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e service and was soon made colonel of the Second South Carolina regiment, and on February 15, 1862, he was appointed a brigadier-general. In that capacity he served on the Peninsula and in the Seven Days battle. He also fought at Antietam, Confederate generals--no. 15 North Carolina Alfred M. Scales led a North Carolina brigade in Hill's Corps. William P. Roberts led a brigade of Cavalry in Virginia. John D. Barry, Colonel of the 18th North Carolina regiment. William McRae led a North Carolina brigade in Lee's Army. William R. Cox led a North Carolina brigade in Ewell's Corps. R. Leventhorpe, defender of Fort Fisher. Lawrence S. Baker, Colonel of the 1st Cavalry. Thomas F. Toon led a North Carolina brigade in Lee's Army. John R. Cooke, engaged in Repelling Burnside at Fredericksburg. Rufus Barringer led a brigade of Cavalry in Virginia. Thomas L. Clingman led a North Carolina brigade in Lee's Army. Frericksburg, and Gettysburg, and with
The Photographic History of The Civil War: in ten volumes, Thousands of Scenes Photographed 1861-65, with Text by many Special Authorities, Volume 10: The Armies and the Leaders. (ed. Francis Trevelyan Miller), General officers of the Confederate Army: a full roster compiled from the official records (search)
, Jan. 8, 1863. Johnson, Adam R., June 1, 1864. Brigadier-generals, (special) provisional army Benton, Samuel, July 26, 1864. Chambliss, J. R., Jr. , Dec. 19, 1863. Chilton, R. H., Oct. 20, 1862. Connor, James, June 1, 1864. Elliott, S., Jr., May 24, 1864. Fry, Birkett D., May 24, 1864. Gibson, R. L., Jan. 11, 1864. Goggin, James M., Dec. 4, 1864. Gorgas, Josiah, Nov. 10, 1864. Granberry, H. B., Feb. 29, 1864. Hodge, Geo. B., Aug. 2, 1864. Leventhorpe, C., Feb. 3, 1865. McRae, William, Nov. 4, 1864. Northrop, L. B., Nov. 26, 1864. Page, Richard L., Mar. 1, 1864. Payne, Wm. H., Nov. 1, 1864. Posey, Carnot, Nov. 1, 1862. Preston, John S., June 10, 1864. Reynolds, D. H., Mar. 5, 1864. Stevens, W. H., Aug. 28, 1864. Terry, William, May 19, 1864. Brigadier-generals, provisional army (with temporary rank) Anderson, R. H., July 26, 1864. Barry, John D., Aug. 3, 1864. Brantly, Wm. F., July 26, 1864. Browne, Wm. M., Nov. 11, 1864. Bullock, Robert, Nov. 29, 186
dAug. 20, 1861.  Col. Stephen D. PoolSept. 7, 1863.  11thNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. Collett LeventhorpeOct. 26, 1861.Promoted Brigadier-General. 12thNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. Henry E. Coleman   Col. Sol. Williams   13thNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. Joseph H. HymanJune 13, 1863.  Col. A. M. Scales Promoted Brigadier-General. 14thNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. R. T. Bennett   Col. W. P. Roberts Promoted Brigadier-General. 15thNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. Wm. McRaeFeb. 27, 1863.Promoted Brigadier-General. Col. Henry A. Dowd   16thNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. John S. McElroyJune 1, 1862.  Lt. Col. Wm. A. StoweMay 31, 1862.  Col. Stephen Lee   17thNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. Wm. F. MartinJuly 27, 1861.  18thNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. John D. BarryMay 3, 1863.  Col. Robt. H. Cowan   19thNorth CarolinaRegimentCavalryCol. Wm. G. RobinsonSept. 1, 1861.  20thNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. Nelson SloughJan.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 18. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 2 (search)
Spotsylvania Courthouse on the 12th of May, but his claim was never recognized by Generals Lee and Early. He claimed two pieces of artillery captured by Cooke's, McRae's, and Lane's brigades in their glorious charge upon Hancock's entrenchments at Reames' Station, but General A. P. Hill would not recognize that claim. Colonel Wihe fight in which (General Hill told me) the noble and gallant Pegram begged and cried to be allowed to participate. General Mahone also claimed flags captured by McRae's brigades. Yours most sincerely, James H. Lane. [The desire of General Lane that the reports made to General Lee by his general officers, after the surrenon (Battle's, Cook's, Cox's and Grimes' Brigades)1,823 —— 4,465 Third corps. Corps Headquarters, &c149 Heth's Division (Cooke's, Davis', McComb's and McRae's Brigades) 1,571 Mahone's Division (Finegan's, Forney's, Harris', Sorel's, Weisiger's Brigades)3,493 Wilcox's Division (Lane's, McGowan's, Scales', Thomas' Bri
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 18. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), General John Rogers Cooke. (search)
a, adds the following tribute: The death of General John R. Cooke recalls a splendid achievement of the two North Carolina brigades commanded by him and General William McRae, on August 15, 1864, when Generals A. P. Hill and Wade Hampton were sent to attack Hancock's corps at Reams' Station, on the Petersburg and Weldon railroads, had failed in the first assault upon this strong position, strongly held. After a short interval General Hill ordered Cooke to make the attack with his own and McRae's brigades. The Federals had cut down the swamp-oaks and other small trees in their front, thus forming a sort of abattis, which was very trying to the attackingrd of command, ran up on the embankment and leaped upon the enemy's works and utterly routed them, capturing many prisoners and ten pieces of artillery. Cooke and McRae were both excellent disciplinarians, and this cool and superb achievement of their brigades was the fruit of disciplined courage. Of course there were other troop
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 18. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 33 (search)
en to the left on the Harman road, and formed line of battle on the road leading from the Harman road to the Jones farm. McGowan and I formed the advance; McGowan being on the left of the road supported by Archer, and I on the right supported by McRae. It was a beautiful sight to see my sharp-shooters deploying in my front at a double-quick and boldly pushing forward. They engaged the enemy, and were sending back prisoners before we had formed the main line of battle. Their performance was Gregor's Horse Artillery, so he told me. Hampton got five hundred of this demoralized and panic-stricken crowd. I have never seen Yankees make better time than they did. My entire loss in this engagement was one hundred and eleven. That night McRae and Archer were withdrawn and joined their division. The plan was for Heth's whole division to move on the Squirrel Level Road next morning and attack them in flank, while McGowan and I were to make a feint in front. When Heth's guns were heard
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 18. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Index. (search)
159 Lee. Gen. W. H. F., 126. Ledlie. Gen., 53, 26. Letcher, Gov., John, Burning of the home of, 393. Lincoln County, N. C., Birth-place of heroes, 223. Littlepage, Capt. H. B., 364. Loehr, Col. Charles T., on Point Lookout., 97. Long, Gen. A. L., Death of, 81. Lovenstein, Hon., Wm., 364. McCabe, Capt., W. Gordon, Addresses by, 22, 35, 37, 153. McGuire, Dr., Hunter, 249. Mcllvane, Bishop C. P., 371. McKinney, Gov. P. W., Address of, 142. McMaster, Col. F. W., 36 McRae. Gen. Wm., 325. Mahone's Brigade, 3, 4; time of charge of, at the Crater, 33, 61. Malvern Hill, Battle of, account of by Geo. S. Bernard, 56; Gen. McGruder's, 58, 62; Gen. Lee's, 62: Gen. F. J. Porter on, 64; Gen. McClellan, 65; Gen. Couch, 66; Gen. Early, 69. Manship, Mrs., Luther, her Sentinel Song, 312. Marshall, Col. Charles, his contributions to history, 73 Marshall, Col. Thos.. Death of, 282. Marshall, Thos. F., Biographical sketch of by Henry M. Rowley, 39; his plea
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 19. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.15 (search)
ee North Carolina brigades of Lane, Cooke and McRae, from left to right, in the order named. Thesmaking it very difficult to get through them. McRae had an open field between him and the enemy's y were ordered to advance somewhat sooner than McRae's men. McRae's line of battle was in the edge ame more violent, especially in front of Lane, McRae, prompted by that great and magnanimous spiritquarters, enfilading the Confederate line; General McRae immediately ordered this battery to be takred masses in front, was so jubilant, that General McRae, with his usual quiet humor remarked, Oldh ordered all his guns to the right and rear of McRae to advance to the front line of battle held byt a full gallop. As they approached nearer to McRae's brigade, the infantry recognized them in advPelham, who deserved to rank fully with them. McRae's brigade greeted them with loud cheers, for tet they were badly demoralized, and hence when McRae advanced Hancock's men fired wildly and above [13 more...]
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 23. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.16 (search)
chary, of the Twenty-seventh Georgia, of Colquitt's Brigade, an amiable and very brave officer, with whom my relations were very pleasant. I was feeble from exposure, but did not leave the men for a single day. How I survived all this I do not know. In August General W. W. Kirkland, a North Carolinian, was permanently placed in command of the brigade, relieving Colonel Zachary. Kirkland had commanded a brigade in Heth's Division, but was disabled by a wound at Bristow Station, and General William McRae took his place as brigadier. When Kirkland got well he came to us. He made no change in the staff, except to bring an aid-de-camp, Lieutenant Albert Stoddard, of Savannah, a relative of Kirkland's wife, who was a niece of Lieutenant-General W. J. Hardee. He was very courteous and agreeable at all times, and he became greatly attached to his brigade. In September our division was relieved from guarding the hard lines they had held, and moved out of the trenches. During the fall
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 24. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.47 (search)
North Carolina soldiers. [from the Wilmington, N. C., Messenger, Feb. 19, 1895.] Paroled at Appomattox. North Carolina had paroled at Appomattox Courthouse, one major-general, Bryan Grimes, and six brigadiers, i. e., W. R. Cox, Matthew W. Ransom, John R. Cooke, William McRae, W. P. Roberts and J. H. Lane. BrigadeCommanded by Total rank and file surrendered. 1. Cox's,Brigadier-General Cox,572 2. Grimes',Colonel Coward,530 3. Johnston's,Colonel Lea,463 4. Lewis',Captain Beard,447 5. Cooke's,Brigadier-General Cooke,560 6. MacRae's,Brigadier-General MacRae,442 7. Lane's,Brigadier-General Lane,570 8. Scales',Colonel Hyman,719 9. Ransom's,Brigadier-General Ransom,435 10. Barringer's, Cavalry.—— —— ——23 11. Robert's, Cavalry.Brigadier-General Roberts,93 Major-General Grimes and staff, Cummings', Miller's, William's, Flanners' and Ramsey's batteries,150 —— Total North Carolinians paroled5,022 The following North Carolina regiments w
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