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ith stealing a horse valued at $300, belonging to John B. Davis, was sent on for trial.--Thomas Doyle, charged with feloniously assaulting J. M. Quinn and robbing him of six dollars and a half, was examined and acquitted on a nolle prosequi.--Beverly Morris, a free negro, charged with stealing a pistol, valued at $100, from Andrew Jackson, was remanded for further hearing, owing to the absence of Andrew Jackson, the plaintiff, against whom a rule was issued.--James Nicholas, charged with receiving the above mentioned pistol from Beverly Morris, was also remanded. Dillard McCormick, charged with feloniously assaulting and beating Ann Eliza Wells, a free negro girl, with intent to ravish, was acquitted and discharged. John Latigan, charged with stealing $75 from Joseph R. Keinningham, was remanded for trial. A nolle prosequi was entered in the case of Jacob Goldstein, charged with purchasing stolen oats from Albert Tappin, and the defendant discharged. The Court adjourned until 11 o'
session. The evidence against the defendants was of such a character as to warrant the Mayor in requiring bail of each to the amount of $300 for their good behavior. On falling to give bail they were sent to the chain gang for 90 days. Beverly Morris free, was charged with trespassing on Elize Fagan's premises, and Patrick Murther with assaulting and beating him therefore. The Mayor sent Morris (who is an old jail bird) to prison, and required Murther to give security for his good behaviMorris (who is an old jail bird) to prison, and required Murther to give security for his good behavior. James McGee was charged with assaulting Alonzo Travers with an iron poker. It was in proof that the defendant and Wm. H. Travers were joint proprietors of the Alabama House, opposite the Spotswood Hotel. on Main street, and that they had some difficulty relative to the proportion of profits to which oath was entitled.--McGee thought Travers had set his son to watch his movements, and when Travers the elder, had temporarily disappeared he commenced abusing the young man, and finally as
The Daily Dispatch: January 13, 1865., [Electronic resource], The late operations at Wilmington — the official reports. (search)
Mayor's Court. --In the absence of the Mayor the business in this court yesterday was disposed of by Recorder James K. Caskie. Beverly Morris, a free negro without papers, and arrested with a bag of meal in his possession supposed to have been stolen, was ordered to receive thirty-nine lashes, and committed to jail in default of security for his good behavior. Emma, slave of Hiram Oliver, charged with aiding, abetting and conniving at the escape of Jennie, a slave, with intent that she should leave the State, was remanded for examination before the Hustings Court. John Wall, charged with stealing chisels belonging to the Confederate Government, was remanded for indictment by the Grand Jury of the Hustings Court. The accused was allowed bail for his appearance in the sum of $500. Sebina Conley, a white woman, was charged with perjury and attempting to obtain salt twice from the State agents under false pretences. The first charge was dismissed, but in the lat
The Daily Dispatch: December 29, 1865., [Electronic resource], Provost Court.--brevet-colonel McEntee Presiding. (search)
Provost Court.--brevet-colonel McEntee Presiding. --The following cases were disposed of in this Court yesterday: Corporal Joseph Hugh, of the Twelfth United States Infantry, was found guilty of being drunk, and sent to Castle Thunder for thirty days. M. Crowley, of the same regiment, charged with being drunk, plead guilty and was sent to the Castle for ten days. James H. Johnson and Beverly Morris, negro boys, charged with fighting, were released. William Green, negro, charged with stealing shoes, was discharged for want of evidence. Stephen Henry, negro, charged with carrying a big and dangerous club, something like the "billies" of the police, only much larger, was found guilty and sent to the Castle for thirty days. Robert Washington, negro, charged with stealing shoes, was found guilty and sent to the same institution for sixty days. Sidney Robinson, negro, charged with drunkenness and disorderly conduct, plead guilty and was sent to the Ca