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le, 2d Lieutenant. Non-commissioned staff-officers, J. Anderson, Serjeant-Major; T. C. Stryker, Quartermaster-Sergeant. Fourth Regiment.--Staff: Col., Miller; Lieut.-Col., Straub; Quartermaster, Linton; Paymaster, Davis; Adjutant, Hatch; Surgeon, Woolston; Assistant Surgeon, Satterthwaith. Company A. Cook Rifles, Captain Perine, Bordentown. Company B, Captain Gale. Company C, Stockton Cadets, Captain Jackson; Company D, Gloucester Guard, Capt. Stratford. Company E, Camden Artillery, Capt. Mickle. Company F, (flag company,) Camden Zouaves, Captain Hunt. Company G, Cook Rifles, Captain Cunningham. Company H, Anderson Guards, Captain Lear. Company I, Johnson Guards, Salem, Captain Dinneghson. Company K, Marion Rifles, Captain Burling. The whole brigade, with its four pieces of artillery, arrived at Annapolis on Sunday, May 5th, in twenty-eight hours from Trenton, and proceeded direct for Washington. It is stated that the fourteen transports, with a strong convoy, Commander F. R.
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, A book of American explorers, chapter 1 (search)
is father. Ii.—The voyage of Leif the Lucky. [after Biarni had reached the Greenland settlement, and told his story, he was blamed for not having explored these unknown lands more carefully; and Leif the Lucky bought Biarni's vessel, and set sail with thirty-five companions, to see what he could discover.] (A. D. 999.) First they found the land which Biarni had found last. Then sailed they to the land, and cast anchor, and put off a boat, and went ashore, and saw there no grass. Mickle Great. glaciers were over all the higher parts; but it was like a plain of rock from the glaciers to the sea, and it seemed to them that the land was good for nothing. Then said Leif, We have not done about this land like Biarni, not to go upon it: now I will give a name to the land, and call it Helluland (flat-stone land). Perhaps Labrador, where flat stones abound, or Newfoundland. Then they went to their ship. After that they sailed into the sea, and found another land, sailed up
n the defense of Spanish Fort, March 26 to April 8, 1865. Among the officers killed were: Lieut.-Col. Richard F. Inge, Captains Justice, Stringer, Hammond, and Mickle, and Lieutenants Fielder, McAdory and Kidd, all of whom met death at Chickamauga. Its commanding officers were: Colonel Inge, whose name heads the roll of honoPollard and Harper, first and second lieutenants, Company A, were wounded, the first mortally, the last severely. Captain Wilkerson was wounded in the heel. Captain Mickle was severely wounded while leading his company (I) in the charge. Captain Stone of Company K, wounded in the neck. Lieutenant Johnston, Company I, wounded iy seems just to make any distinction when all tried to do their duty, but I cannot refrain from mentioning Captain Ruffin and Lieut. J. B. Darby of Company H, Captain Mickle, Company I, Lieutenant Stewart, Company E, and Lieutenant Riser, Company K, who were especially distinguished for their good conduct during the battle. (408,
slightly in the back by a limb of a tree falling, being out off by a shot; John Grass, slightly. Missing: Wm M Brooks, Henry Serrells, and Craton Padgett. Report of casualties of the Fourteenth Tennessee regiment. Killed.--J D Martin, Assistant Surgeon. Company A--Wounded: A Newell, T J Anderson. Missing: Corporal C S Donoho. Company B.--Killed: Privates R J Keesee and W J Martin. Wounded: J A Gholson, W F Broom, J Hamlett, J B Wall, S Trotter, E A Winns, E P Young, J B Mickle. Company C.--Killed: Sergeant C D Blackburn; Privates W C Draughon, J C Gambill, J M Jones. Wounded: Sergeant W E Benson; Privates M Bonac, R Burns, A S Samuel, A J Mondy, and F N Ingram. Company D.--Wounded: Privates W H Andrews, D F. McKinney, J J Page, and J F Locke. Company E.--Wounded: Captain N M Morris; Privates J L Wyatt, J B Stone, W H Weaver, J M Robertson, and J S P Wimberly. Company F.--Killed: Private R Brooks.--Wounded: Sergeant J T Myers; Privates Thos Bra
J, co K, 11th Miss, eye and face. Larrance, J M, co M, 22d N C, hip. Lewis, J, co C, 38th Va, arm. Lewis, J, co C, 7th Tenn, hand. Lewis, A A, co I, 6th N C, thigh. Lucas, A, co K, 2d Miss. Martin, J W, co H, 5th N C, thorax. Martin, S H, co K, 19th Va, contusion. Massie, Jas, co K, 1st Tenn, shoulder. Montroy, H C, co B, 11th Miss, foot. Morrison, J B, co G, 18th N C, shoulder. Milan, James, co E, 38th Va, hand. Millsop, G, co D, 12th Miss, face and neck. Mickle, J B, co B, 14th Tenn, leg. Mills, R A, co B, 4th N C, arm. Mime, Lt T P, co E, 11th Miss. Metcall, J A, co K, 11th Miss, leg. Morgan, S N, co I, 11th Miss, shoulder. Morrett, B, co B, 6th S C, leg. Mitchell, R S, co G, 11th Miss, hip. Miller, R J, co A, 1st Tenn, leg. Mouldin, R, Jenkins's S C S S, thigh. Moody,--, co R, 41st Va, side and wrist. Moore, L B, co I, 11th Miss, left arm amputated. Matthews, A P, co B, 11th Miss, shoulder. Murriy, T H, co E, 4th N C
am Jarrell, 3d N C; L P Carruth, 19th Miss; Wm Melvanny, 3d La; Lt Isaac L King, 22d N C; Martin Earles, 24th N C; Sergt John Wyun, 1st N C; John J Lynch, 14th La; Henry Aber, 3d La; John B Dean, 13th Ala; W J Fields, 48th Ga; J Neal, J Roberts, 3d La; J M N Flick, 24th Va; M Riley, 6th La; L F Maynor, 6th Ala; J Smith, D G Clemens, 18th Ga; Junius J Alburty, 21st N C; Balaam Moore, 21st N C; Jos W Walker, 6th N C; J P Mimms, 15th Ga; Seaburn Spradling, 13th Ala; M P Pittman, 13th Ala; Jas H Mickle, 13th Ala; Sgt W J Cambron, 5th Ala Batt; E J Cambron, do; W H Blackburn, 19th Ga; Corp'l Wm A Cox, 6th N C; Wm J Hart, 6th N C; J W Emerson, 16th Miss; George H Smart, 28th N C; John D Hudson, 28th N C; Wm B Sadwick, 17th Va; Capt Jos N Brown, 14th S C; Sgt Wm H Franks, 14th S C; Albert M Boyee, 14th S C; Isaac F Cox, 14th S C; Jos W Childress, 42d Va; Danl J Phillips, 5th N C; J J Gilbert, 18th Ga; Wm H Williams, 34th N C; E M L Williams, 12th S C; Corp'l J H Williams, 14th Tenn; Corp'l Da