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William Schouler, A history of Massachusetts in the Civil War: Volume 2, Chapter 11: Nantucket County. (search)
, June 8, 1795. Population in 1860, 6,294; in 1865, 4,830. Valuation in 1860, $3,875,598; in 1865, $2,152,568. The selectmen in 1861 were William Barney, Joseph Mitchell, 2d, William H. Waitt, Alexander Macy, Benjamin Field, Joshua Parker, Elisha Smith; in 1862 and 1863, Charles F. Brown, Charles A. Folger, Zenas L. Adams, Samuel Woodward, Andrew J. Morton, Samuel Swain, Charles G. Coffin; in 1864, Joseph Mitchell, 2d, Joseph C. Chase, Charles G. Jagger, William H. Waitt, Robert McLean, Henry Colesworth, Jr., Reuben P. Folger; in 1865, Joseph Mitchell, 2d, Robert McLean, William H. Waitt, Joseph C. Chase, Charles H. Jagger, Henry Colesworth, Charles A. Joseph Mitchell, 2d, Robert McLean, William H. Waitt, Joseph C. Chase, Charles H. Jagger, Henry Colesworth, Charles A. Leader. The town-clerk during all the years of the war was William Cobb. The town-treasurer in 1861 was Andrew Whitney; in 1862, 1863, 1864, and 1865, Samuel Swain. 1861. No official action appears to have been taken by the town, in its corporate capacity, in relation to the war during this year. 1862. On the 12th of July a
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
H. Beal, J. E. Berry, Henry Berry, R. T. Buckner, E. E. Buckner, John Butzner, John T. Broaddus, Jos. Childs, Thomas Childs, W. J. Cox, Thomas Cash, E. F. Chesley, Geo. Clark, Chs. Cason, W. S. Charters, Chs. Donahoe, J. J. Fines, M. A. Furnahough, R. C. Fitzhugh, E. G. Gwathmey, Jas. Gouldman, R. C. Grimes, John Goolrick, G. T. Harrison, G. M. Harrison, J. C. Jones, Peter Key, Corbin Carr, H. Long, W. N. Marye, A. J. Marye, J. A. Marye, Jos. Mitchell, Frank Maddox, John McKay, John W. Perry, Geo. Pearson, H. Proctor, John Roberts, Wm. Robertson, F. M. Ryland, R. B. Semple, Henry Steward, J. L. Smith, Henry Seenor, W. S. Sisson, Chs. Scott, .W. L. Scott, E. R. Tompkins, John T. Wellford, O. Williams, Geo. Willis, H. Wallace, Albert Drewry, J. E. Harrison, M. Howard, Chs. Jenkins, Wm. S. Jones, H. Houseman, Chs. Ella, Allen Luper, Berry Cooper. [76] Roll of Non-Commissioned office
Personal violence --A charge of personal violence, preferred by Mary Walker, against Joseph Mitchell, Samuel Friday and William Jones, was to have been examined by the Mayor on Saturday, but was omitted in consequence of the absence of the complainant. The defendants were put in jail.
them to have been stolen. Proof was adduced showing that the animals were not stolen, but had been ridden from the late battle-field near Dr. Garnett's farm. Measures will be taken to see that the animals are sent to their proper owners.--Joseph Mitchell was brought up for an assault on Mrs. Mary Donnally. It appeared that, being a tenant of M.'s, she had put a cow and calf in a certain stable, and that M. turned them out and locked the door, and thereupon ensued a muss. Mitchell was requiMitchell was required to give bail to keep the peace--Mrs. Catharine Sullivan was brought up for violently ejecting Mrs. Mary Bass from a room rented by the latter in Mrs. S.'s house. Complainant said that $25 had been taken out of her trunk, and the key of it was gone, and expressed a desire that charge should be included in the bill of complaint exhibited. She seemed to mind, the loss of the money more than her room. The sitting magistrate said he did not sit to determine ejectment cases, and if the party wa
Gen. Buell's forces. Knoxville, July 15. --Gen. Buell's forces are scattered all along the line from Huntsville to Stevenson, and are said to number 30,000, including 1,500 cavalry. McCook's division, 10,000 strong, is marching against Chattanooga, with twenty-five pieces of artillery and Buell's cavalry. Gen. Mitchell has certainly been sent to Washington under arrest. Gen. Buell is now in command of all the Yankee forces in Tennessee. Col. Jack Morgan surprised 300 Yankee cavalry at Tompkinsville, Monroe county, Ky., a few days ago. He captured 30 and wounded 25. He also captured 40 horses and eight wagons, containing guns and ammunition. Morgan had two wounded, none killed. Another account. Knoxville, July 15. --On the 9th instant, at Tompkinsville. Monroe county. Kentucky, Colonel Morgan's squadron surprised and routed the Seventh Pennsylvania regiment, killing thirty-four, wounding forty, and capturing thirty. Among the prisoners is Major
Police Court. --Before the Mayor yesterday, were the following cases: George Rich, stealing five packages spool cotton from the Confederate States, remanded for examination.--Joseph Mitchell, unlawfully removing furniture from the house of Cornelius Donahoe, gave security to keep the peace and appear for further examination — Robt Ashby, assaulting James Weaver, continued.--James A. Harrison, stealing $25 and a silver watch from Jno. Roberts, continued.--Henry Brill assaulting Jacob Rich, and Mary Burke, abusing John Phelan and wife, were both discharged.
The Daily Dispatch: December 12, 1862., [Electronic resource], The report of the Yankee Secretary of the navy. (search)
Arrests. --The civil police yesterday arrested a man named Wm. Jones on a warrant charging him with stealing a pair of socks from Susan Edes.--The Clerk of the 1st Market caged Joseph Mitchell, J. B. Stuart, and D. R. Goldsmith, for fighting in the precincts under his control. The parties were bailed for their appearance before the Mayor.
to be of good behavior on the charge of getting drunk and firing a pistol in one of the public streets. Hustings Court--Thursday, Dec. 11. --Presents Recorder Caskie and Aldermen Lipscomb, Clopton, and Anderson. George Hoppell and John W. Brown were examined and sent on for trial before Judge Lyons, for breaking into John H. Seribner's sleeping apartments and stealing several hundred dollars' worth of wearing apparel from him. Peter C. King. found in the street by Scribner in possession of one of his coats, was examined and discharged, it appearing that Brown, one of the above parties, had made him a present of it. Patrick Murphy and Joseph Mitchell were tried by jury for making a violent assault on Mary Donahoe, found guilty and fined each $23. The Court put them in jail for thirty days in addition to the fine. Mary Stephens, a German female, was put on trial for keeping a disorderly house near Clay st. and Brook avenue. The defendant was acquitted by the jury.
Recapture of an "Iron Clad." --Detectives Mitchell and Woodward, with the assistance of Constable Robinson, of Henrico, succeeded yesterday in retaking Tim Morris alias Joe Griffin, the redoubtable "ironclad" opera troupe performer. Tim, it will be recollected, was conscripted while per forming at Metropolitan Hall, some months since, but he sued out a writ of habeas corpus upon the ground that he was over forty-five years of age. Failing to prove this fact, the Judge trying his case decided adversely, and he was ordered back to camp.--From this place he escaped, and managed to keep out of the reach of the detectives for some time but was finally captured between two feather beds, at a house near Rocketts, and again carried back to Camp Lee. Here he remained but a few days before he once more conceived the plan to escape, and selecting the first dark night to executes it in, he succeeded in getting off; since which time, although the officers have been ceaseless in their search