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Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Chapter XXII: Operations in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Mississippi, North Alabama, and Southwest Virginia. March 4-June 10, 1862. (ed. Lieut. Col. Robert N. Scott), April 29-June 10, 1862.-advance upon and siege of Corinth, and pursuit of the Confederate forces to Guntown, Miss. (search)
with a view to the final advance. The upper road was made by General McCook's division and the other two by General Wood's, assisted in each case by Colonel Innes' Michigan Regiment of Engineers and Mechanics, and under the supervision of Captain Michler2 Topographical Engineers. At this time the Army of the Mississippi was a short distance out from Hamburg, on the south side of Lick Creek, which ran between it and the two armies composing the right and center. The average distance of the e first by Capt. A. C. Gillem until he was called to other duties, and afterwards by Captain Nigh, assistant quartermaster; the second by Capt. Francis Darr, assistant commissary, and the third by Surg. Robert Murray, medical department. Capt. Nathaniel Michler, chief topographical engineer, rendered very important service in superintending the construction of roads and making maps of the country. The very accurate and minute maps which he is now preparing will add much to the intelligibility
, and, although in one of the oldest States of the Union, there were but few reliable maps. Consequently, this information had to be obtained in advance of the army. A party composed of regular and volunteer officers and soldiers, under Colonel N. Michler, of the Engineer Corps, was directed to undertake this work. Their labors commenced after crossing the Rapidan. Every road within the lines of the army had to be surveyed and mapped, and the work extended as far as possible to the front ar were ordered to his assistance, and the officers of the corps on fortification duty on the sea-coast, north and east When it was just a question of time before Petersburg It was an unexpected war-time scene before the cottage of Colonel Nathaniel Michler of the Engineer Corps at Brant House, near Petersburg. It recalls the prelude to Tennyson's Princess, and the boy telling of the Christmas vacation in his deserted college halls, who swore he long'd at college, only long'd, all else wa
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