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the night time of the 8th of February, the dwelling-house of Christopher Gordon, his brother, and steading two coats of the value of fifty dollars. The defendant being found guilty, in lieu of being put in the Penitentiary was ordered to be sold into perpetual slavery by the City Sergeant. Patrick Tiernan was examined for having on the 8th of February unlawfully and maliciously shot at and wounded Lafayette Brooks. The prisoner was committed for final trial before Judge Lyons. Richard Morris was examined for having on the 23d of February, 1863 stolen from Andrew J. Myers a breastpin and sunday other articles of personal property, valued at $945. He was committed for trial before Judge Lyons. Henry, a slave, the property of William Catlett, was trial for having on the 15th day of February feloniously stolen one trunk of the value of $0 and contents, valued at $4,050 the property of Capt. Henry Taylor. He was acquitted. A process was awarded against Gus. A. Myers, a C
The Daily Dispatch: March 24, 1863., [Electronic resource], The flour impressment case — decision of Judge Lyons--an injunction awarded. (search)
Police Affairs --Yesterday was a busy day with the civil police, the following parties having been arrested and caged for examination before the Mayor for the offences set opposite their names, viz: William Sullivan alias William Barrett, for feloniously breaking and entering John C shafer's store-house in the night time and stealing there from $10,000 worth or dry goods. James Morris, Richard Morris and John W Williams were arrested on the same charge. James Morris was also arrested for breaking and entering the jewelry store of Hamet A. and stealing there from watches and jewelry of the value of $2,500. Some of the property was found on his person. The above parties pretend to be Baltimoreans. Thos Carr was arrested for being a suspicious person without viable means of support, and supposed to be one of the persons who robbed Shafer's store. Thomas Collier was arrested as a person of evil fame and without lawful means of support. Francis McAdams was put in for being drun
Mayor's Court, Tuesday, March 14. --The case of James Morris, William Sullivan alias Wm. Barrell, John W. Williams, Richard Morris, Thomas Carr and John T. B. Quince, charged with being concerned in breaking into the tailor shop of John C, Shafer and stealing a large amount of goods, was called up, but continued until Thursday for additional testimony. The case of James Morris, one of the above parties who is also charged with breaking into the jewelry store of Ham A. Pearce, south Main street, between 17th and 18th streets, and stealing $3,500 worth of watches, was called, but likewise continued for additional testimony. When this party was being carried to the cage of Monday, the Delias saw him trying to get rid of some articles on his person, and on searching him found eight of Mr. Pearce's watches concealed about his person. Edward Drew, a free negro, was ordered ten lashes for going about the city without his free papers. David, slave of Mary A, Smith, was ordere
Hustings Court, Monday, May 29 --Frances Brown was tried for rioting on the 2d of April, found guilty, and fined $50. Judge Lyons fixed the term of her imprisonment in jail at 4 months. Andrew J. Hawkins, was tried for rioting and acquitted. John Murphy was tried for maliciously shooting and wounding Matthew Callahan, with intent to wound and kill him. The jury found him guilty of unlawful shooting, with intent to maim, and ascertained his term of imprisonment at 4 years in the penitentiary.-- udge Crump, prisoner's counsel, moved to set aside the verdict. The motion will be determined this morning. The grand jury indicted Joseph Zimmerman and Richard Morris for grand larceny.
Costly time. --Richard Morris, indicted in the Hastings Court for stealing four watches from Andrew J Myers, was tried before Judge Meredith last Saturday, found guilty and sentenced to the penitentiary for four years.
t, fired the ball, striking him in the breast and tearing off the flesh as far as the shoulder. The bullet then struck private Forey, of company A, shattering his arm, (which was amputated last night,) and finally lodged in the bowels of private Richard Morris, of company D, who was standing near, inflicting a mortal wound. Newsom then ran a few steps, but was overtaken by two of the battalion and lodged in Castle Thunder. The weapon with which so much damage was done at a single shot was a sRichard Morris, of company D, who was standing near, inflicting a mortal wound. Newsom then ran a few steps, but was overtaken by two of the battalion and lodged in Castle Thunder. The weapon with which so much damage was done at a single shot was a short Mississippi rifle. Morris was not expected to survive through last night. Newsom, after being placed in confinement at the Castle, expressed much regret at the damage he had done, but said he was driven to it by the assault made by Gripp.
Died of his injuries. --We regret to learn that private Richard Morris, of company D. City. Battalion, who accidentally received a gunshot wound in the bowels on Friday afternoon, has since died of his injuries. Mr. Morris, it will be remembered, was standing nigh Castle Thunder when a difficulty occurred between James F. Mr. Morris, it will be remembered, was standing nigh Castle Thunder when a difficulty occurred between James F. Newsom, of North Carolina, and Martin Gripp, of company F. City Battalion. Gripp, it seems, gave Newsom a severe blow in his face, when Newsom stepped back, levelled his rifle at Gripp and fired, the ball striking G. in the breast, fearing up the flesh as far as the shoulder, then striking and fracturing one of private Frey's arms, passed off and lodged in the abdomen of Mr. Morris, causing his death. The deceased was a man of family and means, and highly respected by his companions in arms. Some short time after receiving the fatal wound a Yankee prisoner, who is a lawyer, was called in and prepared his will. Gripp and Frey were both doing well w
Charged with Felonious shooting. --Yesterday morning John F. Newsom, of North Carolina, was arraigned before the Mayor to answer the charge of feloniously shooting and killing Richard Morris, of co. D, City Battalion; wounding Martin Grepp, of co. F, and also private Frey, of the same battalion. The evidence elicited proved that private Charles Johnson, with another private and a sergeant of the battalion, went to Castle Thunder to deliver over some prisoners in their charge. When about tantly sprang back, raised his musket and fired, the ball striking Grepp in the breast, tearing up the flesh, then glancing struck private Frey on one of his arms, fracturing the benes, and, continuing its course, lodged in the abdomen of private Richard Morris, who was a mere spectator, causing his death within a few hours thereafter. Maj. Alexander, the commandant of Castle Thunder, stated that Newsom was on post performing his duty when he ordered private Johnson out of his beat. The or
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