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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 34. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Roll of brave men. (search)
. Eley, promoted to first lieutenant; H. Eley, Joseph Freeman, John L. Fulgham, R. B. Freeman, J. M. Goodwin, Thomas Harrell, J. H. Harrell, D. C. Harrell, Frank Holland, Joel P. Holland, Wash. Holland, F. W. Hunter, W. S. Hunter, J. D. House, Dempsey Jones, W. A. Jones, J. E. Kelly, promoted to second lieutenant; E. P. Kelly, John Knight, A. U. Kilby, J. H. Keeling, J. W. King, Dempsey Langstun, Samuel Leanoeir, E. E. Lee, A. T. Lee, T. J. Lee, W. J. Lee, G. W. Langstun, John S. Milteer, Frank Morris, Dr. J. F. Mitchell, promoted to third lieutenant; Alex. Norfleet, Justin Norfleet, John Oberry, James E. Oberry, Jesse Oberry, Paul Palmer, Benjamin Palmer, J. T. Parker, of Willis; Charles B. Parker, A. I. Parker, J. T. Parker, of C.; James A. Phelps, J. B. Porter, W. H. Porter, John Poyner, Frank Pierce, Jackson Rawls, Elisha Rawls, of A.; James Rodgers, William D. Rodgers, Asa Rodgers, Robert Riddick, Richard T. Riddick, Charles Riddick, Miles E. Riddick, Samuel Sneed, T. P. Savage,
Mayor's Court. --The following cases were booked for the Mayor's consideration yesterday: Frank Morris, alias Frank Hermann, suspected of the murder and robbery of Michael Rourke a few weeks since. On the night of Rourke's murder, the prisoner attended the ball at Magnolia Hall, on Tenth street, at which the murdered man was during the fore part of the night. Some nights afterwards another ball was given at the same place, when the police, having been authorized to do so, made a raid upon it and arrested several parties, both male and female, as participants in riotous and disorderly festivities, along with whom was Hermann. Subsequently, before the accused was brought in the presence of the Mayor, he deposited the watch, which has been recognized as the property of Rourke, with a female acquaintance of his. Hermann was remanded back to jail, without examining any witnesses, yesterday morning and his case set for the 5th of January. The same disposition was made of the ca
charged with being drunk and lying on the sidewalk, was discharged. The case of Lucy Binford, charged with taking unlawful possession of the house of Jefferson Powers, and wantonly injuring the same, was continued till this morning. Frank Morris, alias Herman, suspected of murdering and robbing Michael Rourke, and Elizabeth Dawson, charged with having and receiving a silver watch, valued at one thousand dollars, the property of said Rourke, which was stolen from him on the night he received his mortal wound, were, in accordance with a previous postponement of the case, again up for a hearing; but, owing to the absence of witnesses, the matter was further continued till the 14th. Morris was committed to jail, but Miss Dawson was granted bail for her appearance. James E. Robertson, remanded on Wednesday for indictment on the charge of stealing a piece of cloth from Beers & Spillman, was again before His Honor to answer the offence of stealing cloth in a similar manner fr
rties supposed to be involved in the transaction, the further prosecution of the matter was postponed till to-day. Nathan, slave of Madison Macon, charged with stealing a trunk containing a quantity of clothing, the property of Captain T. M. Semmes, was ordered to be whipped. A charge against James Smith, of assaulting and beating his wife, was dismissed, it having been shown that the disturbance was caused by Mrs. Smith, who was somewhat under the influence of liquor. The continued case of Frank Morris, alias Frank Herman, charged with the murder and robbery of Michael Rouke, was called up; but, from the same cause, which heretofore necessitated its postponement, the prisoner was recommitted to prison for his appearance to answer on the 23d instant. Elizabeth Dawson, charged with receiving a silver watch, the property of Michael Bouke, deceased, knowing that it was stolen from Rouke on the night of his murder, was bailed to answer that offence on the 23d instant.
aking into the house of his master and stealing therefrom $5,000 worth of bacon and other articles, not being fully sustained, the accused was discharged. Frank Morris, alias Hermann, charged with the murder and robbery of Michael Rourke, about the 6th of last December, was again up for a hearing yesterday.--Three days after Rourke's watch — which it was known that he had about him during the earlier part of the night — was found in the possession of Elizabeth Dawson, who proved that Morris gave it to her during the progress of a ball, at which he was arrested by the police. The accused was remanded for examination before the Hustings Court. Elizabeth Dawson, charged with receiving a silver watch from Frank Morris, alias Hermann, the property of Michael Rourke, she well knowing that it was stolen, was discharged, she having established her innocence of any such knowledge. Abner, slave of Francis Gathright, was remanded for examination by the Hustings Court on the c
Hustings Court. --The Hustings Court of Magistrates disposed of the following business yesterday: Frank Morris, alias Hermann, was arraigned on the charge of murdering and robbing Michael Rourke, and the Court, being of opinion that the evidence against the prisoner was of a decided character, sent him on for trial before Judge Lyons. Malissa J. Parmature, charged with stealing two hundred dollars in Confederate notes from Bickerton W. Saunders, was also sent on for trial. Aner, slave of Francis Gathright, charged with burglariously entering, in the night time, the house of William Palmer, and stealing therefrom six thousand dollars' worth of silverware, provisions, etc., was ordered to be sold beyond the limits of the Commonwealth.
Judge Lyons's Court. --The February term of Judge Lyons's Court commenced yesterday. The Grand Jury was sworn in, with John W. Purcell as foreman. After being charged by the Judge they retired, and at 3 o'clock came into court with indictments for felony against the following parties: Joseph Johnson, Frank Morris, aliasHerman, alias Meinham; Isaac Jacobs, Samuel Clark, Melissa J. Palmateure, George W. Berry, David Childrey, Asa Perrin (three cases), John Munn, Henry Smith, A. A. Thompson, William Daley and Catherine Collins. The Grand Jury were then discharged till Thursday. The cases of Johnson and Clarke will be tried to-day.
Judge Lyons's Court. --The following is a synopsis of the business disposed of in this court yesterday: Frank Morris, otherwise called Frank Hermann, charged with the murder and robbery of Michael Rourke, was led to the bar; but, on motion of the Attorney for the Commonwealth, the case was postponed till the next term, and the prisoner was thereupon remanded to jail. Catherine Collins, indicted for feloniously stealing goods, was convicted and sentenced to six months confinement in the city jail. A writ of habeas corpus was awarded on the motion of Henry C. G. Hartman, alleging that he is illegally held in custody by Lieutenant W. H. Blackford. Returnable this morning at 11 o'clock. The court thereupon adjourned.
Hustings Court. --In this court, yesterday, the case of Frank Morris, alias Frank Herman, charged with the murder and robbery of Michael Rourke, was called; but, owing to the absence of witnesses, it was postponed till the 25th instant; and the accused was remanded for his appearance at that time.
Trial for murder. --The case of Frank Herman, alias. Frank Morris, charged with the murder and robbery of Michael Rourke, occupied the whole time of Judge Lyons's Court yesterday. At a late hour the argument of counsel was concluded, when the matter was submitted to the jury, who were unable to agree up to the close of our report.
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