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ular navy,) wound of scalp, slight; Daniel C. Brayton, sailmaker, contusion of right fore-arm, severe; Abraham L. Stephens, Acting Master's Mate, wound of face, slight; Alexander Mack, Captain Maintop, compound fracture of left hand, severe; Patrick Brierton, landsman, wound in right arm, severe; Francis Prior, ordinary seaman, compound fracture of rib, wound of scalp, dangerous; Rufus Brittell, landsman, left eye destroyed, severe; Patrick Duggin, landsman, fracture of left leg, severe; John McPherson, seaman, scalp-wound and contusions, severe; John Dunn, coal-heaver, left eye destroyed, severe; Charles Steinbeck, ordinary seaman, fracture of skull, severe; Daniel McCarthy, landsman, compound fracture of scapula, severe; George W. Hersey, seaman, flesh-wound over hip, severe; Wm. H. Harrison, ordinary seaman, flesh wound in right arm, severe; Thomas Dennison, landsman, wounded over left eye, severe; Frank Hanson, seaman, contusion of both eyes, severe; Alvin A. Carter, ordinary seama
ajor, D. W. McLellan; Adjutant, D. Ireland; Quartermaster, P. Hause; Engineer, John Shaw; Surgeon, Dr. Norval; Chaplain, Charles Doty. non-commissioned Staff:--Sergeant Major, John Windsor; Quartermaster Sergeant, A. W. Elliott; Paymaster, J. R. Watson; Color Sergeant, James Cummings; Right Gen. Guide, D. McFadgyen; Left Gen. Guide, J. Y. Ireland; Bugler, Charles Landerson; Drum Major, David Renanycink. field:--Company A--Captain, William Manson; 1st Lieut., William Morrison; 2d Lieut., John McPherson. Company B--Captain, James Farish; 1st Lieut., John Whyte; 2d Lieut., D. Falconer. Company C--Captain, F. Barclay; 1st Lieut., Kenneth Mathison; 2d Lieut., W. A. L. Ostrander. Company D (Fourth Company)--Captain, D. Brown; 1st Lieut., John Moore; 2d Lieut.,------Faulkner. Company E--Captain, D. Morrison; 1st Lieut., J. B. Ayres; 2d Lieut., J. B. Sinclair. Company F--Captain, James Christie; 1st Lieut., R. McNie; 2d Lieut., vacant. Company G--Captain, James Laing; 1st Lieut., J. L.
the national flag was quickly run up on a secession pole, cheers for the Union, Lyon, Blair, and Lincoln were frequently heard, and every thing betokened the restoration of peace, law, and order. True men say had the troops delayed ten days longer, it would have been impossible for them to remain in safety. Irresponsible vagabonds had been taking guns wherever they could find them, and notifying the most substantial and prosperous citizens to leave. As a specimen of the feeling here, Mr. McPherson, proprietor of the City Hotel, denounces the whole secession movement as the greatest crime committed since the crucifixion of Our Saviour. At one time, when bullets were flying thick and Gen. Lyon was at the head of the column mounted, he undertook to dismount, that his position might be a trifle less conspicuous, when his horse suddenly jumped with fright, throwing the general to the ground, but with-out injuring him seriously. The rumor suddenly spread through the ranks that Gener
s — John McAnany, John Duffy, Joseph A. Alderson. Norfolk City — Charles Sharp, F. F. Ferguson, J. Marsden Smith. Norfolk County--F. Wilson, Tapley Portlock, E. A. Hatton. Northampton — Geo. T. Yerby, L. B. Nottingham, M. W. Fisher. Northumberland — S. F. Rice, F. Downing, S. A. M Leland Nottoway — T. H. Eppes, T. H. Campbell, A. B. Miller. Ohio — G. A. Craycraft, Jno. B. Wilson, Isaac Burkham. Orange — Joseph Hiden, Wilson Newman, L. B. Williams, Sr. Page — Mann Almond, John McPherson, Gabriel Jordan. Patrick — S. G. Staples, John W. Shelton, D. A. Robertson. Pendleton — Wm. McCoy, Sr. James Boggs, Benjamin Biner. Petersburg — Thomas Wallace, J. M. Donnan, A. B. Garland. Pittsylvania — George Townes, James M. Whittle, Wm. H. Wooding. Pleasants — Alexander Creed, Joseph Hubbs, R. Browne. Pocahontas — James T. Lockridge, Wm. S. Keen, A. Nottingham. Portsmouth--Dr. R. A. Smith, Samuel. Watts, J. Mardaugh. Powhatan — Wm. W. Mosby,
efore the Hustings Court on the second Monday in November. Lumpkin, on being placed in the prisoner's box, was affected to tears. Thomas Collier, aged 18 years, and Robt. Morris, aged 20 years, were arraigned for entering the lock-up of John McPherson's saloon, opposite the 1st vegetable market, yesterday morning, and stealing $1,500. McPherson deposed, that he went into the market to make some purchases, staid half an hour, and, returning, found every thing in confusion and his funds goneMcPherson deposed, that he went into the market to make some purchases, staid half an hour, and, returning, found every thing in confusion and his funds gone. Learned from his housekeeper that prisoners had done the deed. Moses A. Levy, a boy living near the saloon, swore that he saw the parties enter the house, caper around for a few minutes, as if reconnoitering, when one of them (Morris) advanced to the safe, or closet, opened the door with a key, took something out, when both left. Morris said witness was a liar, that he went in to get something to eat. Collier did not identity any of the money found on the parties as his own. The stolen fun
--Recorder Jas. K. Cankis, presiding.--Messrs. John W. Beveridge, Samuel T. Pulliam, and Wm. O. Taylor, qualified before the Court as Notaries Public, by giving the required bond and taking the oath to support the Constitution of the Confederate States of America. Mrs. Mary H. Smith was fined $10 for allowing her slave David to go at large and hire himself out contrary to law. Thomas Collier and Richard Morris were examined for stealing two thousand two hundred dollars from John McPherson, the keeper of a restaurant on 17th street, opposite the 1st Vegetable Market. The proof being deemed sufficient, they were committed for final trial before Judge Lyons. Thomas Samanni and Cilmer A Lumpkin were arraigned for examination on the charge of having forged and attempted to employ as true and genuine a check for $6,000, payable at the Traders' Bank to the order of West & Johnston, and purporting to be signed by S. M. Owens & Son. They were sent before Judge Lyons for fina
s of tobacco involved in this case is 2,550, valued in good times at over $300,000--The property will, no doubt, be delivered to an agent of the French, Government (the real owner) on application. Hustings Court--Judge Lyons's Court was engaged yesterday in the trial of Bernard Gotlich for stealing swine, the property of John Clash, living on Bacon's Quarter Branch. The Jury acquitted prisoner. Thomas Collier and Richard Morris were put on trial for entering the restaurant of John McPherson, near the 1st Market, and stealing $2,200. The trial had not concluded when the Court adjourned, and will be resumed to-day. Called Court--The Aldermen of the Hustings Court were convened in special session yesterday at 11 o'clock at the City Hall, for the examination of Patrick Haley, charged with stealing $65 from Ephraim 8, Dailey. The witness in the case not being present, the examination was adjourned to the regular sitting of the Court on the second Monday in December next.
es, one of the parties found in No. 149, was one of the girls found at Ann Thomas's recently, and held to bail for her good behavior.--The Mayor declared her former recognizance forfeited. The examination of Richard Mundin, for unlawfully entering the house of Jno. Johnson, the barber, was postponed. Hustings Court--Judge Lyons presiding.--A jury in this Court acquitted on Wednesday night the two youths, Thomas Collier and Richard Morris, charged with entering the restaurant of John McPherson, near the Old Market, and stealing $2,200. Both the prisoners possess no enviable reputations as "bad boys," but the testimony in the case against them was not sufficient to ensure conviction and they were acquitted. Mr. D. Ratcliffe appeared for them. Yesterday Albert G. Short, a North Carolina soldier, was tried for the murder, near the Old Market, of a comrade named George Balley. Mr. D. B. Lucas appeared for the prisoner, who was found by the jury guilty of voluntary manslaugh
Court Procardings Mayor's Court Saturday, Jan. 10th --Joseph H. Goodmen arrested for publishing a pair of blankets worth $10 the property of Chas. W. Spicer, was brought up for examination, and the evidence past fining the charge, he was committed to appear before the Hustings Court. Michael Murphy was arraigned for getting drunk and acting disorderly in the house of John McPherson, and threatening to shoot the proprietor, He was committed in Defant of $200 security. Samuel Liggon charged with taking Dr. Warring's horse, on street, was examined and acquitted. Elchard Barry charged with being engaged with others in assaulting and stabbing Warren L. Story, was committed for a further bearing. Madison Griffin, charged with forging Jno Griffin's name and getting $15 from Richard Reins was acquitted; but committed in default of $100 security for his good behavior. The case of Carter Tadlock. J. P. Thompson, and J. W. Sartin, for stealing $10 from Wm. Rowe, w
nes have Curry by the collar, pushing him back towards a bench. I did not see a blow struck. Peasley said Curry owed him $300. Dr. Wellford saw Curry a short time before his death; saw no wounds; made no examination of his person. John McPherson lives, near the scene of the fight; heard loud talking under his window; saw Curry, Jones, Montelle, and Peasley together, talking about money; Montelle started off, when Peasley took hold of him and said, "You can't go till you pay me my moneft lung, and slight inflammation in the coating of the lung, but not sufficient to cause death. Dr. Anderson assisted in the post mortem, and concurred in the statement of Dr. Waring. David Hughes concurred in the statement made by Mr. McPherson. Mrs. Mary Woof saw the parties come into her house together after the fight. They drank together, and were friendly. Edward Doran cupped Curry during his illness, and examined his person carefully. He could discover no superficia
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