supporting distance. A section of McMullan's battery, under Lieut. Croome (killed while serving one of his guns), was moved up with great difficulty, and opened with canister at very short range on the enemy's infantry, by whom (after having, done considerable execution) it was soon sile
on the left of Sturgis; Scammon's brigade crossing as support. Gen. Wilcox's division was ordered across to take position on Gen. Sturgis's right. These dispositions being completed about three o'clock, the command moved forward, except Sturgis's division left in reserve. Clark's and Darell's batteries accompanied Rodman's division, Cooke's battery with Wilcox's division, and a section of Simmons's battery with Col. Crook's brigade. A section of Simmons's battery, and Muhlenberg's and McMullan's batteries, were in position. The order for the advance was obeyed by the troops with alacrity. Gen. Wilcox's division, with Crook in support, moved up on both sides of the turnpike leading from the bridge to Sharpsburg; Gen. Rodman's division, supported by Scammon's brigade, on the left of Gen. Wilcox. The enemy retreated before the advance of the troops. The 9th N. Y., of Gen. Rodman's division, captured one of the enemy's batteries and held it for some time. As the command was driv
s, 156, 158. In Department of Rappahannock, 241, 270. In Peninsular campaign, 248 ; misrepresents McClellan, 256 ; not wanted by McClellan, arrests Col. Campbell, 295; to join McClellan, instructions, 347; force, 345, 347; order suspended, 351, 481 ; again promised, 385, 410; must be subordinate, 389, 390. In Pope's campaign, 509, 532, 536, 537, 547,. 568. McLaws, Gen. L., at Yorktown, 319; South Mountain, 561, 572, 573 McMahon, Capt. M. T., 122, 127. McMillan, Capt. J., 133. McMullan, Capt., 576. McQuade, Gen , 370, 371. Mack, Capt., 60. Mackall's Hill, Va., 576. Macomb, Lieut.-Col. J. W., 125. Magilton, Col., 560. Magruder, Gen. J. B., in Peninsula, 227, 235, 249, 256, 307, 319, 324. Mahan. Prof., 87. Malvern Hill, Va., battles of, first, 433-437, 484; second, 461-463, 492. Manassas, Va., 74, 75, 78, 179, 194, 222, 231, 236, 240, 510-515, 518, 647. Mansfield, Gen. J. K. F., 67, 82 ; at Antietam, 584, 590, death 591, 606, 613. Marcy, Gen. R. B., 45, 61
The Daily Dispatch: April 13, 1861., [Electronic resource], Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch. (search)
al Discussion — New Candidates--Post-Office--Southern Flag — Dispatch — Railroad News, &c. Wytheville, Va., April 8th, 1861. This being Court-day, our town presents a most animated appearance, notwithstanding it has been raining the last twenty-four hours, which prevents many of our citizens from attending. The Court was occupied most of the day with civil business, granting licenses, &c.--In the afternoon it was adjourned, in order to give the honorable Messrs. Martin and McMullan an opportunity of presenting their views on the political topics of the ay — both being Congressional aspirants for this District. Mr. Martin led off in a speech of an hour's length, in which he tried to explain the position he occupied, at present, as an Union man, which surprised his constituents here not a little, from the fact of his having signed a card, in connection with a majority of his colleagues, at Washington, recently, advocating Secession as the only remedy or salvation
onest debtors in Illinois and Wisconsin should not send on corn and flour to meet their notes here. Later accounts represent the number of failures as on the increase. The City Council of Louisville, Ky., has appropriated $200,000 for arming the city, subject to the ratification of the citizens. From the following it appears that there has been some excitement lately at Wilmington' Del.: Wilmington, May 2.--There has been much excitement here for a day or two past. Capt. McMullan, of the Philadelphia Independent Rangers, has been in the city for the purpose of detecting some suspected parties here from Baltimore. It was rumored that an attack was to be made on the Powder Works of the Messrs. Dupont. Our Home Guards were called out, and after marching part of the way to the Works, were met by the Mayor of Wilmington, who directed them to return, as there was no occasion for their services. Every stranger is closely watched in this vicinity. On Monday night two
Dejarnette 174, Barbour 18. Butler to the House of Delegates without opposition. Six precincts to hear from, which will largely increase majorities for Dejarnette and Smith. Thirteenth Va. Regiment.--Majority for Smith, about 170. Majority for Dejarnette, about 70. Greene County.--Governor: Smith, 251; Flournoy, 39; Munford, 11. Lieut Governor: Price, 46; Imboden, 240. Congress: Dejarnette, 125; Barbour, 158. Senate: Early, 68; Patton, 220. House of Delegates: Woolfolk, 121; McMullan, 144. Nottoway County.--Jeffries's Store, Smith, 13; Flournoy, 6; Munford, 2; Collier, 2; Gholson, 18 Very small vote. Madison County.--Two Precincts, Smith, 202; Flournoy, 32; Munford, 11. Price, Imboden, 118. Dejarnette, 112; Barbour, 109. Senate: Early, 143; Patton, 38, Waliane, 18.--Smith's majority in the county about 250. Third Brigade--Flournoy, 378; Smith, 296; Munford, 94. Lt Governor: Price, 364; Imboden; 200. In the 26th Va regiment — Smith, 125; Flournoy, 10