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n in blood and battle. Senator Wigfall, the idol of the South, who returned the carte blanche tendered him by President Davis, with no name of Wigfall for office written thereon, but declining the best appointments, will be in this city in a day or two, and will excite great enthusiasm. Francis Corbin, Esq., formerly of Virginia, now an eminently respectable and wealthy citizen of Louisiana, was here to-day and negotiated for ten thousand dollars' worth of the Confederate States bonds, paying a premium to the Government of three per cent. The Temple of Thespis, where Maggie Mitchell's charming person, laughing wit, and foppish humors, have been delighting crowds, will be closed on to-morrow night, and hereafter the Temple of Janus, with warriors for the players, where no fictitious battles will be fought, and none but bloody wounds be given, will become the theatre in which the applause of actors must be won in the deadly breach or at the cannon's mouth. J. R. P.
Theatrical --Miss Maggie Mitchell, who has been chaunting the Marseilles at the Montgomery (Ala) theatre, was presented on Friday night with a "Loan Star" flag of Alabama.
Captain after a Secesh Lady.--The following account of a "scene" in a Pittsburg theatre is from the Dispatch of that city: A disgraceful scene, not put down in the bills, was enacted at the theatre on Monday evening. It appears that Miss Maggie Mitchell has been charged with having, while at the South, exhibited some secession proclivities, which we believe consisted in singing the Marseillaise Southern hymn, and of presenting or receiving a secession flag. This, it appears, aroused the ention of the audience by the singular exhibition of an American officer in uniform endeavoring to incite a riot in a place of public amusement. When the curtain fell, the chivalric captain, or lieutenant, was boisterous in his calls for Miss Mitchell, who at length appeared before the curtain, escorted by manager Henderson. Our hero demanded an explanation, whereupon the manager stated briefly that the lady was too much agitated to speak, but that he was authorized by her to state that s
The Daily Dispatch: September 25, 1862., [Electronic resource], The English press on American Affairs — a Blast against Seward's emigration circular. (search)
Theatrical affairs in the United States. J. S. Clarke is playing in Baltimore, and will be succeeded by Jno. Owens. Miss Maggie Mitchell, who made a financial failure in New York as manageress, is playing in Washington. Macbeth was given at the Winter Garden, in New York, last week, with Miss Kate Bateman as Lady Macbeth J. W. Wallace, Jr., as the Thane, and Edwin Adams as Macduff. Edwin Forrest was playing to New York last week. Wallack's Theatre, in New York, opened on the 16th with Mr. and Mrs Jno. Sefton, Miss Fanny Morant, and Jno, Gilbert in the company. Mrs Emma Waller is playing in New York.
occasions the fighting was hand to hand. The rebels were greatly superior to the Unionists in numbers. McCook was then heavily reinforced, and the battle was resumed to day. The fighting was mainly done by Rosse and division, formerly Mitchell's. Col. George Webster, of the 98th Ohio, acting Brigadier of the 34th brigade, was severely wounded Firing ceased about seven o'clock on the evening at the 8th. A doubtful rumor says that at the close of the engagement the rebelshad before seen of the mighty armies of the republic, I confess I was astonished, as for three hours I remained and watched the apparently interminable columns of men and endless trains of wagons moving by. At first, the column formed by Gen. Mitchell's division, which came into the pike by the Shepardsville road, moved along the turnpike, wagons and all, parallel with the other column formed by the great body of the two corps. This army is in pursuit of Bragg ! Wednesday morning it comme
nnounced that it had been settled, and bail entered before an Alderman for their appearance. The officers were directed to summon the parties to appear. Maggie Mitchell, a resident of Exchange Alley, who, as officer Morris testified, was not Maggie Mitchell, was brought up charged with threatening violence to Alice Hawkins. Maggie Mitchell, was brought up charged with threatening violence to Alice Hawkins. The latter, together with Molly Brown, Betty Valentine and Maria Gary, appeared as witnesses. It was in proof that when a point in social ethics had been given against her by. Hawkins, her landlady, the prisoner, being drunk, had declared her bloody intentions, and proceeded to execute them by throwing a cup and pepper box at Misscality Miss H. adjourned to an Alderman's office and got out a warrant. The Mayor at first determined to commit the whole party, but finally let off all save Maggie Mitchell. The case of Wm. W. Bingham, charged with unlawfully taking Lizzie, a slave, belonging to Martha A. Gorman, of Georgia, was called and continued for four
and reputation, and having no visible means of support." The party were arrested in the small wooden tenement in Exchange Alley, rear of the Varieties, and consisted of a promiscuous jumble of men and women. The former may be dismissed with the remark that, in looks, at least, they were dubious and uncertain; the women's charms, if they ever had any, had long since faded. These pariahs of society had played out evidently in the more aristocratic haunts of vice. They gave the names of Maggie Mitchell, Alice Hawkins, Maria Gary, Elizabeth Valentine, Wm. Conly, Jno. Kelly, and Wm. Connaway. The latter was also charged with being the abductor of a horse belonging to Mr."Boze, worth $200. The Mayor said the city of Richmond had become the resort of all the vagabonds and outcasts in the Confederacy, and he should use civil and military power to expel them. The parties were committed to jail until Thursday, (to- morrow.) A person calling himself Henry M. Myers, lately in the hands
Theatrical. --Two theatres are in full blast at Nashville, unattended by females, except the wives of Federal officers and soldiers. The ladies at Nashville do not attend. Maggie Mitchell is playing at the old Adelphi.