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nt of damages on the revenue collected by the said Sheriff, and of extending the time of payment thereof; by Mr. Newman, of refunding to Thos. L. Jordan $26.54, improperly paid by him; by Mr. Carson, of amending the act passed March 14, 1860, entitled "an act for the relief of Hugh Crolly and Patrick McCane;" by Mr. Hubbard, of passing some law for the object of relieving the Asylums of this State from certain harmless and incurable patients. The following joint resolution, proposed by Mr. Neal, was laid over, under the rules: Whereas, the sending of reinforcements to the forts and arsenals of Virginia has caused uneasiness, and is a source of disquietude to the citizens of the Commonwealth! Therefore. Resolved by the General Assembly of Virginia, That the President of the United States be respectfully requested to inform the Governor of the Commonwealth the object of the Government of the United States in sending said increase of the forces aforesaid, and whether, said
Mayor's Court, yesterday. --John O' Neal required to give security for permitting unlawful assembly of negroes in his house Sunday. A case against him for keeping house open on that day was continued on the 12th of August.--Case of Geo. a suspicious character, was continued for .--Elijah Patmore, a free negro committed, to be set to work on the --Sophia Barclay, white, for associating with negroes, was committed.--Jenny, and Mary Clayton, free, were acquitted stealing $70 in gold from Kitty Heath.-- drew L. Beasley, disorderly conduct, and Barrow, for drunkenness, were admonished and let off.--Washington Brown, a free was arraigned for staying in the State contrary to law, and was sent down until to-day.
risoners were behind, and preparations were accordingly made to receive them. A guard, commanded by Lieut., Laws, of the 18th Georgia regiment, repaired to the Central depot in the afternoon. The mail train arrived at quarter past 4 o'clock, with three cars full of Yankees, numbering 132, two of whom are commissioned officers--Capt. G. W. Rockwood, of the 15th Massachusetts, and Lieut., Charles McPherson, of the Tammany regiment, New York. They were attended by a guard of 24 men, under Captain Neal, of the 19th Georgia regiment. The crowd about the depot conversed freely with the prisoners; but no rudeness was exhibited towards them. They were very soon marched off to the factory, to join their comrades in captivity. Four prisoners were brought up from the Peninsula yesterday, by the York river train. They claim to be deserters from the Federal army, and as we regard this a very sensible proceeding on their part, we give them the benefit of a publication of their names: Augu
Winston — argued by James Lyons for the plaintiff and C. G. Griswold for the defendant — upon a writ of supersedeas to a judgment of the Circuit Court of Hanover. Judgment affirmed. Smith's administrator vs. Lloyd's executrix — argued by Francis L. Smith for the plaintiff, and Robert E. Scott for the defendant — upon a writ of supersedeas to a judgment of the Circuit Court of Alexandria county.--Judgment reversed, and cause remanded for further proceedings. Barksdale and others vs. Neal — argued by McFarland & Roberts for the plaintiffs and Daniel Marr for the defendant — upon a writ of supersedeas to a judgment of the Circuit Court of Halifax county. Judgment affirmed. Evans and others vs. Quarles and others — argued by Howard & Sands for the appellants and R. T. Daniel for the appellees — upon an appeal from a decree pronounced by the Circuit Court of Caroline county. Decree affirmed. Bayly's administrator vs. Chubb, surviving partner, &c.--argued by W
W Shetton and W Fern. Co C, commanded by Lt Jas L White--36 men in action: Killed — None Wounded — J J Counts, arm; L F Dickenson, body Missing — F J Coman, W Davenport, A Ferrill, Jas Wampler Co D, commanded by Capt H C. Wood--39 men in action Killed — Ira Nelson. Wounded — Lieut G A Neal, thigh, and left on the held; Sergt D H Lawson hand; Serg't A. P Henderson, arm, left on the field; Slorp Wm F Francisco, leg; J H Davidson, foot; G F Lawson, abdomen; H F Neal, both thighs and left on field; J H Harris, hand; W M Wolfe, thigh; J W Lanson, face Missing — T B Richardson Will Berry Co. E, commanded by Capt T S. Gibson 41 men in action Killed Lieut J C Willis, John R Kirk James Jones Wounded Capt Gibson, J W Orr, slightly Missing — D Hale and R N Ely. Co F., commanded by Lt. T S. Hagy--53 men in action Killed — None Wounded--Lt. Hagy, mortally, and left on the field, Serg't Andrew Kelly ankle; Serg't Maj
ty Md; Jacob Sperow, 21 reg't, Berkley county; W H Bird, Rock Artillery, Lexington; Chas W Bingham, 4th reg't, Capt Wade's co; Geo A McCoy, 4th reg't, Capt Newby's co; --Reed, 42d reg't. List of dead. Seventy-seven buried on the battle field — names not known John J Widner, co F, 37th Va; Jas H Payne, company and residence unknown; one unknown; M Bucker, Captain Holliday's co; R Ho p lluas, Lee; W Grubb, Capt Neilson's company; J W Wilson, supposed from Clarke county; one supposed to be Jones, of Charlestown; one supposed to be Lieut Percival; Jas E Barness, Co E, 23d reg't Va; one unknown; John A Wallace, Capt McClenaghan; Capt R Withers, 42d reg't; B G Hubbard, Col Taliaferro's reg't, Loring's division; Capt Jas Y Jones, Co R, 1st Battalion; W E Daley, 42d reg't Va Vol; Jas Hamilton of the Ocutinentals; W T Adams, 21st reg't; J H Hoffason, 27th reg't; Jas McNeal. Botetourt county; H T Neal, Co D, 37th Va reg't two on three more will die to day, (April 2, 1862,) 31 in all.
y; H H Jackson, mortally; J A Miller, in thigh; N B Steedman, slightly. Company G. Capt. J N Withers.--Lieut J W Carroll, Lieut Jas Black, Sergt G H O Farrall, privates J A Adams, D M Allison, D H Carroll, W F Dye, W K Hackot, Robt McCaw, H R Neal, Jas Wood, R R Robinson. O P Barron, W A Fewet, W W East, G T Hall, John Kersey, severely; Sergt J M Adams, Corp G L McElwee, privates J J Coward, D M Hope, F Jeffreys, C C Roberts, W E Rose, T C Williams, J S K Sims, slightly. Missing: H Surratslightly; privates D Cash, A J Gee, Jas T Paris, slightly; Missing: T W Martin, A M Cash. Company I, Captain Garvin--Killed: Privates J T Lawson, J G Masingaw. Wounded a Serg't W E M Richardson, slightly; Corp'ls W J King, D H Templeton, S M Neal, severely; privates Berry Blackwell, J B Cantrell, J R Crane, Rucker Mauldin, Daniel Mills T Roper, G F Williams, P E A Williams, R S Medlin, slightly; private W J M Ferguson, severely; privates W G Smith, W A McDow, seriously; private J W. Giltra
wis, J B Worrall. Jno Dilley, L Hyrnthal, Moses Ingraham, W P Pritchett, H S Brannin, Robt Dilley. Company C. "Lawrence Ruffles," Captain Sheppard--Killed: T H Ham, C D Cooper. J J Golman, N J Robertson, C F Kistner, J H Perger. Wounded: Capt Sheppard, M Berwick, H Berwick, B R Jones, J W McMillan, N Roth. J M Williamson, J A Baskins, Samuel Dunn, D M Hall. J M Jett, J S Patterson, H Brigamon J Smith. Company D "Pettus Relief," Capt Barlow. Killed: Capt Barlow, Wm Deering, T L Neal, J G Witherspoon, ring Berchain, J A T Lewis, S T Vaughn. Wounded: Lt W L Haley, L H Redus, J M Harris, W Panderson, Dan'l Brown, W G Hall, Matt Hood, W C Lewis, George Morrison, J T Ramsay, D W Stevens. C A Tallaferro, M M West, J L Ard, P B Lloyd, E P Garrett, C H Barry, Daniel Farmer, M A Haskin, G W Jones jr, Green Millsors, W H H Purser, T M Rea, N L Strong, J G Touchstone, T J White, James M Wilson. Company E, "Vicksburg Sharpshooters," Capt Richardson.--Killed: R G Tower, S L Ge
Twenty-Sixty Alabama regiment. The following is a list of the killed and wounded in the 26th Alabama regiment in the battle of Chickahominy, 21st May and 1st June, 1862. Field and Staff.--Wounded Col. Edward A. O'. Neal struck by shell, and fierce shot. Killed; Adjutant E. F. Majors. Company A.--Killed; H. N. Zerley. Wounded; Private J. B. Anthony slightly. Company B.--Wounded; Lieut G. Z. Caldwell, slightly, in head and right shoulder; Private J. H. Bounds, slightly, in left hand. Company C.--Wounded: Private John Pagus, severely, in left shoulder. Company D.--Wounded: Lieut, E. C Rector, slightly, in left knee; Privates John Ballinger, mortally, in left side; Wm A Crawford, slightly in right arm. Company E.--Wounded; Lieut T. A Dodson, slightly, in head. Privates B. M. Hankins, in thigh, mortally; M. M. Brack, slightly, in hand; John Reld, slightly, in right arm; Will Robert, severely, in left arm. Company F.--Wounded: W. A. Turner, slight
rwick, 40th Va; Hiram Jarrell, 3d N C; L P Carruth, 19th Miss; Wm Melvanny, 3d La; Lt Isaac L King, 22d N C; Martin Earles, 24th N C; Sergt John Wyun, 1st N C; John J Lynch, 14th La; Henry Aber, 3d La; John B Dean, 13th Ala; W J Fields, 48th Ga; J Neal, J Roberts, 3d La; J M N Flick, 24th Va; M Riley, 6th La; L F Maynor, 6th Ala; J Smith, D G Clemens, 18th Ga; Junius J Alburty, 21st N C; Balaam Moore, 21st N C; Jos W Walker, 6th N C; J P Mimms, 15th Ga; Seaburn Spradling, 13th Ala; M P Pittman, on, W B Seay, H C Moore, W S Simms, 2d Ga; J T Bowen, 17th Ga; T R White, 15th Ga; T J Millbrook, J W Wheeler, Jos Rice, 2d Ga; J B Jones, 9th Ga; R H Griffin, J O Jones, 2d Ga; O Barr, J N Bimms, 15th Ga; W P Stanley, 18th Ga; Sgt T J Harris, J L Neal, 9th Ga; Jas B Newman, 2d Ga; S W H Hunt, 15th Ga; Lewis Harris, 2d Ga; L Dean, J H Mallory, 17th Ga; David Hudson, 15th Ga; H L Kirk, W M Nash, D S Muse, 7th Ga; C H Heath, Corp'l R M Andrews, 14th Ga; S J Pennington, 31st Ga; Thos. Slack, Wm A T
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