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Proceedings in the Courts. Mayor's Court, Recorder Caskie presiding, November 22 --Peter Reynolds and Pat Murphy, soldiers, charged with fighting on the steps of the Theatre, were sent to Capt. Alexander, to be returned to their regiments. John, slave of J. M. Conrad, was ordered ten lashes for having in his possession a gallon of vinegar, supposed to have been stolen. Michael Rourke, of the 1st Texas regiment, charged with stealing ten eggs from a countryman, was sent off to Castle Thunder, to be returned to his companions in arms. Stewart Tingle, charged with drunkenness and disorderly conduct at the Columbian Hotel, was admonished and let off. Robert, slave of Chas. L. Hobson, was ordered 39 lashes for running away from his master, and then committed to be called for. George, slave of A Holbert, and Albert, slave of J. Edmonds, were each ordered ten lashes for allowing themselves to be caught by the guard without a pass. A summons issued again
grand jury had never found an indictment. Two of his fellow-prisoners, Melvin Davenport and Charles Toothacre, testified that when the scheme for breaking out was maturing Nelson refused to aid the parties engaged, and after they had gone had to be persuaded to get out. His repugnance was based on the idea that of the grand jury did not indict him he would be discharged anyhow — After his escape he was picked up on Cary street drunk. He was acquitted by the jury. Joseph Mitchel and Pat Murphy, fined for an assault by the Court, on Thursday, paid to the Clerk the amount and costs of prosecution. John Deane emancipated by Wm. Chamberlayne, and John Marx, emancipated by Wm O George, were permitted to remain in the State on proving good characters for sobriety and honesty. John R. Aitem was fined $10 and costs for permitting his slave, Wm., Jackson, to go at large, contrary to law. Samuel Chipley, bound in a recognizance of $100 with Daniel Ratcliffe his surety, to a
Castle Thunder Items. --The following parties were received as Castle Thunder on yesterday: Preston Black, on R, 59h Va; Pat Murphy; on the 23d Va; Willis Aaron, W E Hodnett, T B Hodnett, and D W Balley, co. E, 53d Va; Thos Seandler co 1, 46th Va. deserters. John Williams, Thos Rodgers, L Bradlin, G. Kelley, Pat Macarthy, O Driscoll, and Henry Dunaway, of the Manchester Artillery--deserters. Jno Williams alias Jno O'Neal, substitute swindling; Pat Burke, drunk and having no paper; John King, co E, 15th Va. desertion; Gen. Milis and Geo Hall, from the steamer Richmond, and several other soldiers, charged with petty offences.
Prison Items. --The following arrivals were reported at Castle Thunder yesterday: James Montgomery and George Jones, Rodger's cavalry, desertion; Jas O'Hara and Pat Murphy, do, absent without leave; Jas Hogan, deserter from Battery No. 2; Aaron Black, 14th La. deserter; James Dobblas, co E, and H McDonald, co I, 41st Va. reg't, deserters; Geo W Burke, deaf and dumb, and of bad character; Robert Holland and Samuel Waters, sent by Gen Pryor; Jas Ryan, deserter from ship Richmond, sent by Capt Pegram to be fed on bread and water; E Holmes and Jno H Fisher, co C, 2d N C, desertion. E L Pierson was liberated and sent to his regiment yesterday; also, John Beles, Wm. J. Ray, and Jno Allen. Two soldiers who were taken with the small-pox yesterday, were sent to the Boward Grove Hospital Henry Jordan was sent to his regiment Thos Glenn was discharged by order of Major Griswold. Lieut John Brandon, put in for intoxication, was delivered to Col McRas by order of Gen Winder. The Yankees wh
Castle Thunder. --The arrivals at this prison yesterday comprised about a dozen subjects, mostly arrested on the charge of desertion. Among the number ware Pat Murphy, of the 30th Va, substitute and desertion. A. M. Harris, Co B, 18th Va., for having a forged pass; and B. P. Morris, a Deputy Sheriff of the Pierpont Governments who was arrested in Western Virginia, and sent down to Richmond for trial for treason.
of her powerful enemy, she frantically rushes towards shore, where, as she beaches high and dry on the solid sand, her whole frame, shattered and exhausted by the effort, renders a low rumbling sound, as the death-rattle of a giant. But yonder, yonder, near the western shore, the Selma, raked fore and aft by the broadsides of her antagonists, is swept by their shot, and her decks covered with the dead and dying. She strikes that flag what she so valiantly defended — thus, the gallant Pat Murphy falls in the hands of the enemy, who triumphantly raises their infamous stars and stripes over the immaculate standard of the South. Meantime, the Morgan has hugged in the eastern shore, and exchanging rapid shots with two of the Federal ships, she adroitly manages to draw off from the unequal contest, and thus save at least one of our gallant ships, after receiving only slight injuries; and well did she act, the brave ship; for as the Gaines and Selma were already disposed of, she wo