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Evans. Henry Ribble, D. H. Hoge, Frs. Anderson. Alexandria. Wm. Gregory, C. F. Suttle, F. L. Smith, C. C. Smoot. Turner Dixon, J. M. Johnson, J. H. Brent. Winchester. Ro. L. Baker, Patrick Smith, Henry S, Baker. Jas. B. Taylor. H. H. McGuire, T. T. Fauntleroy, Jr., Robert Steele. Charlottesville. T. J. Randolph, George Carr, Socrates Maupin, Jas. Lobban. B. W. Snead, R. G. Crank, Wm. S. Dabney. Lewisburg. Samuel Price, Joel McPherson, Johnson E. Bell, Floyd Estell. R. B. Moorman, R. B. James, Austin Handley. Wytheville. Stephen McGavock, Ro. Crockett, Isaac J. Leftwich, Wm. Terry. A. T. Crockett, Gordon C. Kent. Wm. Gibboney. Bank of Virginia.Richmond. James Caskie, Archibald Thomas, William Gray, A. T. Harris, Thomas R. Price. R. Milton Cary, Joseph P. Jones, C. R. Barksdale, Jas. B. Ferguson, Jr. Norfolk. Myer Myers, George Reid, Wm. T. Harrison, P. P.
d to the Conference, as follows: J. S. Berry, Robert Ricketts, E. C. Brown, J. S. Carson, A. D. Trotter, A. J. Lucas, Col. McPherson.-- Messrs. Berry, Carson, and McPherson, were introduced to the Conference. The transfer of Rev. W. H. Holliday,McPherson, were introduced to the Conference. The transfer of Rev. W. H. Holliday, from Upper Iowa, to the Baltimore Conference, was read. On motion, the Conference adjourned, with singing and prayer. The Laymen's Convention, composed of the leading men in the Church, met this morning in the basement of the church edifi The Committee on Permanent Organization reported the following, viz: President--Jos. S. Garson. 1st Vice President--Col. McPherson, 2d Vice President--Chas. J. Baker. Secretaries--J. Asbury Morgan,--Watts. The report was adopted. , Md.; Abraham Nulton, Winchester; Samuel Taylor, Hampshire, Jacob Mohler, Rockingham; Dr. E. G. Moorman, Rockingham; Joel McPherson, Lewisburg; William Smith, Monroe. Hon. Mr. Daniel, of Baltimore, offered a resolution asking for a joint commit
hey also buried the dead on the field, which Averill had not stopped to do. There were 34 Confederate and 60 Yankee soldiers left unburied on the field. The Staunton Spectator gives some account of the outrages of the Yankees in Greenbrier. It says: At Lewisburg they arrested Messrs. James Withrow, Patrick Beirne, and James N. Montgomery, but released them before they left. They took away a great many servants. Among the persons who lost in this way were Col. Samuel McClung, Col. Joel McPherson, and Mrs. Patsy Mathews. --They entered and robbed the stores of Messrs. Johnson E. Bell and William H. Montgomery. They entered houses, broke open trunks, and robbed ladies of their clothes and jewelry. They robbed Mrs. S. S. Smith and her daughters, living half a mile cast of the town, of all the clothes they had. They burned the barn and out houses of Mr. James Calwell living at the bridge three miles east of town, and set fire to the brick dwelling, but it was put out by Mr. Cal
d, Amherst Courthouse, District No. 10; Samuel A. Bailey, Lynchburg, District No. 11; Arthur Stevens, Stanardsville, Greene county, District No. 12; G. F. Carmichael, Fredericksburg, District No. 13; Wiatt Walker, Whitmell, Pittsylvania county, District No. 14; William A. Lambert, Alexandria, District No. 15; William Wertenbaker, University of Virginia, District No. 16; J. P. A. Entler, Harper's Ferry, District No. 17; J. S. Carson, Winchester, District No. 18; Joseph T. Logan, Harrisonburg, District No. 19; William T. Balthis, Staunton, District No. 20; F. Woltz, Fincastle, District No. 21; L. F. Woltz, Hillsville, Carroll county, District No. 22; L. F. Johnson, Goodson, Washington county, District No. 23; Joel McPherson, Lewisburg, Greenbrier county, District No. 24; Thomas P. Matthews, Walker's Church, District No. 29; George W. Dame, Danville, District No. 30. Some of the District Deputy Grand Masters were not appointed in consequence of the districts being in West Virginia.