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of D. Hass and others, for incorporating the Hebrew Benevolent Society of Alexandria. Resolutions.--The following resolutions of inquiry were referred: By Mr. Nash, of incorporating the Merchants' Savings Bank of the town of Manchester; by Mr. Neal, of providing a more summary mode of dispossessing tenants, in certain cases; by Mr. Newton, of incorporating the Aid Society of the Western Virginia Conference of the Methodist E. Church; by Mr. Christian, of releasing the Commonwealth's right : Yeas.--Messrs. August, Brannon, Bruce, Carson, Day, French, Greever, Isbell, Lynch, Newman, Pate, Paxton, Richmond, Smith, Thompson,Townes--16. -Nays.--Messrs. Caldwell, Carraway, Jr., Christian, Dickenson of Grayson, Gatewood, Massie, Neal, Newton, Rives, Thomas of Fairfax, Thomas of Henry, Urquhart, Wickham--13. On motion of Mr.Paxton, Resolved, That a joint committee, consisting of three members of the House of Delegates and two members of the Senate, be appointed to pro
Woodson, and other slaves of A. S. Goodson, asking the enactment of a law authorizing their voluntary enslavement. By Mr. H. W. Thomas, petition of Celia Edmunds, asking certain relief. Mr. Carson presented sundry petitions in favor of the Strasburg connection. Resolutions.--The following resolutions of inquiry were adopted: By Mr. Quesenberry, of amending the charter of the Bank of Commerce, of Fredericksburg; by Mr. Townes, of amending the charter of the Bank of Danville; by Mr. Neal, to authorize Thos. Chancellor to construct a wharf on his land, on the South side of the Little Kanawha River, near its mouth. Change of Hour.--On motion of Mr. Johnson, it was Resolved, That when the Senate adjourns to-day, it will adjourn to meet at 11 o'clock to-morrow, and at the same hour on each succeeding day until otherwise ordered. On motion of Mr. McKenney, it was Resolved, That the Clerk of the Senate prepare and have ready every Monday morning printed copie
d as aforesaid, such Bank or Branch shall not have the benefit of the provisions of this act releasing any penalty or forfeiture incurred by it by the non-payment of specie. The amendment occasional a spirited debate between Messrs. Armstrong, Anoust, Thomas of Fairfax, Isbell and others. The amendment was aed by the following vote: Yeas.--Messrs. Armstrong Caldwell, Carson, Carter, Claiborne, Day. Dickinson of Prince Edward, Early, Gatewood, Greever, Isbell, Logan, Marshall, Neal, Newman, Paxton, Richmond, Smith, Thomas of Henry--19 Nays.--Messrs. August, Brannen, Carraway, Jr., Coghill, Finney, Johnson, Lynch, Pennybacker, Thomas of Fairfax, Townes--10. Mr. Isbell offered the following, which was also adopted: "The 33d section of chapter 58 of the Code of Virginia shall be amended and re-enacted so as to read as follows: 'Sec. 16. Any Bank authorized to carry on business as a Bank of circulation, deposit and discount, may loan money for a period not
Gov. Montague in the Chair. Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Moorman of the Methodist Church. Bills Reported.--By Mr. Logan, to amending and re-enacting the 10th section of an act passed January 5, 1803, entitled an act to establish a draw-bridge over the Eastern branch of Elizabeth River, within the county of Norfolk, and for other purposes; by Mr. Paxton, to incorporate the Virginia Canal Company and to transfer the rights and franchises of the Jamas River and Kanawha Company thereto; by Mr. Neal, to incorporate the Silver Run Mining and Manufacturing Company: by Mr. Rives, to amending the 3d section of chapter 7th of the Code; by Mr. Christian, for the relief of Thomas M. Hundley, Commissioner of the Revenue of the county of Matthews. Bill Rejected--Refunding to Abner Anthony, Sr., taxes erroneously paid into the treasury, and to authorize the re-assessment of his lands in the counties of Bedford and Pittsylvania. The President informed the Senate that he had appointed Me
support of the measure. The vote was then taken on the indefinite postponement of the bill, with the following result: Yeas.--Messrs. Carter, Coghill, Critcher, Day, J. Dickenson, Douglass, Greever, Hubbard, Johnson, Logan, Lynch, Marshall, Massie, Nash, Neeson, Newlon, Pate, Quesenberry, Rives, Smith, Stuart, Taliaferro, H. W. Thomas, Townes, Urquhart and Wickham--26. Nays.--Messrs. Brannon, Bruce, Caldwell, Carson, Claiborne, A. D. Dickinson, Early, French, Gatewood, Isbell, Neal, Paxton and Thompson-- 13. Bills Passed.--Senate bill to provide for the voluntary enslavement of Thomas Garland and Mary Anderson, persons of color, in the county of Hanover; Senate bill to amend the third and fourth sections of an act passed March 15, 1850, to provide for the inspection of guano and plaster of Paris, in the city of Richmond and town of Petersburg; Senate bill for the relief of the securities of Eugenius Tibbs, late Sheriff of the county of Ritchie; Senate bill directin
21, noes 24. The bill, with but a few slight verbal amendments, was passed by the following vote: Ayes.--Messrs. Armstrong, August, Bruce, Carson, Carraway, Claiborne, Coghill, Day, John Dickenson, Asa B. Dickinson, Douglass, Early, French, Gatewood, Greever, Hubbard, Isbell. Johnson, Logan, Lynch, Marshall, Massie, McKenney, Nash, Newlon, Newman, Pate, Paxton, Pennybacker, Quesenberry, Tallaferro, Thompson, and Urquhast--32. Nays.--Messrs. Brannon, Caldwell, Carter, Critcher, Neal, Neeson, Rives, Stuart, Henry W. Thomas, Townes, and Wickham--11. Bills Passed.--Senate bill organizing a volunteer company of cavalry in Albemarle county; Senate bill amending the charter of the Black Lick and Plaster Bank Turnpike Company; Senate bill to incorporate the Cove Creek Lead, Copper and Iron Manufacturing Company in the county of Tazewell; Senate bill authorizing the Loch Leven Rangers, in the county of Lunenburg, to be organized with a less number than now required by law;
after all the appropriations heretofore made shall have been funded, and those for State defence and in aid of the Covington and Ohio Railroad shall have been discharged." On motion, the communication was laid on the table, and 500 extra copies ordered to be printed. Laid on the Table.--The bill to incorporate the Parkersburg Bridge Company was taken from the table, and after various amendments had been adopted, and some time consumed in consideration of the subject, on motion of Mr. Neal, it was laid on the table. Covington and Ohio Railroad.--The bill for the partial suspension of the sale of State bonds, and to provide for complying with contracts already made upon the Covington and Ohio Railroad, was taken from the table on motion of Mr. Douglass, and made the order of the day for Wednesday next, at 11 o'clock. Voluntary Enslavement.--The bill providing for the voluntary enslavement of free negroes, was made the order of the day for Monday next. Bank Bill
e opinion of the Board, make it unwise to declare a dividend at this time. But they trust at no distant day to be enabled to declare semi-annual dividends of three per cent. On motion, the report was received and laid on the table. Mr. Wood Bouldin, from the committee to examine the road, etc., presented a long report, which was read and laid on the table. On motion of Mr. J. R. Anderson, the President's report, and the report of the Examining Committee, except so much in each as refers to branch roads and wharfage, were referred to a committee of eleven. The Chairman appointed the following:--F. G. Ruffin. W. W. Carrington, Jos. R. Anderson, W. T. Wootten, H. C. Cabell, J. F. Wiley, W Martin, T. G. Coleman, John T. Clark, Wm. J. Crews, Wm. T. Scott. Special Committee on Branch Roads and Wharf: Messrs. R. R. Howison, C. H. Barksdale, D. Chalmers, T. D Neal, J. B. McPhail. On motion of Mr. Anderson, the meeting adjourned, to reassemble at 6 o'clock P. M.
e requested to telegraph, immediately, this resolution to the President of the United States. The substitute was adopted by the following vote: Yeas.--Messrs. August, Brannon, Bruce — Carson, Claiborne, Coghill, Day, Douglass, Early, Finney, Garewood, Greever, Isbell, Layne, Longan, Lynch, Nash Neeson, Newman, Pate, Paxton, Pennybacker, Richmond and Thompson 24. Nays.--Messrs. Armstrong, Cadwell, Carraway, Carter, Critcher, French, Hubbard, Johnson, Marshall, Messrs, McKenney, Neal, Newson, Rives Stuart, Thomas of F, Thomas of H., Townes, Urquhart and Wickham--20. Mr. Thomas asked what is to become of us after the sixty days have expired. He infinitely preferred that no resolution should be adopted but that of Mr. Claiborne. The subject was finally referred to a select committee, consisting of Messrs. Armstrong, Brannon, Newman, Paxton, Thomas of F., Thompson and Lynch. Bills Reported.--Mr. Coghill reported a bill changing the times for holding the Circu
us keep out of it the submissionists and red-hot fire eaters, and let us have the hard-sense and good-thinking men of the State to represent us. The bill was then passed by the following vote: Yeas.--Messrs. Armstrong, August, Brannon, Bruce, Caldwell, Carson, Carraway, Jr., Carter, Claiborne, Coghill, Critcher, Day, Dickinson of Grayson, Dickinson of Prince Edward, Douglass, Early, French, Gatewood, Greever, Hubbard, Isbell, Johnson, Logan, Lynch, Marshall, Massie, McKenney, Nash, Neal, Neeson, Newton, Newman, Pate, Paxton, Pennybacker, Quesenberry, Richmond, Rives, Stuart, Thomas of Fairfax, Thomas of Henry, Thompson, Townes, Urquhart, and Wickham 45. Nays.--Fanney--1. The following is the bill as amended by the Senate: A bill to provide for electing members of a Convention and to convene the same. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly. That it shall be the duty of the Commissioners and officers who were appointed to superintend and conduct election
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