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June 9. A detachment of the Rhode Island Regiment finished building a floating bridge on the Potomac, near Georgetown, by which thousands of men could be transported across in a few hours. Capt. Medlar, Provost-marshal of Alexandria, seized army supplies consisting of uniforms and cavalry swords, to the value of fifteen hundred dollars.--N. Y. World, June 10. Two prisoners were captured yesterday by four privates of Company B, Michigan Regiment, one mile this side of Berks Station, and thirteen miles from Alexandria, Va., on the Orange and Alexandria Railroad. One of the prisoners is a corporal in a cavalry company, and the other a private in the Governor's Guards of Richmond, which is also a cavalry company. The Michigan men while scouting approached near Berks Station, when they saw a number of stacks of muskets. They put back and were pursued by the two cavalry, but sought refuge in ambush, and succeeded in capturing their prisoners and brought them to Alexandria, whe
. To-day forty-eight met at the same place and nominated Henry P. Martin and James P. Close delegates to the Wheeling Convention. The leaders in this movement expect to receive seventy- five signatures to an address to that Convention. The Michigan regiment band is now serenading Col. Heintzleman. The flag brought by the Third Infantry from Texas will be to-morrow hoisted over the Quartermaster's Department, when a great jollification is expected. The Provost Marshal, Capt. Medlar, has recalled his prohibition of the proposed publication of a newspaper here by the soldiers.--The first number will appear on Monday. It is reported that the Federal and Confederate pickets are gradually approaching each other on the Fairfax road. expected movement against Harper's Ferry. Washington, June 7.--Five companies of the Third U. S. Infantry--namely, Company B, Capt. Shepherd; Company D, Lieut. Bell commanding; Company G, Lieut. Williams commanding; Company H, C
The Daily Dispatch: June 19, 1861., [Electronic resource], Ordnance Department, Richmond.Va.,may 26, 1861. (search)
d at Fairfax this morning. Movements towards this point from Fairfax are apprehended in some quarters. The names of the prisoners arrested are Wm. Temple Walker and George McMills.--Walker has a bad countenance. He has been recognized by Capt. Medlar, Provost Marshal, as one to whom he several times refused a pass. It is understood that McMills has stated since his arrest that Walker had threatened to shoot Capt. Medlar. Information was received this evening that a coal schooner, whiCapt. Medlar. Information was received this evening that a coal schooner, which sailed heuce on Friday, and which ran ashore below, was set on fire by a United States vessel. Affairs in Alexandria. Alexandria, June 15. --Mr. Dickens, who has been a prisoner here for some days, having been arrested at his farm house, was released this afternoon, by order of the War Department, it having been ascertained that his arrest was entirely unwarranted, and that the informer was a youth of suspicious character, who has himself been arrested for horse stealing, and oth
injured; G. F. Lanman, Company G, Pike county, bruises on the left side, and also on the left hand; Private Volner, Company G; Private smith, Company G; Frank Larned, Company G, wounded, not seriously. Affairs about Alexandra. Alexandria June 19. --The train from Falls Church arrived here this evening and reports all quiet there. Filing of cannon in that direction occasioned some alarm, but subsequently it was ascertained that the troops were practicing with their guns. Capt. Medlar, of the Pennsylvania Fiftieth Regiment, who has performed the arduous duties of provost-marshal, and gained the universal esteem of the citizens of Alexandria for his leniency in the treatment of themselves and the prisoners under his charge, has been relieved, at his request, and Lieut. Shepherd, of the Massachusetts Fifth Regiment, has been appointed to the position. There are numerous reports from Fairfax Court-House, but all unreliable. The Confederate troops were certainly ther