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Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2 18 0 Browse Search
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Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Morgan, Edwin Dennison 1811-1883 (search)
Morgan, Edwin Dennison 1811-1883 war governor ; born in Washington, Berkshire co., Mass., Feb. 8, 1811; at the age of seventeen years became a clerk in a groceryork, where he became a very successful merchant and amassed a large fortune. Mr. Morgan took an active interest in the political movements of his time, and in 1849 w The Republican party had no more efficient and wise adviser and worker than Mr. Morgan, and he was made chairman of its New York State Committee. In 1859 he was elected governor of New York, and in 1861 was reelected. Governor Morgan was one of the most energetic of the war governors. During the Civil War, his brain, his hwas marked by a great decrease in the public debt of the State and an Edwin Dennison Morgan. increase in the revenue from the canals. Such impetus did his zeal, phe war that the State sent about 220,000 men to the field. From 1863 to 1869 Mr. Morgan was United States Senator, and then retired from public life. In 1867 Willia
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Navigation acts. (search)
tantly exposed. At the time of the Franco-German War of 1870-71, even so sturdy a patriot as General Grant, then President, was persuaded for a time that it would be a good thing for our commerce as a neutral nation to permit American registry of foreign-built vessels, the theory being that many vessels of nations which might become involved in the struggle would seek the asylum of our flag. Actuated by powerful New York influences, which found expression through Roscoe Conkling, Edwin D. Morgan, and Hamilton Fish, already conspicuously hostile to the American merchant marine, General Grant in a special message recommended that Congress enact legislation to that end. This proposition was antagonized by Judge Kelly, of Pennsylvania —always at the front when American interests were threatened—in one of his most powerful efforts, couched in the vehement eloquence of which he was master, which impressed General Grant so much that he abandoned that policy and subsequently adhered to
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), New York, State of (search)
Myron H. ClarkWhig 1854Horatio SeymourDemocrat. Daniel Ullman. Green C. Bronson. John A. KingRepublican 1856 Amasa J. ParkerDemocrat. Erastus Brooks. Edwin D. MorganRepublican1858Amasa J. ParkerDemocrat. Lorenzo Burrows. Gerrit Smith. 1860William Kelly. James T. Brady. Horatio SeymourDemocrat 1862 James S. Wadswortht L. WoodfordRepublican John A. DixRepublican 1872 Francis KernanDemocrat. Samuel J. TildenDemocrat 1874 John A. DixRepublican Lucius RobinsonDemocrat 1876 Edwin D. MorganRepublican Alonzo B. CornellRepublican 1879 Lucius RobinsonDemocrat. John Kelly Tam.-Dem. Harris Lewis. John W. Mears. Grover ClevelandDemocrat 1882 Cha851 William H. Seward31st to 37th1849to 1861 Hamilton Fish32d to 35th1851 to 1857 Preston King35th to 38th1857 to 1863 Ira Harris37th to 40th1861 to 1867 Edwin D. Morgan38th to 41st1863 to 1869 Roscoe Conkling40th to 47th1867 to 1881 Reuben E. Fenton41st to 44th1869 to 1875 Francis Kernan44th to 47th1875 to 1881 Thomas C.
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), New York, (search)
throughout the United States......Aug. 24, 1856 First telegraphic despatch received in New York from London by the Atlantic telegraph......Aug. 5, 1858 Edwin D. Morgan, Republican, elected governor......1858 M. Blondin (Émile Gravelet) crosses the Niagara River, just below the Falls, for the first time on a tight-rope....ate, successfully blown up; work directed by Gen. John Newton, U. S. A., from the beginning, 1869......Sept. 24, 1876 Lucius Robinson elected governor over Edwin D. Morgan......November, 1876 Cornelius Vanderbilt dies at New York......Jan. 4, 1877 Rock salt first discovered in the State by Charles B. Everest, 4 miles from , politician and journalist, dies at New York City, aged eighty-five......Nov. 22, 1882 Grover Cleveland, Democrat, elected governor......November, 1882 Edwin D. Morgan, born 1811; dies at New York City......Feb. 14, 1883 Commission of statistics of labor established by law......May 4, 1883 East River suspension bridge,
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, I. List of officers from Massachusetts in United States Navy, 1861 to 1865. (search)
n.North Atlantic; Special Service.May 31, 1866.Hon. discharged.Actg. Asst. Paymr. Cannon, Charles A.,Mass.Mass.Mass.Aug. 9, 1864.Actg. Ensign.Milwaukee; Sciota; Morgan; Potomac.Gulf.Nov. 14, 1865.Hon. discharged.Actg. Ensign. Officers from Massachusetts in United States Navy. name.Where Born.State of which a Citizen.Stateass. Vole. Transferred to regular service. See Navy Register.Mass.Mass.Mass.Apr. 4, 1862.Actg. Master's Mate.R R. Cuyler; Eugenia; Metacomet; Hartford; Rudolph; Morgan; Elk; Stockdale; Mahaska.West Gulf.-- June 12, 1864.Actg. Master. Apr. 22, 1865.Actg. Vol. Lieut. Dyer, William, See enlistment, Aug. 25, 1864. Credit, Dorc.-West Gulf.Oct. 28, 1865.Hon. discharged.Actg. Ensign. Gibbs, Charles I., Credit, Boston.Mass.Mass.Mass.July 28, 1861.Actg. Master's Mate.Richmond; Kickapoo; Morgan; Metacomet; Bienville.West Gulf.Jan. 5, 1866.Hon. discharged.Actg. Vol. Lieut. Feb. 8, 1862.Actg. Master. Feb. 4, 1864.Actg. Vol. Lieut. Gibbs, Paul C.,Mass.
eut. Colonel, 14th Ill. Cavalry, Dec. 3, 1862. Colonel, Feb. 6, 1863. Engaged in the skirmishes of Celina and Kettle Creek in Apr. and May, 1863. In pursuit of Morgan's raiders from June 22 to Aug. 13, 1863. Present at the battle of Buffington Island, Ohio, July 19, 1863. Engaged in skirmishes at the surrender of Cumberland Gn to relieve Fort Pickens, Fla , Apr. 1-20, 1861. Colonel, 11th U. S. Infantry, May 14, 1861. Brig. General, U. S. Volunteers, May 17, 1861. On the staff of Governor Morgan of New York, Apr. 21 to June 25, 1861. Recruiting his regiment at Boston, Mass., June 25 to July 3, 1861. In the defences of Washington, July, 1861. In the1869. Brig. General, Dec. 15, 1880; accepted Dec. 18, 1880. Maj. General, Apr. 5, 1890; accepted, Apr. 14, 1890. Now (1894) commanding the U. S. Army. Morgan, Edwin Dennison. Born at Washington, Berkshire County, Mass., Feb. 8, 1811. Maj. General, U. S. Volunteers, Sept. 28, 1861, the state of New York being created a milit
S. Army, May 26, 1867. Resigned, Dec. 31, 1875. Moore, Edwin L. Born in Massachusetts. Major, Additional Paymaster, U. S. Volunteers, Nov. 26, 1862. Brevet Lieut. Colonel, U. S. Volunteers, May 1, 1867. Mustered out, Feb. 1, 1869. Died, Apr. 22, 1874. Morey, Benjamin F. Born in Massachusetts. First Lieutenant, 31st Mass. Infantry, Aug. 19, 1862. Captain, Feb. 2, 1864. Captain, Assistant Adj. General, U. S. Volunteers, Aug. 26, 1864. Mustered out, Sept. 19, 1865. Morgan, Edwin Dennison. See General Officers. Morris, Charles. Born in Massachusetts. Cadet, U. S. Military Academy, Sept. 1, 1861. Second Lieutenant and First Lieutenant, 19th U. S. Infantry, June 23, 1865. Transferred to 37th U. S. Infantry, Sept. 21, 1866. Regimental Adjutant, Dec. 14, 1866, to Oct. 31, 1868. Transferred to 5th U. S. Infantry, May 19, 1869. First Lieutenant, Regimental Quartermaster, Aug. 10, 1869, to June 10, 1870. Regimental Adjutant, June 10 to Dec. 15, 1870. Transferred
ered out, June 28, 1865. Moore, Winthrop A. Residence at Waltham, Mass., at time of enlistment. Second Lieutenant, 7th R. I. Infantry, Apr. 30, 1863. First Lieutenant, Oct. 1, 1864. Captain, June 19, 1865. Mustered out, July 13, 1865. Morey, Joseph Warren. Born at North Attleborough, Mass., May 2, 1841. Private, 17th N. Y. Infantry, Apr. 22, 1861. First Lieutenant, Dec. 1, 1862; mustered, Dec. 20, 1862. Mustered out, June 2, 1863. Died at Santa Rosa, Cal., Jan. 31, 1885. Morgan, Thomas (or Theron) A. Born in Massachusetts. First Lieutenant, 47th Iowa Infantry, June 4, 1864. Mustered out, Sept. 28, 1864. Morse, Andrew, Jr. First Sergeant, 3d Mass. Cavalry, Sept. 24, 1861. Commissioned in 1st La. Cavalry, Aug. 26, 1862. Captain, 1st La. Cavalry, Dec. 20, 1863. Mustered out, Dec. 18, 1865. Morse, Edmund Alonzo. Born at Newton, Mass., June 11, 1833. First Lieutenant, Regimental Quartermaster, 1st Vt. Infantry, Apr. 26, 1861. Mustered out, Aug. 15, 1
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, Index of names of persons. (search)
re, F. K., 102 Moore, Franklin, 102 Moore, J. A., 321 Moore, J. B., 320, 492 Moore, J. W., 222 Moore, M. A., 321 Moore, M. J., 321 Moore, McLelland, 222 Moore, O. G., 102 Moore, Samuel, 321 Moore, W. A., 474 Moores, F. W., Jr., 102 Moores, R. B., 104 Moors. J. F., 395, 608 Moran, F. E., 687 Moran, J. B., 321 Moran, John, 321 Morehouse, H. M., 321 Morey, B. A., 321 Morey, B. F., 321, 433 Morey, George, 583 Morey, H. G., 821 Morey, J. W., 474 Morey, Liscom, 321 Morgan, E. D., 189, 433 Morgan, J. H., Jr., 321 Morgan, Peleg W., 104 Morgan, P. Woodbridge, 321 Morgan, Shapley, 321 Morgan, T. A., 474 Morgan, W. J., 321 Morissey, John, 222 Morley, G. M., 104 Morrell, G. H., 321 Morrill, C. A., 321 Morrill, C. H., 321 Morrill, E. D., 321 Morrill, E. H., 321, 544 Morrill, E. P., 321 Morrill, F. G., 104 Morrill, L. H., 321 Morrill, W. B., 321 Morrill, W. C., 321, 544 Morris, B. F., 104 Morris, Charles, 433 Morris, F. B., 104 Morris, John, 104