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The Atlanta (Georgia) Campaign: May 1 - September 8, 1864., Part I: General Report. (ed. Maj. George B. Davis, Mr. Leslie J. Perry, Mr. Joseph W. Kirkley), chapter 102 (search)
Ga., May 7, 1864. Was engaged at Buzzard Roost as skirmishers May 11; 1 man killed and 1 mortally wounded. Moved to the right, through Snake Creek Gap, May 12. Was in the engagement at Resaca, May 14, Company E deployed as skirmishers, Lieut. James Mitchell in command. Lieutenant Mitchell was wounded at 12 m. on skirmish line. At 2 p. m an assault upon the enemy's works was ordered. The line moved forward, but were not successful in reaching the enemy's works. Were fortunate in finding cLieutenant Mitchell was wounded at 12 m. on skirmish line. At 2 p. m an assault upon the enemy's works was ordered. The line moved forward, but were not successful in reaching the enemy's works. Were fortunate in finding cover in a small ravine, where the command did some close shooting, which forced the enemy to keep under cover of his works until dark, when we withdrew; lost 13 men killed and 33 wounded. At 8 a. m., May 15, were placed in second line. The enemy evacuated on the night of the 15th; moved in pursuit on the 16th. Found the enemy near Dallas, May 26. Were placed in front and skirmished with the enemy until June 2. On the night of June 5 the enemy withdrew to Lost Mountain. We were not in the f
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., The Confederate Army. (search)
The Confederate Army. Army of Northern Virginia--General Robert E. Lee. first Army Corps, Lieut.-Gen. James Longstreet. Kershaw's division, Brig.-Gen. Joseph B. Kershaw. Kershaw's Brigade, Col. John W. Henagan: 2d S. C., Lieut.-Col. F. Gaillard; 3d S. C., Col. James D. Nance; 7th S. C., Capt. James Mitchell; 8th S. C., Lieut.-Col. E. T. Stackhouse; 15th S. C., Col. John B. Davis; 3d S. C. Battalion, Capt. B. M. Whitener. Humphreys's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Benjamin G. Humphreys: 13th Miss., Maj. G. L. Donald; 17th Miss.,----; Name not to be found in the Official records. 18th Miss., Capt. W. H. Lewis;. 21st Miss., Col. D. N. Moody. Wofford's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. William T. Wofford: 16th Ga.,----; 18th Ga.,----; 24th Ga.,----; Cobb's Ga. Legion,----; Phillips Ga. Legion,----; 3d Ga. Battalion Sharp-shooters,----. Bryan's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Goode Bryan: 10th Ga., Col. Willis C. Holt; 50th Ga., Col. P. McGlashan; 51st Ga., Col. E. Ball; 53d Ga., Col. James P. Simms. field'
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 52: operations about Charleston, 1865.--fall of Charleston, Savannah, etc. (search)
-Surgeon, T. S. Keith; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, J. T. Lee; Engineers: Second-Assistants, J. B. Carpenter, d. F. Meyer, Jr., W. H. Kelly and W. L. Bailey. Mingoe--Third-rate. Commander, J. B. Creighton; Acting-Masters, J. W. Cangdon and J. C. Wentworth; Acting-Ensigns, Samuel Merchant, S. R. Carlton, R. F. Dodge and J. A. Phipps; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, C. A. Cabel; Acting Assistant Surgeon, G. H. Napheys; Engineers: First-Assistant, E. A. C. DuPlain; Acting-Second-Assistant, James Mitchell, W. F. Worrell and Levi Smetzen; Acting-Third-Assistants, Wm. Emmarick and G. G. Blake; Acting-Gunner, Andrew Harmand. Catskill--Fourth-rate. Lieutenant-Commander, Edward Barrett; Lieutenant, Chas. W. Tracy; Acting-Masters, J. C. Hamlin and Wm. Reed; Acting-Ensigns, J. D. Barclay, E. B. Cox and Charles Clauson; Assistant Surgeon, John W. Coles; Assistant-Paymaster, H. P. Tuttle; Engineers; Acting-First-Assistant, J. F. Butler; Acting-Second-Assistants, J. G. Dennett and Jonas T. Bo
s. Conklin, seriously, Hopkinton; Geo. J. Fayerweather, Westboro; Edward R. Graton, seriously, Leicester; A. H. Holman, North-Brookfield; Samuel Hall, groin, Uxbridge; J. A. McKinstry, Southbridge; T. N. Magee, Douglas; Cyprian K. Stratton, Worcester; G. W. Williams, Southboro. Co. D, Capt A. H. Foster, eye, Worcester. Co. E, Corporals John Howell, leg; Worcester; Dennis Sheehan, side, do.; Thomas McKeon, wrist, do.; Privates Peter Brady, stomach, do.; Ephraim Smith, shoulder, do.; James Mitchell, thigh, do. Co. F. John A. Gilchrist, jaw, Lunenburg; Charles H. Stratton, leg shattered, Winchendon; Geo. W. Rice, leg, Fitchburgh. Co. G, Christian Class, leg, Clinton; Christopher Lenhandt, hand, do.; Baptist Reno, breast, Douglas; Ferdinand Swan, hand, Clinton; Geo. Vetter, arm and breast, do.; Daniel Williams, left arm shot away, Milford. Co. H, Second Lieut. N. H. Foster, left elbow, N. Brookfield; Corporal Randall Mann, supposed mortally, Leicester; George E. Kent, do.; H
Rebellion Record: a Diary of American Events: Poetry and Incidents., Volume 4. (ed. Frank Moore), The Blacksmiths and the Merrimac. (search)
ny other work that will advance the interest of the Southern Confederacy: Blacksmiths and Strikers. Jas. A. Farmer, M. S.,David Wilkins, Chas. Snead, 1st Foreman,Jas. Wilbern, Wm. T. Butt, 2d Foreman,Wm. Reynolds, Pat. Parks,Walter Wilkins, Jno. West,Thos. Kerby, Jno. Cain,Samuel Davenport, Jas. Watfield,Jas. Larkin, H. Tatem,Lewis Ewer, Wilson Guy,Jno. Davis, Miles Foreman,Jas. Watson, Sen., Hugh Minter,James Flemming, Jno. Green,Samuel Hodges, Thos. Bloxom,Alex. Davis, Jas. Mitchell,Thomas Guy, Joseph Rickets,Smith Guy, Thos. Franklin,Michael Conner, Jas. Patterson,Wm. Perry, Wm. Gray,Patrick Shanasy, Jno. Moody,Lawson Etheredge, Hillory Hopkins,Joshua Daily, E. Woodward,Jas Morand, H. Reynolds,Miles Foreman, Southey Rew,Jos. West, Julius Morien,Thos. Powell, Jos. Askew,Wm. Shephard, Anthony Butt,Jno. Curram, Thos. Bourke,Opie Jordan, Wm. Hosier,Wiley Howard. Finishers. Jno. B. Rooke,Charles Sturdivant, Elias Bridges,Jesse Kay, Anderson Gwinn,Willi
for the purpose of effecting her arrest. She escaped his vigilance as she thought on this occasion, left Louisville and proceeded to Mitchell, in Indiana. To her surprise she found him in the same train with herself — apparently unconcerned, yet closely watching her movements, in order to obtain some clue which would justify her arrest. He was not aware that she knew him, but he was mistaken, as she had accidentally learned who he was, and was watching him as closely as he was her. From Mitchell she went to Vincennes, where she was finally arrested by this hound Blygh. His behavior toward her after her arrest was coarse and rude — just such as might be expected of a Lincoln detective. He took great delight in alluding to her as she passed a crowd on the street as a secesh prisoner, and in various ways endeavored to offend the refined and delicate creature, whom the authority of a base miscreant had made his captive. Her baggage was all searched by this fellow, with the hope th
ully, your obedient servant, Wm. S. Montgomery, Captain Commanding Regiment. Twenty-third, private W. J. Coyle, wounded in left forearm. Twenty-fourth, Malcolm Sinclair, head. Twenty-fifth, Lieutenant Charles Watson. Privates Henry Pikel, thigh; Pat. Carlin, thigh. Sergeants Thomas Denham, killed; Robert Atherly, killed; privates, John Burgess, killed; David Schultz, killed. Sergeant Alfred Luce, wounded in the head; privates, Robert Paterson, thigh; Roderick McKenzie, shoulder; James Mitchell, breast; Wm. Smith, head. Knoxville, Dec. 2. Seventeen days of siege. We have no butter, chickens, eggs, vegetables, or other luxuries of that kind, and have only one quarter rations of coffee, but so far we have had plenty of pork, beef, flour, and meal. Every one is confident, and the best of spirits exist among all classes, citizens and soldiers. Up to last Saturday, an assault has been a matter of dread by many; but since the terrible storming of Fort Sanders on that memorable
camp. I am sorry to have to add the following list of casualties to those already given: Killed--Second Lieut. E. Whiteside, Co. H, Seventy-fifth New-York; John Noble, Co. G. Seventy-fifth New-York; John Welsh, Co. B. First Louisiana Cadets; and two others--one of the One Hundred and Sixtieth, and another of the Seventy-Fifth New-York, whose names I could not obtain. Wounded--Corp. Caypless, Co. A, Seventy-fifth New-York, leg; Benson Sherman, Co. F, Seventy-fifth New-York, thigh; Jas. Mitchell, Co. F, Seventy-fifth New-York, thigh ; John Evenden, Co. F, Seventy-fifth New-York, knee, slightly; Adam Michael, Co. C, Seventy-fifth New-York, thigh; John W. Riley, Co. B, Seventy-fifth New-York, back; M. V. B. Van Etten, Co. A, Seventy-fifth New-York, thigh ; H. W. Prescott, First Maine battery, thumb; John Thompson, First Maine battery, both arms amputated; Byron Herman, Co. D, Seventy-fifth New-York, thigh; Michael Kennedy, Co. F, Seventy-fifth New-York, thigh; D. S. Devoe, Co. A,
While all their leaders, from the President down, are boasting of their carrying on this war in accordance with the laws which govern nature in such cases, and are charging upon our troops all kinds of depredations and outrages, I think a few simple facts might put them to blush, and make those parties, and our press and people who are seconding the efforts of Davis to cast a stigma upon us, ashamed of the work they are doing. I will state merely what I know to be true. Abe Canadi and Mr. Mitchell were hung two weeks ago for being Union men. They lived on the Hacklebon settlement, Marion County, Alabama. Mr. Hallwork and his daughter, of the same county, were both shot for the same cause. The latter was instantly killed; the former is still alive, but will probably die. Peter Lewis, and three of his neighbors, were hunted down by one hundred bloodhounds, and captured. The houses of Messrs. Palmer, Welsby, Williams, and the three Weightmans, and of some thirty others, were
, company D), and Lieutenant W. W. Gooding, company K, Seventh Virginia, who were both killed, Lieutenant W. E. Harrison, company A, Sergeant-Major Tansill and Color-Sergeant Mays, both wounded, and both of whom had distinguished themselves in the battles of Williamsburg and Seven Pines ; First Sergeant William Apperson, company C, who was killed, and private George Watson, company F, who has also repeatedly distinguished himself for bravery, all of the Seventh Virginia regiment. Captain James Mitchell, company C, and Lieutenant Logan Robins, company B, First Virginia regiment, both of whom were wounded; Lieutenant W. R. Abbott, company E, and Lieutenant E. T. Dix, company K, Eleventh Virginia, both of whom were killed; Lieutenant Calfee, company G, of the Twenty-fourth Virginia, who was killed within a few paces of the enemy's battery, and Captains Bentley and Nowlin, of the same regiment. I doubt not there are many others, omitted in the reports, who equally distinguished themse
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