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The Champion chess-player. --Mr. Paul Murphy, the celebrated chess player, of New Orleans, has arrived in Richmond, and is stopping at the Spotswood. A good chance is now afforded for our amateurs to try their hands.
The Daily Dispatch: November 22, 1861., [Electronic resource], Paulsen's blindfold chess Play in England. (search)
Paulsen's blindfold chess Play in England. --The arrival of Mr. Paulson, the American chess-player, in London, has already been noticed. Mr. Paulson, it will be remembered, played against Paul Murphy at the chess tournament held in New York some time since. He now appears in London as a blindfold player, beating no less than ten opponents simultaneously. The London Star has this account of his wonderful performances: Mr. Paulsen offered to play, blindfolded, ten of the best players of this country, and carry on the games simultaneously, Mr. Paulsen had previously been victorious in a contest on the same terms with fifteen players; but they were not all first class, and after his triumph he expressed a wish to be pitted against ten of the ablest players that could be produced.--The match yesterday has excited great interest in chess circles since the preliminaries were arranged, and when it commenced there was a numerous company in the room, which, it is needless to say,
rate of interest. General Butler says if he had received in New Orleans President Davis's proclamation against him, he would have sent a rebel General and several other officers then in his hands to Ship Island, with orders that all should be bung upon receipt of information that a hair of his head or of any of his officers had been touched; "and Jeff. Davis knows that a Massachusetts man who dared to vote 64 times for him at the Charleston Convention would dare to do anything" Paul Murphy was recently beaten three out of five games of chess in Paris by M. De Riviere. It is stated that Longstreet's division is at Knoxville, Tenn., with designs on Kentucky through Cumberland Gap. The Chronicle boasts that the 7th Illinois cavalry, whose orders in foraging are to leave enough provisions for each member of a family for six months, found an old Secessionist in Virginia who had 75 slaves and six months provisions for them. They stole 58 negroes and then took the provi
Johnson will not be in Washington at the inauguration, as he desires to remain in Nashville until after the organization of the new civil government of the State of Tennessee. George Sanderson (Democrat) has been re-elected Mayor of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, by a majority of two hundred and seventy-five. It is stated that, within the last eight months, over four hundred newspapers have come to an untimely end in consequence of the exorbitant price of paper. The celebrated chess-player, Paul Murphy, has settled in Illinois. His present avocation is the collection of claims in the United States and State courts. Mrs. Lincoln wore at her reception on Friday, a purple velvet dress, trimmed with white cord and buttons, an elegant white point lace shawl, head-dress of flowers and white lace, white kid gloves and fan. An old negro living in Illinois has fifteen sons in the Federal army. General Burbridge has issued an order disbanding the troops of Kentucky.
Paul Murphy, the chess champion, is practicing law in New Orleans.