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. Slightly wounded: Sergt. Sylvanius S. Longley, Corporal Benjamin Lauds; privates Patrick H. Kelly, Eugene J. Brady, Silas C. Bush, John Daley, Robert Hargrave, Morris Illig, Alonzo A. P. V. McCoy. Frozen feet: Sergt. Wm. L. Beach; Corporals William L. White and James R. Hunt; privates Stradge Ansley, Matthew Armone, David Briston, Fred. W. Becker, Nathaniel Chapman, Samuel Caldwell, Joseph Chapman, John G. Hertle, Chas. B. Horse, Joseph Hill, George Johnston, Jefferson Lincoln, Arthur Mitchell, James McKown, Alonzo R. Palmer, Charles Wilson. Third infantry, company K.--Killed: Privates John E. Barker, Samuel W. Thomas. Seriously wounded: Sergeant A. J. Austin, E. C. Hoyt; privates John Hensley, Thos. B. Walker. Frozen feet: Sergeants C. J. Herron, C. F. Williams; Corporals Wm. Bennett, John Lattman, John Wingate; privates Joseph German, James Urquhart, Wm. S. John, Algeray Ramsdell, James Epperson, A. J. F. Randell, William Farnham, John Baurland, Giles Ficknor, Alfr
Waitt, Ernest Linden, History of the Nineteenth regiment, Massachusetts volunteer infantry , 1861-1865, Roster of the Nineteenth regiment Massachusetts Volunteers (search)
‘62; 30; wounded Dec. 13, ‘62; disch. disa. May 5, ‘63. Dean, Chas. F., priv., (K), May 17, ‘64; 31; M. O. June 30, ‘65; drafted. Deansfield, John, priv., (I), May 30, ‘64; 35; sub. Elbridge Souther; abs. pris. since June 22, ‘64; N. F.R. DeCastro, Jos. H., priv., (F), July 12, ‘61; 19; re-en. Dec. 21, ‘63; M. O. June 30, ‘65. DeLa, William, priv., (E), May 13, ‘64; 23; sub. C. H. Williams, abs. pris. since June 22, ‘64; N. F.R. Delaney, John, priv., (K), June 13, 1864; 20; sub. Arthur Mitchell; abs. pris. since June 22, 1864. Delaney, Wm., priv., (H), Dec. 1, ‘61; 32; died on steamer en route to Fort Monroe July 10, ‘62; Co. B. Delano, Ezra, priv., (G), May 13, ‘64; 29; drafted; died Nov. 3, ‘64, Andersonville, Ga. Delay, Daniel, priv., (E), July 25, ‘61; 21; wounded Sept. 17, ‘62; disch. disa. Nov. 17, ‘62; see also V. R.C. Denihan, John, corp., (G), Aug. 23, ‘61; 26; M. O. Aug. 28, ‘64 as priv. abs. sick. Denny, Wm., priv., (H), Aug.
Chapel, (Methodist.)--Rev. Jas. E. Gates. 11 o'clock A. M. and 7½ P. M. Sidney, (Methodist.)--Rev. J. L. Lindsay. 11 o'clock A. M., and 7 P. M. Rocketts, (Methodist.)--Rev. Mr. Jones. 11 o'clock A. M., and 3½ P. M. African Methodist.--Rev. Geo. W. Nolley. 11 o'clock A. M., and 3½ P. M. First Presbyterian.--Rev. T. V. Moore, D. D. 11 o'clock A. M., and 7½ P. M. Second Presbyterian.--Rev. Moses D. Hoge, D. 11 o'clock A. M., and 4 P. M. Third Presbyterian.--Rev. Arthur Mitchell. 11 o'clock A. M., and 7½ P. M. United Presbyterian.--Rev. Chas. H. Read. 11 o'clock A. M., and -- P. M. Duval Street Presbyterian.--Rev. Mr. Fletcher. 11 o'clock A. M., and 7½ P. M. Basin Mission, (Presbyterian.)--Rev. Chas. H. Read, (meets in Ladd's Warehouse, south side of Basin.) 7½ o'clock P. M. Sycamore, (Disciples.)--Rev. Wm. J. Pettigrew. 11 o'clock A. M., and 7½ P. M. St. Peter's Cathedral (Catholic.)--Right Rev. John McGill, Bishop; Revs. John Teeli