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1864. First Indian Guards:--Captain Ak-ti-yah-gi-ya-ho-la; deserted December 27, 1862. (It is hoped that in the heat of action, these officers did not stand upon their dignity and insist upon being addressed by their full names.) Second Indian Guards:--Captain Spring Frog; mustered out May 31, 1865. Second Indian Guards:---Captain Eli Tadpole; died of disease April 15, 1863. Second Indian Guards:--Lieutenant Andrew Rabbit; resigned July 12, 1863. Second Indian Guards:--Captain Jim Ned; missing since August 31, 1862. Second Indian Guards:--Captain Dirt throw Tiger; resigned August 1, 1863. Third Indian Guards:--Captain Daniel Grasshopper; died October 3, 1862, of wounds received in action. Third Indian Guards:--Lieutenant Jumper Duck; died of disease, October 20, 1863. Third Indian Guards:--Lieutenant Redbird Sixkiller; mustered out May 31, 1865. The muster-rolls are provided with a column in which is entered the age of each recruit. From the figures i